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These seven basic steps will give you an excellent knowledge base to become an expert marijuana gardener. The high CBD cannabis strain Pennywise is an indica that has four differing phenotypes. Its name derives from the Stephen King novel, “It,” referencing the killer clown, however, there’s nothing scary about this strain.

Depending on phenotype, its buds can be either round or finger-shaped but all have purple hues. Its scent and flavor are of coffee and spice, with woody and earthy undertones. Take a trip to the moon A few celebrities have trademarked their own Moon stuff, which some say are the strongest cannabis products on the market. Kurupt, the American rapper and former Executive Vice President of Death Row Records has “Kurupts Moonrock” which carries a 51.2% THC rating. In small doses, this kind of uber Frankenstein cannabis product can be effective for pain reduction and with a .15% CBD rating, it is also great for treating anxiety, pain and other medical conditions. In large doses, well, you could just get sent to the moon. What causes magnesium deficiency in cannabis plants? Optional Preparation – Spray with food grade alcohol. Like all potent medicines, this marijuana strain has the potential to cause some side effects .

The most common of these are the ever-present dry mouth and eyes that seem to accompany all high-THC cannabis strains. The 9 Pound Hammer strain may also cause some pretty hardcore munchies, so make sure you have some snacks to hand before you sink into the couch. You will get the most out of this process if your cannabis is ground as finely as possible. You can just soak the leaves whole and get satisfactory results, but grinding the weed will allow the alcohol to get to all the plant fiber to get the most out of it. Just put the weed in a blender and let it run until the material is thoroughly pulverized. Nothing but a bunch of posers that think they are down but really are punks. This includes the time needed to grow your cannabis plant from seedling to harvest plus an additional 2 weeks (or more) which is used to cure your cannabis buds after harvest (making them more potent and better smelling). The two most effective CO2 enrichment methods are using a CO2 generator or buying tanked or bottled CO2, combining your enrichment method with a CO2 regulator or timer. Don't worry, we're going to walk you through the whole thing. It is at this time when we can provide an extra boost of potassium , either through the use of PK13/14 or other, more concentrated products such as Monster Bloom, although ideally we would be to be able to supply each element separately, as is the case with Aptus fertilisers which provide each nutrient separately, allowing growers to adjust the level of each nutrient according to the week of cultivation. In fairness they're not the best option for the novice growers but they are perfect for experts seeking perfection in the feeding of their plants. I've grown many Paradise Seeds strains now, and Atomical Haze is my favourite now. A vigorous grower ,and for a sativa it's easy to keep short and bushy. Ask the folks at the vapour lounge I work at what I smoke all day, everyday. (Posted on 11/12/2011) Take your lighter, and quickly run the flame back and forth across the blunt, slowly rotating the blunt to heat every side evenly. If you are with a big screen and not browsing with your mobile, check out our dynamic family tree map with all known hybrids of Triple OG! (but this maybe will need some time to load all the data!) Withdrawal and Detoxification: 8 Things You Should Know. The CBD Shark strain may have received its name from its parents Shark Shock Indica and an unknown parent with high CBD levels. How do I choose the right size for my marijuana grow box? Depending on the region, cultivators develop agricultural methods that dovetail with an area’s unique conditions and breed strains which thrive in that environment. That knowledge gets passed on organically from father to son, neighbor to neighbor: How to do things best? This is just like what happened 80 years ago when your grandfather was alive, and this is what he did…” This cultural component of terroir is the most difficult to define, but is just as essential as any of the other physical elements. Although all growers know trichomes to be important, most do not understand why the cannabis plant produces them in the first place. This is crucial to grasp if you want to achieve those deliciously resinous buds.

They’re the best natural way that female cannabis plants protect themselves from pests and pathogens. With “aggressive” aromas and tastes from terpenes and other compounds secreted by trichomes, insects tend to stay away from flowers. Trichomes also help coat the buds, defending them from harmful UV rays. By providing shadows, the plant can better control the amount of light it lets into flowers. Tip: Set your bong on top of a plate or tray while you’re packing the bowl so you can easily gather up any pieces of weed that happen to fall out of the bowl during the process. Cannabis Coconut Oil Brownies - how to make weed brownies with coconut oil.

H:22.00 in W:14.00 in D:9.00 in H:55.88 cm W:35.56 cm D:22.86 cm. FACTORS THAT CAN AFFECT HOW LONG WEED STAYS IN YOUR BODY.


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