marijuana aphrodisiac strains

To understand this, it's important to first understand vape juice ingredients. According to the European Food Safety Authority, there is no substantive evidence anthocyanins have any effect on human biology or diseases – though they contain a higher concentration of anti-oxidants, which would theoretically only be beneficial if one were eating buds. There is some minor proven correlation to anthocyanins as an anti-inflammatory, but again, would probably be more active if ingested. Seeking a strain with higher CBD content would be a better source for anti-inflammatory effects than purple hue.

It's important to discuss how medical marijuana may be beneficial as a part of your healthcare routine with your primary practitioner. Unfortunately, if you live in one of the 27 states that has yet to legalize marijuana, your hands many be tied. If you live in a state considering passing new marijuana legislation, you can get involved in local efforts to support the passage of relevant bills. You may also seek out practitioners in nearby states where marijuana use is already legal. Doing so may run you afoul of your local laws, however, so proceed at your own risk whenever you have marijuana on your person in a state where it is illegal. Now that my fan room was set up, I allowed the exhaust to escape upward into a carbon filter. I mounted the filter inside a Rubbermaid tote to make the whole setup more discrete. Not As Effective If You Don't Have Bright Grow Lights – As far as light intensity is concerned, you probably need either MH/HPS or strong LED grow lights to produce bright enough light for your plant to be able to use the extra CO2.

CFLs and T5s probably aren't bright enough to get great results with CO2. The parent strains of Purple Haze are both sativa, Haze and Purple Thai. "Because I Got High" How to Flush Marijuana Out of Your System. Try your best to avoid nutrient burn (burnt leaf tips caused by too-high levels of nutrients), as it can only get worse as the flowering stage continues. That’s because, as you now know, nothing can get into your bloodstream, and the cells of your body, and rip those drug metabolites out in one go. Consider using the Sea of Green (SOG) training technique if you are intent on growing enormous buds via an indoor weed installation. We recommend leaving lots of space between branches to provide room for these buds to grow, and also to keep good airflow. Consider pruning your G13 crop, but make sure you cut a little at a time or risk sending your plants into shock. This grow bucket kit design consists of many parts that plug directly into the household outlet. The parts that I have pictured do not have any safety features built in. It is recommended (especially if you are making this kit with kids) to buy a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt adaptor (GFCI adaptor) to plug everything into -- this way if there are any electrical leaks the power will automatically be shut off. How Does Color Spectrum Affect Growing Marijuana Plants? Want to make sure you get a safe form of marijuana when purchasing it? Here are 25 things you should know before buying it. Repurpose your cannabis stems to make the most of your crop! For more information on choosing seeds, see our complete strain selection guide for growers here. Some growers will cover their compost pile with items that have a lot of carbon, such as cardboard, shredded paper, or brown leaves. This also disrupts the fungus gnat life cycle, but tarp or plastic sheeting is easier. If you’ve mixed your compost pile properly using a proven cannabis composting recipe, it is unlikely that you will need to add extra carbon to prevent fungus gnats. White Widow This is the F2 made from seed stock I got from Green House in Holland in the late 90's shortly after it had won the cannabis cup. Some people have said that the WW sold by Green House today is not the same as what they offered years ago. Enough people demanded the original version that I decided to come out with this. White Widow is a cannabis cup winner that has won multiple times. It has incredibly frosty buds so covered with trichomes that it looks like it's got snow on it.

The trichomes themselves have long stalks making the buds look furry.

I saw a report saying white widow was analyzed by a laboratory at 19.5% thc. It has been used to create Blue Widow, White Russian and other heavyweights which pays tribute to it's phenomenal qualities.


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