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Weed ID App

Based on the acclaimed Encyclopaedia of Arable Weeds and developed in association with ADAS, the BASF Weed ID app aims to provide an easy to use reference guide to the major broad-leaved weeds and grass-weeds in the UK supporting weed identification of 140 species.

* “Mapmyweed” tool is available for iPhone and Android phone only.

The Main features

  • Quick and easy access to extensive weed library; >140 species, >1000 images
  • Full description of each weed species at cotyledon, young plant and mature plant growth stages supported by accompanying pictures aiding identification
  • Detailed grass-weed line drawings to highlight distinguishing features often too difficult to see from a photograph
  • Interactive search of weed library via Weed ID Filter, Common Name List, Scientific Name List, or Free Text Search
  • Map-my-Weed tool to help pinpoint location of weeds on a google map; assign name, size of patch and year*
  • Option to photograph the weed in your field and use to directly compare with images in the app library
  • Export your weed photo and it’s GPS location by email to customers / colleagues at the touch of a button
  • Simple and fast interface

The BASF Weed ID app brings weed identification right up to date, forgoing the need to take books into the field to identify potential weed species. Whatever crop you are growing, it is an essential part of good agricultural practice to know the weed species you need to control in order to use the most appropriate herbicide. This app has been designed to be an easy to use in-field practical aid to Crop Advisors, Growers, Trainee Agronomists and Agricultural Students. Correctly identifying weeds is the first step to effective control – download our smart, easy to use tool today.

The Weed ID App for iPhone – Identification tool featuring detailed grass-weed images never seen before. Quick and easy access to extensive weed library; 140 species, 1000 images. Mapmyweed tool to help pinpoint location of weed problems on a google map. Developed in association with ADAS .

The 4 Best Cannabis Apps to Download Now

Ready to partake in cannabis culture?

There’s more to cannabis than getting high. Like craft beer, bowling or fly fishing — all of which, coincidentally, pair well with weed — part of cannabis’s appeal is the culture that surrounds it. To partake, you could hit a music festival, attend a convention or simply download one of the four apps below.


Weedmaps is now the number-two medical app on iTunes. Consider it your one-stop shop for loads of cannabis consumer knowledge — a blend of Google maps, Yelp and Amazon for dispensaries, delivery services, doctors and brands.


Leafly started as a an online for cannabis strains, and it still offers great info on flavors, effects and pedigree. Its competitor to Weedmaps. Compare the two, and stay up to date on the drama surrounding both sites’ listing (or not) of black-market sellers. In 2018, Leafly announced it would de-list unlicensed sellers in California; Weedmaps has not.

If personalized medicine is the future of healthcare, Tokr is the future of weedcare — but not without a strong #lifestyle bent. What kind of cannabis experience do you want? Exercise or relaxation? CBD, THC or both? Vape pen or edibles? Based on your answers, the app “curates” high-end brands and sellers.


SimLeaf is the only paid app on this list, but damn if it isn’t worth three bucks. It’s a self-professed “highly advanced 3D grow simulator,” which is a fancy way of saying it’s a place to practice your grow before you screw it up in real life. There’s enough complexity here to actually learn a ton about growing.

Ready to partake in cannabis culture? There's an app for that.