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Welcome To Northern Lights Hydroponics Where We Specialize In Hydroponics And Indoor Gardening.


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Northern Lights Hydroponics is a specialty hydroponic and indoor gardening supply store located on Route 20 in the heart of wine country in Ripley, New York.

Northern Lights Hydroponics is here to help with all of your hydroponic, indoor and organic growing needs. We don’t just sell supplies, we help you every step of the way.

Stop by to see how we can help you get your indoor garden growing. We offer indoor lighting, bulbs, nutrients, growing media/soil, hydroponic systems and more.

What is “Indoor Gardening”?

Another good question. Indoor gardening is really just what it sounds like it is.

It is starting and growing plants inside or indoors as opposed to the traditional outside or outdoor gardening or farming methods.

But you may not know that there are several different ways to go about it.

For instance, many people start seed for the plants and vegetables and fruits in what’s known as a soilless seed starting mix. The seeds are carefully placed on top of the mix in containers and then position under fluorescent lights until they germinate and grow to a size that is suitable for transplanting into an outdoor garden or bed.

Traditional indoor gardening seedlings growing indoors

So this is a form of indoor gardening. Lots of Erie area gardeners like to start seeds and plants indoors due to our relatively short growing season. So that may elicit your next logical question.

What is “Hydroponics”?

Questions, questions. Hydroponics in Erie, PA? Yes! Northern Lights Hydroponics and indoor gardening center has a myriad of hydroponics equipment, fertilizer nutrients and more.

“Hydroponics” means water-labor. Or grown in water , not soil. It is the “high tech” modern way to start and grow plants and even HARVEST your edible fruits and vegetables using NO soil or mix and completely indoors! How cool is that?

Erie Indoor Gardening Hydroponic Seed Germination

Seeds are germinated in a variety of ways. The idea is to get them to sprout, unencumbered by soil and possible harmful molds, etc. Then once they have come up and the tap roots form, they are free to grow and access the nutrient-rich water and never become “rootbound” as they likely would in a soil container.

A Word About Indoor Gardening/Hydroponic Nutrients

The nutrients that sustain the germinated seed or plant may come from a variety of organic, natural sources such as plant wastes, fish or animal materials. These are mixed with the water in which the plant roots develop and this is how they are fed.

Now, plants also need the right environment. Temperature, light and even air flow are very important. With indoor gardening and/or hydroponics,these can more easily be made optimal and consistent compared to natural outdoor weather conditions.

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