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Marijuana and cinema: movies to watch when high

watching a movie when marijuana has been consumed is a completely different experience

Depending on the type of marijuana you use, the effect will be different, but the truth is that, generally speaking and as long as it’s controlled, trying to watch movies when you’ve been using cannabis has a more than funny and philosophical side to it.

When it comes to using marijuana for recreational purposes, the effects can be very varied. It can give you laughter, a huge “high” or you can start to philosophize and at the same time perceive things that happen around you that you would not otherwise perceive, because you wouldn’t have that moment of visual and mental sensitivity to do it.

In this sense, there are many people who ask us about the best movies to see “stoned” and I have had the pleasure of making a selection of what are for me the best movies to see “stoned” and enjoy. Some of them are related to marijuana itself, especially those that have a more documentary character or that have been based on the effects of marijuana to write the script and / or plot of the film, but others have nothing to do with it and are especially well suited to watch them stoned, because we can laugh much more or think about the message the plot wants to transmit us.

At last you have a place to find movies based on the world of marijuana, some of them for watching stoned and make us thinking, and other movies ideal for watching stoned and laugh, let’s go there…

Watching movies while being high or stoned makes it more fun.

The Best Stoner Movies of All Time

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Stoner movies have made a market of their own beginning in the 1970s, when the original stoner flick hit the big screen. Over time the 1978 pot-loving film Up in Smoke has transitioned from a weeded up memory to one of High Times‘ classic weed movies. Have you heard of Cheech and Chong, man? These red-eyed actors paved the way for a steady release of stoner films that no hippie could refuse—not even your mom.

As marijuana has become more accepted and mainstream, more brainless stoner comedies have hit the scene. Just when we thought James Franco couldn’t outshine himself as the quintessential pothead in Pineapple Express , he made a comeback in 2013’s This is the End . After getting super high, Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel hit up an eccentric James Franco house party, where Seth struggles to merge his old and new friends as the world goes to complete shit. An enormous hell hole swallows most of the party, leaving the survivors to fight over weed, a Milky Way, and who’s allowed to jizz in Franco’s place.

For more of a throwback, Harold & Kumar’s weed trilogy remains a “must smoke and see.” Just be warned, there’s equally as much 3D penis as there is cannabis in the most recent installment, 2011’s A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas . And speaking of blazing series’, as of June 2018, Ice Cube is finishing the script for Last Friday, the fourth film in the Friday franchise . Bring on the blunts.

So if you have the time (because who are you kidding, you have the time), get your munchies ready and watch through these all-time best stoner movies.

Grab your bong and rolling papers as we countdown the best stoner movies of all time. These weed movies will have you high off laughter.