northern lights number 5

Northern lights number 5

Northern lights #5 is not the same things as northern lights. There are strains and specimens missing .

Only ever had this strain one single time. About 20 years ago, a friend and I won $80 playing video poker in Portland, OR and so we went looking to score some weed and some acid off the streets. We were highly successful! We found the acid first and then the weed. The female contact we met for the weed purchase told us that we were getting Northern Lights #5. The buds were utterly blanketed with crystal trichomes and were clearly no ordinary “street weed”. Later that night, after ditching a party where we took the acid (we were starting to feel paranoid), we walked a mile to a nearby cemetery where we knew we could hang and not be disturbed by anyone since it was late at night and dark by that time. We broke out that weed and after just one pipe hit apiece, our paranoia went bye bye and the two of us were experiencing some of the most intense, relaxed euphoria that any person can possibly feel. This was a true peak experience (as in better than your first sex– the acid had something to do with that, I think) for me and I’ve never forgotten it! If you like indicas and you come across this strain, you should be willing to pay absolute top dollar for it!!

Northern Lights #5 is not only an award winning strain, but it has been well received and has managed to become immensely popular amongst the masses. It is an indica dominant strain with 95:5 indica/sativa ratio. Since it has 26% THC content, it manages to slam the body into a numbing but equally…