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Crystal Meth Auto

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  • Beautifully purple. Expect a variety of deep purple colors as soon as the buds start forming.
  • One and only flavors. A unique terpene mix resulting in nutty flavors, a truly special combination.
  • Full-on Sativa high. An intense head rush that will hit you quick, great for those looking for strong Sativa trips.
  • One of our first creations! This Sativa-dominant hybrid is the result of years and years of selective breeding.
  • The best of both worlds. Expect a plant with an Indica-like structure that delivers strong Sativa effects.


Tech Specs


Harvest EU Indoor

Harvest US IndoorHarvest EU OutdoorHarvest US OutdoorSizeHeightHeight USFloweringRoomGenderGenesGeneticsAutoflowering
Parameter Value
Hazelnut, Pine, Earthy
Up to 21%
450 – 600 gr/m2
1.5 – 2 oz/ft2
50 – 200 gr/plant
2 – 7 oz/plant
70 – 120 cm
28 – 47 inches
9 – 10 weeks
Sativa 60%/Indica 40%
Crystal Meth Auto


Bud description

Deep purple bodied and crystal varnished rocks, lit up by the dotted patches of bright orange pistils covering it, make it really the unique strain it is.

Smoke report

A full-on Sativa leaning strain. You can expect a quick-hitting cerebral rush that slowly pans out into a more mellow state of being. Great for daytime smoking, and definitely won’t leave you couch-locked. A great strain for anyone looking for a sweet Sativa trip.

Plant Appearance

An easy-going plant, growing anywhere between 70 cm to 120 cm in height, and despite its mainly Sativa effects, it’ll take an Indica-like structure, growing compact and stocky. Developing multiple chunky bud sites and one main cola on top, things get really interesting around week 5 as the plant starts to boast its wide variety of rich purple colors.

Grow Tips

Crystal Meth is a robust plant that requires light feeding and adjusts nicely to indoor and outdoor growing. Be careful to maintain proper pH levels and go light-handed on the nitrogen as she can be a bit sensitive, especially during flowering, and won’t be afraid to show you if something’s wrong.


A uniquely flavored strain that combines pine-like scents, with earthy nutty flavors. The overall earthiness of the strain is somewhat undermined by a lighter touch of flavors giving the strain a quite unique Hazelnut like taste, very distinguished and special.

Bud description Deep purple bodied and crystal varnished rocks, lit up by the dotted patches of bright orange pistils covering it, make it reall

Crystal METH

Alchimia presents here the autoflowering and feminized strain Crystal METH from the Fast Buds Company. This genetics is the flagship of this seedbank, as it is easy to grow and has a very powerful effect. Now available in our autoflowering seeds catalog.

Crystal METH is the result of crossing a Mexican line, Early Skunk, Traniwreck and Hawaian. Once they had this hybrid, they used an unknown Ruderalis plant to provide it with the autoflowering trait.

THis plant doesn’t need any special care, and it is ready to harvest 9 weeks after seed germination. It can yield up to 600gr/m2 indoors and 300gr/plant outdoors. Its size is relatively short, growing up to 120cm in height, what makes it a discreet plant.

Crystal METH develops an abundant layer of resin that covers all its buds, perfect for making different resin extractions like BHO or IWE.

The effect is strong due to its high THC content, around 20% in some individuals.

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