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I will cover the basic idea behind the various techniques and how to apply them, sometimes in combination, for the best results. All of the techniques mentioned in this guide can be used both indoors and outdoors with equal results. To forestall your immediate response to this – you’re absolutely right, weed can’t kill you.

You can’t overdose on it, you can’t get addicted (at least, physically addicted), so it must be okay to smoke as much as you want, right? I watched him smoke as I stood with him outside restaurants and, when I relented, in my own yard. This was before I'd smoked a single cigarette myself. I saw that smoking altered him just slightly, like a course correction at sea, one degree toward a new point on the horizon. His face grew softer as the cigarette seemed to dull the razor's edge of unhappiness that sometimes dragged through his life. I remember realizing that it really worked for him, thinking: That shit is inside him. I told him he was a fool, once, but after that I bit my tongue.

Make no mistake, smoker or not, it sucks to watch your son draw on a cigarette like it means something to him. That's when a smoke looks less like a casual comfort in a cold world and more like an abyss, a dark deception. This is my boy, and in some way I can only bear witness to this. That's when you feel like strangling a tobacco executive. Originally named Diesel #1 when made on the East Coast by a breeder known as Weasel, it was nicknamed Underdog, and Daywrecker Diesel, before making its way to California to be renamed Headband by a breeder called Loompa. As might be expected of a strain with such high THC, Headband OG flowers are covered in silvery-white trichomes and are sticky to the touch — this is one strain that proves difficult to breakup for joints or pipes without using a grinder. The initial smell of the cured flower is tangy and lemony. Underneath these dominant scents is a faint skunkiness, along with some notes of pine. The mix of fuel, skunk, spice, bitter citrus, and rubber retains its pungency until it settles a bit, when the aroma changes to more of a soft, slightly sweet presence. Unlike some other indicas — particularly OGs — Headband produces smoke that is thick but surprisingly smooth. Cannabis leaves start smaller though, with fewer fingers. Here’s what leaves generally look like from seedling to adult. You can also get pipe screens made from quartz, which are even more heat-resistant than glass. Replaceable glass or quartz screens aren’t as common as the aforementioned options, with most high-quality glass bongs incorporating borosilicate or quartz screens right into their design. These often feature decoratively placed holes instead of the ultra-fine mesh of brass or steel. No tiny hydro systems like ones made for growing herbs! These hydroponic systems are far too small for a plant like cannabis. They don't have enough room for roots, or enough light to get cannabis to properly produce buds in the flowering stage. It is a struggle to get cannabis to grow in one of these, and you will get a lot better results using almost anything else (never mind the fact that they're expensive). Bust out a card deck for an old fashioned fun sesh. Try playing “Weed!” A fun card deck where you play to grow the largest crop before your opponents. You keep drawing cards through the game and can sabotage your opponents grow. But watch out for the 5.0 or the hippies who will smoke your crop! If you or anything around you has been marked by the smell of weed this could trigger some pretty serious consequences, depending on where you live. So, just how can you cover the smell of cannabis so that it isn’t easily recognizable? If you find yourself feeling concerned or nervous during or after a session, here are several tips to help you enjoy your cannabis discreetly and fearlessly.

One way to harvest your pollen is to gently and carefully remove all the pollen sacs.

Let them dry for a week, and then put them in a resealable bag. If you shake the bag the pollen should easily spill out. The first sign of sex almost always appears at the “V” where new growth tips form from a stem, like this….


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