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Strain Review: Moonbow #112 by Burnside Garden Collective

Anywhoozle, let’s get to my review of this LOVELY Moonbow #112 from @archive.portland and @thc.pdx, basically Portland’s main source for magazine cover exotics.

Moonbow Strain Review

The nugs were gorgeous and frosty with tints of pink and purple throughout. The aroma falls aggressively toward the Cookies lineage, very candy sweet with baking spice and frosted dough.

The effects are also incredibly Cookie forward I’m my view. “In-Your-Face”, cerebral stoniness hits you hard as you choke from the thick smoke, easing into a care-free giggly euphoria.

If you run into any Moonbow in your travels, pick some up and enjoy your social distancing in style. Also, use your freshly washed hands to tip your budtenders well, if you can afford it. They’re working hard and stressed to shit. At least voice your appreciation for their service.

Life’s gonna be a little weird for a while. It’s hard to plan for such an uncertain future, but you best believe that as long as there’s weed being sold, I’m gonna smoke it and write about it. If this stimulus thing happens, I’m buying edibles and RSO so my medical needs are covered if I get sick. I’ll review that shit, no fucks given.

Stay safe, stay home, and wash your fucking hands.
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Moonbow 112 Strain Review Featuring Archive California

Archive out of California paired up with Connected Cannabis to release Moonbow 112. The 112th phenotype from the Moonbow family is a cross of Zkittles and Dosidos. Last year, a Dosidos cross blew us away. I had similarly high hopes for this strain as well. Archive Seed Bank has influence in both the California and Oregon cannabis market. California has a tendency to deliver quality exotic genetics, from the smell and appearance alone I’d say this strain hits that mark too.

Utilizing black glass jars Archive accents their packaging with blue and gold lettering. The color of the glass protects the cannabis from lights in the store and at your home. This extends the freshness of your product ensuring that you have an enjoyable experience for the entire time that you have the product.

Opening The Moonbow 112

Inside the jar is a tightly grouped nugget of weed with almost neon green coloring. Occasionally an almost black patch appears carefully scattered throughout each piece of weed. Tightly packed pistils carefully squeeze into the crevices between the buds clinging tightly to the stem.

There is a serious grape aroma to this phenotype of Moonbow. A comparable smell to extra sweet grape Jolly Ranchers. The smell filled the living room in my apartment as I cracked open the densely packed buds. There weren’t any bits of cannabis sticking to my fingers like I’ve found in other strains, but the smell alone kicked in a serious grape craving.

The first rip I took was filled with that potent grape flavor that was released after cracking each nug. Each subsequent hit contained reminders of that initial flavor. The flavor improved with each bowl that I loaded. A warm and fuzzy feeling worked its way from my toes throughout my body. An extreme case of the munchies followed along with some potent dry-mouth.

Archive California and Connected Cannabis Co. did an excellent job with this strain. They delivered on all fronts from packaging to experience.

Archive out of California paired up with Connected Cannabis to release Moonbow 112. The 112th phenotype from the Moonbow family.