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About Omega Seed

Omega Seed, founded in 2005, is a family-owned seed company specializing in the production of high quality seed, at a fair price, with strict emphasis on excellence in customer service. We are, ourselves, the seed of a long-standing valley family with our roots and hearts grounded in California’s Sacramento Valley farming industry.

Omega Seed Int. is centrally located in the heart of the Sacramento Valley. This unique combination of our soils and weather enable the production of a high-quality seed product in virtually unlimited varieties.

Our Most Popular Items

Microgreens / Sprouting Seeds

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Our microgreens are grown, cultivated, and harvested in the fertile soils of the Sacramento Valley where the conditions are as near to perfect as Mother Natures can provide, assuring you get the very best quality every time.

All of our herbs are grown from superior stock under conditions that produce healthy and vigorous plants.

Omega Seed is happy to provide custom production services for any seed combination. We can offer you the kind of hands-on customer service that you cannot get with a larger producer.

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Omega Seed Mix

  • Great source of protein
  • Rich in omega 6 for skin and nerve support
  • Perfect breakfast, snack, smoothie option
  • Nature’s Best Sport offers a world class range of premium, UK made supplements.

Many seeds offer a great source of magnesium, which is required for muscle, nerve and bone health. Magnesium is vital for energy production and particularly important for muscular relaxation and muscle protein synthesis.

Seeds are packed with B-vitamins, which extrapolate the energy from the foods we eat. They also support neural health, and act as important cofactors for many biological reactions that aid performance.

Vitamin E is especially important for reducing the free radical damage associated with exercise.

Seeds are a great source of omega 6 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids are known to contribute to healthy skin, in addition to supporting the cell membranes in nerve tissue.

Omega Seed Mix is a useful source of dietary fibre and contributes to your protein goals. Вј cup serving of Omega Seed Mix provides 8 grams of protein.

A great addition to smoothies, salads, Greek yoghurt and perfect for snacking. Rich in omega 3 fats and low in carbohydrates.