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You can use an incandescent bulb (or two) placed over the marijuana seed germination area to help keep things warm. Incandescent bulbs are the opposite of what a grower typically wants: they can’t be used as grow lights, but they’re great at generating heat. Some people will also place a heating pad (the kind you get from a garden store for seedlings) underneath seeds to help aid germination.

Take the Skywalker Og and cross it with the RD#2 male and you get sweet/kushy taste lemonhead candy of all the way around. So I urge you Fellow Patriot, get real food independence & security now, and click on the “click to accept” button you see below. Indoor crops will yield significantly less bud, at around 21 ounces per square meter, still not so bad. All in all, if you have grown pot before and mostly know what you are doing, Bruce Banner is definitely a marijuana plant that is worth taking a shot at. The variation in GG#4 cuts means you could find one strain with Sativa dominant genetics, and another with Indica dominant genes. While you may expect its effects to be uplifting and energizing, this cannabis strain surprisingly often causes the opposite. Indeed, users often report a severe case of couch-lock. Very nice - IMO you get more Skywalker than White Widow, (at least in my sample), very sticky, top shelf. Since LED lights emit primarily red & blue wavelengths, they're well-suited for early-stage plant growth, as well as when the plants begin flowering & producing fruit, since those phases of plants' life cycles require the most intensive light for maximum production.

The low intensity of the blue light helps with the plant production of chlorophyll and make photosynthesis more productive. Red light is very energetic but is not effective on its own. When the two lights are combines in LED lights your plants grow stronger and greener leaves. Sour Bubble is a very unusual sweet variety that based on the delicious BOGBubble genetics. This is a very potent strain with high medical value. This article will show you what moon rock weed is and how to make it. There have been increasing news reports of houses and apartment buildings exploding as a result of the extraction process, leaving individuals in need of skin grafts and reconstructive surgery for severe burns, broken bones or can even lead to death. The increase in explosions was severe enough for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to issue a special warning about the dangers of manufacturing hash oil. As of November 2014, the Los Angeles Division of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) confirmed 49 explosions nationwide related to marijuana extraction. In addition, contaminants in the hash oil, including butane and other neurotoxins, can lead to serious allergic reactions and even poisonings. It’s not uncommon to let the clock get away from you when you’re stoned. One minute you’re clicking over to YouTube, and the next thing you know six hours have gone by. (I know this can happen even when you’re not smoking weed, but pot certainly tends to exacerbate the situation.) 5. "We have to realize that so many are starving to death. Every bit of poundage of grain we can get will go to hungry kids." MICHIGAN OFFICE. Vermiculite “lightens up” heavy soil and improves water retention. Some growers use perlite and vermiculite interchangeably, though they’re not exactly the same. Vermiculite holds water much better than perlite, but is not as effective at adding aeration and drainage. If you go high with vermiculite, you don’t want to go as high with perlite and vice versa. Together, perlite and vermiculite should never make up more than 50% of your soil! Indoor crops will yield significantly less bud, at around 21 ounces per square meter, still not so bad. All in all, if you have grown pot before and mostly know what you are doing, Bruce Banner is definitely a marijuana plant that is worth taking a shot at. Said to be a sativa landrace from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, King’s Bread (or King’s Breath) delivers mellowing and euphoric cerebral effects. Finger-like bulbs reach out from the citrus-scented buds wrapped in crystal trichomes.

Lamb’s Bread is counted among its progeny, although King’s Bread’s lineage is not well documented. Pain relief, appetite stimulation, and stress alleviation are just a few of the therapeutic benefits King’s Bread has to offer. Yet sometimes the pictures don’t turn out the way I want. I’ve learned many tricks over the years, and today I would like to share you what I’ve learned so you can take great cannabis pics and show off your garden! As viewership has evolved, so too has our ability to capture and monetize it, from C3 to C7 all the way to Multiplatform 35-day. And going forward, that will be reflected in how we report it internally and externally. Starting tomorrow, we will no longer be reporting Live+Same Day ratings. This move aligns us with how we evaluate the comprehensive performance of our shows, how we monetize our business and how our audience chooses to consume our content.

People used to plan their lives around television, now they plan television around their lives. By feeding the leaves with phosphorus, zinc and iron, you will benefit from greater efficiency of absorption compared to that of roots. When leaf-fed, the percentage of nutrients absorbed is far greater than the alternative, where part of the substances will leach out as unused water drains. When added to soil, phosphorus can also bind with other elements and thus become difficult for the plant to take in, while iron and zinc rich soil is hard to achieve in the first place. Axis Bank introduces an ultra-premium Debit Card designed exclusively for Current Account holders.


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