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How Ocean’s Bounty Blood Sugar Works

If you are getting older and approaching middle age; then by reading our Oceans Bounty Blood Sugar reviews you may appreciate how this supplement can help you in many ways.

One of the things you may be getting a bit concerned about as you get older; and which is a very common factor in the West; is your expanding waist line and other age health related matters. Your waist line; you may not realize; is a measure of health and the slimmer your waistline is, the healthier you will be. It is also a sign that your body may be lacking in certain micro nutrients, and it could also mean that you are less active but still eating a normal diet, which again is a very common western pattern, as you get older you worker harder, get stuck in your job or your daily commute and the time for exercising gets less and less. Sustainable weight loss is never achieved by diet and exercise alone. This is where our Oceans Bounty reviews can help you lower blood sugar levels and maintain a healthy balance.

Why is Your Waist Line Important?

Your waist line is a good indication of excess weight. As we all know, excess weight can lead to common health conditions such as pre diabetes and high blood sugar. The more you weight, the more likely your body is to stop responding to the hormone insulin. In a matter of weeks, you body can go from prediabetes to diabetes type 2. It is important to step on the scales, but it is even more important to control your waistline. Supplements such as Ocean’s Bounty can help you to do that.

Diet, Exercise and then Ocean’s Bounty Blood Sugar Supplement

It is all too easy to just say to take Ocean Bounty supplement; to lower your blood glucose levels; but what really matters is the workings behind any supplement and the Oceans Bounty ingredients which make all the difference. All good quality supplements work in synergy with their own ingredients and with your body as well. This is easier said than done, and there are lot of combination supplements out there which never achieve this. Developing a supplement is just as complicated as formulating a conventional medication. The only difference is that it is easier to bring a supplement on to the market. That is good news for you if you think that you need a supplement to help you lead a healthier life.

Oceans Bounty Blood Sugar Reviews How It Works

Our diet is sorely lacking in certain essential minerals and dietary fibers. We are always being told to eat more fiber, but did you know that there is a group of dietary fibers which are more important than others? They are called polysaccharides.

What Are Polysaccharides?

It is a really long and amazing name for dietary fibers that cannot be broken down by the body. Fiber is often referred to as a “broom”, and that indicates that fiber goes on cleaning duties in the body. This is a very accurate description of the function of polysaccharides, and they can even “mop up” excess blood sugar to lower blood glucose. And, it is one of the most important ways in which Ocean Bounty works to help you achieve and maintain normal levels of blood glucose.

Due to our modern high fat and processed food diet, we need more of these polysaccharides than ever before. It used to be thought that men needed more than women over a certain age, but this is not true. All men and women approaching middle age need at least 40 mg of polysaccharides per day. As we approach middle age, our physiology changes, and we need more dietary fibers to keep us healthy.

The problem is that they are hard to come buy in our diet, but one good source is any kind of Brown Seaweed. Brown Seaweed extract contains a fiber called Fucoidan which can help to lower both blood sugar levels and lipid levels in the blood. To eat enough seaweed to satisfy the bodies need may be difficult, and a supplement such as Oceans Bounty Blood Sugar reviews may be an effective solution. After all, it contains an amazing 200 mg of brown seaweed extract!

Micro Minerals – Essential Oceans Bounty Ingredients

Our food used to be packed with micro minerals that helped to keep us healthy. Sadly, micro minerals such as selenium are now rare and we struggle to include them in our daily diet. However, when reading Oceans Bounty Blood Sugar reviews, you will soon realize that selenium is a vital part of this supplement as well.

To enable your body to utilize glucose, the cells must be able to first welcome in it. The production of the hormone insulin is responsible for this but sometimes it needs a little bit of help. As a matter of fact, it is often thought that the hormone insulin would not function without the help of selenium

To ensure that your body can produce the energy that you need from glucose, it can be good for it to have a little helper. In many ways, this is what selenium does in the body. It goes around in the body and knocks on cell walls asking to be let in. At the same time, it likes to bring its best friend which is called glucose. This means that the glucose can be used immediately, or at least be ready to be used at a later time.

How Do You Know that You Are Short of Selenium?

If, you feel tired or fatigued on a regular basis, it could mean that you need a boost of selenium. It used to be available in all fresh foods. Unfortunately, a lot of our food is grown and manufactured under artificial conditions these days, increasing the causes of high blood sugar and does not any longer contain sufficient quantities of selenium. To top up your supply you should really consider adding a supplement which contains selenium to your diet, Ocean Bounty brown seaweed extract can help replace this.

