lemon drop seeds

Pepper Lemon Drop

Peruvian seasoning pepper. Bright yellow, long conical crinkly fruit with very few seeds and an intensely hot citrus flavour. Plants are 2′ high and equally wide with dozens of fruit. Very productive. 100 days from transplanting. Heat rating: 4

How to Grow Peppers from Seed

Growing Hot Peppers and Sweet Peppers is very similar to growing Tomatoes. Best results are often achieved by growing the crop indoors with heat although some varieties have been developed to produce reliable crops outside, even in the UK climate.

Both hot and sweet peppers can be harvested from green or left to ripen on the plant until they develop their mature colours of yellow, orange, red or purple. Once ripe, fruits can remain on plant in good condition until the temperatures begin to drop. A Hot Pepper’s heat usually intensifies with maturity.

Sow the seed from February to April, into compost, either in seed trays or growing cells, modules and cover with a light layer of compost. Germination takes around 28 days at 20-24oC or 68-75F

When seedlings have developed 4 leaves, transplant them into individual 3 inch pots and grow on slightly warmer.

Once the young pepper plants become pot bound transplant them into either 9 inch pots, Gro-bags or directly into a greenhouse border. Pinch out the growing points at 6 inches for bushier plants. Once in final pot size pepper plants may need staking for support.

Citrus lemon flavoured hot pepper from Peru. Incredibly hot heirloom sometimes called Hot Lemon Pepper. Ideal for a sunny patio or greenhouse. ]]>