marijuana writers

Marijuana writers

Dank content to boost SEO rankings and keep your cannabis business flowering.

Just don’t call it herblio.

Like your budtender, but for content

  • Tap an elite group of writers with experience writing for the cannabis industry.
  • Verblio writers get digital and know how to write for content marketing and SEO.
  • Our cannabis writers stay up to speed on all the latest trends in vaping, dabbing, smoking, and related products.
  • Let us handle the cannabis content so you can focus on growing your business. (Even if you’re not a grower.)

Don’t let prospects go up in smoke.

Drive traffic and engage your audience with quality cannabis content for your site.


  • Engaging, well-researched content from savvy writers
  • SEO best practices in every keystroke
  • Unlimited edits at no extra cost
  • Built-in WordPress and HubSpot publishing tools
  • Helpful, human support from the Verblio team

We handle all the logistics and paperwork of working with marijuana content writers .

Our writers know their terpenes from their trichomes and have deep industry expertise .

Clients consistently comment on the quality and professionalism of our writers.

Yeah, but.

I need writers who actually know what they’re talking about.

Ours do. They include specialized CBD research writers, registered nurses, nutritionists, chemists, biologists, botanists, health and fitness professionals, and cannabis industry experts. Our best cannabis writers are inbound and content marketing certified with the SEO savvy you need to get noticed and establish ranking authority and thought leadership in a highly competitive market.

How does it work?

Writers in the cannabis industry find you and create custom content. Most clients get their first piece of content to review within 48-72 hours.

Review your drafts and accept, decline, or request unlimited edits at no extra cost. Get the full low down here.

How do I tell your writers what I want?

Our onboarding and content request processes help you quickly and efficiently bring our writers up to speed. We’ve built a system that makes it easy to share your audience, voice, and personality. You know your business best, but you’d be surprised how well our cannabis writers can fill your shoes.

Do I pay per article?

You build a monthly plan based on the cannabis content you need—including number of articles, word length, and any optional services . Verblio subscriptions are flexible, month-to-month plans with no contracts. See pricing .

Do you get high?

We’re a Colorado company.

Can you write for my niche in the industry?

Most likely. We’ve written for cannabis enterprises with products ranging from full spectrum hemp oil and CBD tinctures, creams, and edibles to terpenes and dab concentrates. At the industry level we can cover major sectors including cultivation, dispensaries, and extraction.

Verblio content writers are aware of the power of proper content marketing. If you are searching for a professional cannabis writer, we've got you covered!

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CannaWrite is the industry’s leading freelance
cannabis & HEMP content and education agency.

We have provided high-quality content, cannabis copywriting,
and professional writing services to the global cannabis, hemp, and CBD industries since 2016.

Based on high standards of EVIDENCE-BASED CONTENT,
Journalistic integrity, and customer service.

WE ARE the written voice behind some of
cannabis and hemp’s most recognized brands.

Why CannaWrite?

CannaWrite has been the industry leading cannabis writing agency since 2016, serving over 300 clients globally to complete client satisfaction.

We are a woman-owned agency based in equity and inclusion, with special interest in elevating Women, Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, and LGBTQ+ positions within the industry.

We are highly educated (pun intended) – our team combines a Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Literature, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Bachelor of Social Work, and a Master of Education in Curriculum Studies; a level of education that is apparent in our evidence-based, research-focused work.

Successfully served over 300 clients in the cannabis industry has been our pleasure since 2016. If you’re reading it on a website, there’s a good chance CannaWrite has had its hands in it!

As global citizens who live the laptop lifestyle, we’ve developed global reach, with clients equally in Canada and the United States, also serving Australia, New Zealand, the EU, and parts of the continent of Africa.

We’ve amassed over 6300 followers on Instagram, demonstrating our wide network and reach

Our roots are in advocacy, and dedicating our efforts towards seeing cannabis legalize worldwide

The question is now, why not CannaWrite? We have successfully served the content strategies of:

cannabis retail stores,

Health Canada approved Licensed Producers,

medical cannabis clinics,

cannabis and hemp publications,

cannabis investment firms,

cannabis and CBD brands,

cannabis distribution companies,

hemp and cannabis farmers,

emerging entrepreneurs and thought leaders

Our services include cannabis copywriting, cannabis research, cannabis education, business plans and mission statements, and everything in between, with our foundations and experience being in writing advanced, evidence-based content. There is nothing in cannabis writing that we haven’t proven incapable of doing, and doing well!

CannaWrite is the only company you will ever need to help your cannabusiness stand out above the rest. Knowledgeable, diligent, and as professional as they come, CannaWrite is exactly what is needed in a rapidly growing and controversial space like ours! – hardcar

Founding Member & Current President of The People’s Alliance of Cannabis in Canada

The People’s Alliance of Cannabis in Canada (PACC) is an organization representing the interests of professionals and consumers within the growing cannabis space across the nation.

We provide support through crucial programming, develop professional standards for the industry to emulate, encourage the unification of all cannabis markets, and create a standard for education across cannabis in our country.

We operate and advocate for legislative change so that we create a cannabis industry where cannabis is always safely accessed, and provided by cultivators and producers who meet a set of defined professional standards.

Proudly providing cannabis writing services
to over 300 satisfied clients,
including the following cannabis industry leaders:

“Writing for the Legal Cannabis Industry” Online Course

Learn my tricks of the trade from 4 years in the cannabis industry! Learn how I built CannaWrite, the ins and outs of cannabis writing, and just about everything you should know about creating content for the growing global cannabis industry. The course is hosted on Teachable and can be accessed here.


Thoughts and perspectives from cannabis writers about cannabis writing, cannabis copywriting,
and providing professional writing services to the cannabis industry.

“I was in need of expertise in the cannabis content industry and CannaWrite was my go to! Anne-Marie was able to take what I was envisioning and create my beautiful website that has given me the platform for the next venture in my cannabis career. Anne-Marie is an absolute pro at what she does and she does it with passion which is key when you are hiring someone to put your dreams into words. Efficiency, professionalism and communication are very important and without fail these are just a few of the business characteristics that Anne-Marie and CannaWrite embody.” – Paula Mason Wellness Consultant

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CannaWrite is a division of the Canadian Media Corporation
AMFM Creative Media Ltd.

Canada Phone: (778) 268-2214 (Always in service) | U.S. Phone: (323) 351-3425 (Only periodically in service)
E: [email protected]

CannaWrite is a content company only, and does not promote nor is it involved in illegal activities surrounding cannabis use or sale and promotes operating within the confines of the laws of provinces, states and countries.

CannaWrite is a 100% non-plant touching operation, meaning that employees never comes in contact with, promotes, sells, or trades cannabis for services as a function of the business. We are dedicated to advancing the legal cannabis market, and operate within the regulations of Canada’s The Cannabis Act, and within the laws of the legalized U.S. states we work within, including abiding by communication guidelines set out by the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Any commentaries about cannabis are not intended to be taken as health claims or medical advice. Anyone considering using cannabis, CBD, or any substance should discuss use with their medical practitioner.

CannaWrite remains a faithful and devoted advocate towards cannabis legalization worldwide, and the eradication of criminal records and incarceration under prohibition.

Cannabis industry’s leading cannabis copywriting, education and cannabis writer agency, providing advanced blogging, SEO, PR, copywriting, research, editing, and marketing services to the global cannabis, hemp, and CBD industries. Serving over 200 clients since 2016.