Selenium can also help to protect your cells against free radical damage. In other words, you are less likely to suffer from inflammatory disease if your diet is rich in selenium. One of the signs of prediabetes is inflammation of the joints. As inflammation spreads, it can go on to cause strokes and cardiovascular disease.

The Power of Synergy is what makes Ocean’s Bounty Blood Sugar supplement work so well. It isn’t just a bunch of ingredients thrown together. The compounds within the Oceans Bounty work with each other, AND they work with your body. There are other blood sugar control supplements available, but before you invest in them, make sure that you are buying a product which has its foundation in science. Science is what makes Ocean s Bounty work, and helps you to lower your blood sugar! Good quality natural supplements are based in science just as much as conventional medicine.

If you recognise Ocean Bounty as something that can help you or a loved one reduce your blood sugar, you can check out the customer testimonials by going here or order a no risk sample by clicking one of the links on this page.

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How Ocean’s Bounty Blood Sugar Works If you are getting older and approaching middle age; then by reading our Oceans Bounty Blood Sugar reviews you may appreciate how this supplement can help you in many ways. One of the things you may be getting a bit concerned about as you get older; and which is a very…

Ocean’s Bounty Review

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What’s in it?

Ocean’s Bounty does not disclose their supplement facts so I can’t tell you what is in it. Some blogs and marketing materials I have read say that Ocean’s Bounty contains: Fucoidan, Selenium, and Ecklonia Cava with no information available on standardization.


4 bottles $199.80 ($49.95/bottle)

2 bottles $119.90 ($59.95/bottle)

Quick Comparison

Quick Comparison

  • Ocean’s Bounty has no discernible supplement data, yet they promise 40% fucoidan. There is no standardization information. Monthly plans range from an exuberant $69.95 – $199.85 for such uncertainty! Go with Fucoidan Force™. Their supplement facts, extraction process, and pricing is transparent. You are guaranteed an effective amount of fucoidan, plus a generous 250 mg of Reishi mushroom extract.


Ocean’s Bounty Plays on Consumer Ignorance with Aggressive Marketing

Ocean’s Bounty doesn’t reveal their ingredients unless you go through entering your personal information that will then be used for the company to solicit marketing materials to you. Does that seem transparent? They also make many glamorous claims on various websites. The most ludicrous, by far, is that their product is able to physically reverse the signs of aging. They even go so far as showing a split screen picture of a woman with a heavily wrinkled face on one side, and smooth face on the other side, as if their product will put you in a time machine set back 20 years. This left a bad taste in my mouth.

After the initial bad impression, I took a look at the ingredients Ocean’s Bounty contains. Of all the fucoidan supplements I’ve researched, Ocean’s Bounty provides the least information. After thoroughly searching, I was unable to locate any supplement facts listed on any of their websites. However, I did find a string of bad reviews mentioning everything from bad customer service to no health benefits.

So, with such little information to go on, I was forced to base this review off the only image of the product I could find. The front of their bottle indicates the type of seaweed as “brown kombu” and claims that each capsule contains “40% fucoidan”. However, without a supplement data label the description is meaningless! There is no way to know if the product contains standardized fucoidan extract, and if so how much actual fucoidan you are getting. For all I know, this product only contains shredded seaweed.

There is no information as to the source of their ‘fucoidan”, but since they prominently reference the benefits of Okinawa seaweed, I can only assume they use a Pacific source of kombu. Wakame is not farmed near Okinawa. Since the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011, the Pacific Ocean has been exposed to a continuous leakage of radioactive water off the coast of Japan. A major 5 year review conducted by international scientists and authors working together as the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR), reports as of July 2016 that major contamination still exists in the harbor areas around Fukushima where the plant continues to release radioactive waste into the ocean. Buyer beware.

Kombu has the highest iodine content of seaweeds. Too much iodine can cause a number of adverse effects, including thyroid problems. Like other species of seaweed, kombu is also a blood thinner, but is much more potent than its counterparts. If you’re already taking prescription blood thinners, avoid Ocean’s Bounty at all costs. You clearly have a better choice with Fucoidan Force™

Fucoidan Force™ derives their fucoidan from 100% wakame, which is both low in sodium and iodine, while being the most studied source of fucoidan.

Conclusion: After examining several of Ocean’s Bounty’s websites, I came to the conclusion that they are touting all of the benefits of fucoidan (and ruthlessly exaggerating some) with no evidence of any standardized fucoidan content in their product! Bad reviews and unhappy customers are a warning sign that something isn’t right here. It’s critical that supplement companies provide you with honest, supported information, so you know what you’re getting for the money. Check out what their customers are saying for yourself:

With little information and bad customer reviews, I recommend skipping the uncertainty and going for a trusted source for fucoidan, like Fucoidan Force.