medical cannabis cup 2020


Montana State Providers Cup

2020 Montana State Providers Cup- Summer Cup RESULTS LIST

People’s Choice 🧐
#1 Hydrocarbon- Euphoria Wellness, Sundae Driver
#1 Rosin-Urban Farmer, Banana Punch
#1 Flower- Kanopli, Black Sugar Rose
Edibles 🍫
#3 … Ещё Collective Elevation- Peanut Butter Cup
#2 Double Dogs- Raspberry Candy Rope
#1 Lifted Meds- Chocolate Gold Lifted Cup
Terpenes 💫
#3 Euphoria Wellness- Ice Cream Cake 2.81%
#2 Herbaceous- Gelato Sorbet 3.12%
#1 Silverleaf Cannabis Co.-Bruce Banner 3.68%
#3 Double Dogs- Meathead 31.9% THC
#2 Spark1- Wedding Pie 32.1% THC
#1 Spark1- Garlic Cookies 33.09% THC
#3 Kanopli- Charlottes Angel 21.07%
#2 Montana Bliss- Lime Drop 21.3%
#1 Bloom- Nightengale 22.8%
Hydrocarbon 🐲
#3 Lifted… Ещё

Montana State Providers Cup. Отметки "Нравится": 965 · Обсуждают: 14. The Montana State Providers Cup holds events to bring the Montana cannabis…

The Winners of the Cannabis Cup Colorado: People’s Choice 2020

In case you missed our Cannabis Cup Digital Awards show this weekend, here are all the winners of the Cannabis Cup Colorado: People’s Choice 2020!

Indica Flower

First Place: Mandarin Sunset by Indico
Second Place: MAC by High Level Health
Third Place: Skunkberry by One Farms

Sativa Flower

First Place: Jabberwokie by Pagosa Therapeutics
Second Place: Papa Smurph by High Level Health
Third Place: Jungle Cheese by One Farms

Hybrid Flower

First Place: Sour Strawberry by Indico
Second Place: Cake Crasher by GreenMan Cannabis
Third Place: Deathstar by High Level Health


First Place: French Whore Infused Pre-Roll by High Country Cones
Second Place: Bitty Caviar Cones by Dadirri
Third Place: Toke Premium Infused Cali-O Pre-Roll by Heartland Industries

Edibles (Food)

First Place: THC Caramel Chews by Kush Masters
Second Place: Peanut Butter Chocolate by 3Js Hice Cream
Third Place: Dabba Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Indica Bar by Cheeba Chews

Edibles (Non-Food)

First Place: Sleep Tincture 1:4 by ReCreate
Second Place: Lemon Speed Strips by Escape Artists
Third Place: 1:1 Precision Dose Tincture by ioVia


First Place: Blue Skunk Live Budder by High Level Health
Second Place: Citrus Trifecta Live Diamonds by Kush Masters
Third Place: Clementine Pure Live Resin by Lusso (Nectar Bee)


First Place: 1:1 Lavender Cream by Escape Artists
Second Place: 1:1 Super Strength Nano Salve by Mary Jane’s Medicinals
Third Place: 1:1 CBD/THC Transdermal Patch by Sirona

Congratulations to the winners of the Cannabis Cup Colorado: People's Choice 2020!