marula seed

Marula seed

Plum sized fruit with translucent white pulp and yellow skin. Pulp is sweet-sour in flavor and highly esteemed in some parts of Africa.

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Large or medium sized tree. Trees are dioecious and male and female trees are required for fruit-set. Tree is fairly adaptable, growing in a variety of woodland and scrubland biomes in its native range.


It is mildly hardy, surviving brief frosts.

Growing Environment


Fruits are commonly eaten fresh or used to prepare juices and alcoholic drinks. The seed is also eaten as a nut. The fruits are also very popular with elephants, who can become inebriated after excessive consumption of them.

Native Range

Native to much of the African continent.

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Marula seed Plum sized fruit with translucent white pulp and yellow skin. Pulp is sweet-sour in flavor and highly esteemed in some parts of Africa. Seed Availability Seeds are now available

Sclerocarya birrea Marula

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  • Overall Rating (low–high)
Cultural Requirements
Frost Tolerance Light
Water Requirements Moderate
Drought Tolerance Yes
Wind Tolerance Moderate
Growth Rate Moderate
Ornamental Value Beautiful
Gardening Landscaping
Food/Medicinal Alcoholic Beverage
Edible Fruit
Edible Oil
Edible Seed/Nut
Agriculture/Forestry Agroforestry
Wood Heavy Wood
Plant Group Fruit Trees
Botanical Order Sapindales

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