organic miracle grow potting soil

Miracle Gro 16 qt. Organic Choice Potting Mix

Product Highlights

  • 16-qt. supply
  • Suitable for growing vegetables, flowers, and herbs in containers
  • Made from natural and organic ingredients
  • Continuously feeds for up to 2 months
  • NPK Ratio: 0.10-0.05-0.05

About This Item

Grow a truly organic vegetable or herb garden with Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix, available in a 16 qt bag. It’s a mix that was specially created for container gardens. It’s made using only natural and organic ingredients, and it’s enhanced with nutrients that help to promote better crop yields. This Scotts Miracle-Gro potting mix continuously feeds plants for up to 2 months. Started in 1951 on the belief that you don?t have to be an expert to create a beautiful garden, Miracle-Gro has grown to become the leading marketer of branded consumer lawn and garden products. Merging with Scotts, America’s leading brand name in gardening, in 1995, Miracle-Gro has flourished across the United States and abroad.

Miracle-Gro Organic Choice Potting Mix, 16 qt:

  • 16 qt potting mix for a truly organic vegetable or herb garden
  • Mix for container gardens that’s made from natural and organic ingredients
  • Enhanced with nutrients to promote higher crop yields
  • Continuously feeds crops for up to 2 months
  • Free from pesticides and artificial chemicals
  • Ideal for container vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs and more
  • From the leading brand name in gardening since 1951


WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm

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Works well for seed starting

I compared this product to my own homemade soil mix (from vermicompost, perlite and coco peat), to Fox Farm Ocean Forest, and to a local brand of soil mix I found at a local hydroponics soil. Oddly enough Miracle-Gro outperformed the other more expensive mixes. The homemade mix came in a close second, showing no differences after the initial germination period. Seeds grown in Miracle-Gro Organic germinated a little faster than the homemade mix but after all the seeds had germinated, there were no real differences. The other two mixes proved to be too heavy when wet and created problems for the seeds to emerge. The heaviness could be overcome by covering the seeds with vermiculite, and this too seemed to work well with Miracle-Gro Organic. I did, however, find that adding a little perlite to the mix improved it. It was unnecessary to add fertilizer to the mix; plants seems to thrive for the advertised two months before needing liquid feedings. I purchased my bag from either Home Depot or Orchard Supply. I did not notice any increase in gnats compared to any of the other mixes.


I have now been using this product for almost two years now and there seamless results batch to batch. Believe or not i us it in my aquariums well planted tanks make a mini ecosystem and with the organic choice potting mix i get and safe and healthy environment for both my fish and my plants. Just a word of advice if used in aquariums you can go ahead and remove or sift out the wood pieces. Anyways if someone from Scotts reads this they should look into aquarium substrates there a high dollar item in there aqua culture industry and there organic choice potting mix is already a great alternative. Thank you for reading.

Toxic Potting Soil?

I started my tomato plants in March 2016 in small 12 plant cell packs using seed starting mix. They grew nicely under florescent lights for several weeks and had several branches and good sized leaves.

I then transplanted them to larger 6 plant cell packs using premium potting soil Miracle Grow Organic Choice. Within a week the plants lost their largest leaves and from them on grew stunted. The leaves grew but stayed very small and were a pale green, not like anything I have ever seen before.

In all my years over 20, of starting plants this way I have never had such a result. I returned the potting soil to my local home improvement store where I had purchased it.

Needless to say I have had to purchase plants. My sad looking plants have continued to decline and are stunted.

killed/killing everything, i’m traumatized

new to having a yard and gardening so i was excited to load up on bags of this stuff and a bunch of containers and have a big repotting day for numerous cuttings from my mom that i’d been growing as well as several more established big-box patio trees that were doing okay. the containers have drainage holes, but i added even more to be safe, and repotted everything according to instructions. i tried not to worry about the bags being literally hot to the touch in store, and when i noticed that some of the bags’ contents also seemed to be full of white mold. i figured i should just stir it up and proceed as it’s a reputable brand, and everything i was repotting was going to be so happy to get into some good rich soil when it was all over.

WRONG. it was apparent by the very next day that every single plant and tree was suffering, dying. leaves were wilting, shriveling; some seemed almost soggy while others seemed burnt to a crisp. the top of the soil in each container was like a cracked water-repellent desert, but the soil below was wet wet wet (though i’d watered very little, one group i watered only till a tiny bit drained out, and a second group i watered only till the moisture meter said moist) so i tried not to panic and hoped things would improve once everything settled and dried out a bit.

NOPE. several days later my yard is a container cemetery instead of a container garden. across the board leaves have dried out and fallen off while the soil has remained wet, it’s like this stuff sucks the very life out of whatever has the misfortune of being stuck into it. sucks the life out and then smothers the roots to death.

i am so sad and frustrated because it’s not like i’m going to empty all of these containers and haul this massive amount of soil (not to mention the dead shrubs and trees that had been purchased) back to the store, it was hard enough getting everything home by myself in multiple trips. plus it’s just super depressing to be faced with so much suffering and death. a couple of plants remain alive but i doubt any will last the week, they’re all terribly droopy and wilted (but again, i’m not watering more because the soil is still wet from initial post-repotting water, but instead of transferring that wetness to the plants the soil seems to be taking it away). just awful.

the victims so far: 3 hardy fuchsia, 3 roses of sharon, 1 bottle brush, 1 lavender, 1 pomegranate; terminally ill: 2 star jasmine, 1 lemon, 1 gardenia.

to anyone reading this before buying: avoid this product. and please, if anyone knows of a way to save/resurrect my poor collection, please post a comment/reply! is there any way to transform this wretched murder soil into something that will support life??

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The Reasons Why Synthetic Fertilizers like Miracle-Gro Are So Bad for Your Garden

I don’t mean to shame people for using Miracle-Gro, but it’s so hard to keep a straight face when I see scoops of methy blue crystals (a la Breaking Bad) being added to watering cans.

Blue crystals do not belong in our gardens, people!

In fact, anything with the Miracle Gro label should be avoided entirely: Bags of soil, Shake n Feed, that blue stuff, AND YES, EVEN “ORGANIC” MIRACLE-GRO PRODUCTS SHOULD BE AVOIDED.

Miracle-Gro will make gardening effortless for everyone, which I believe is part of the MG brand’s success. Even those with the blackest of thumbs that use MG will have a wildly successful garden season. But it isn’t healthy. It isn’t sustainable. It’s terrible for us and our planet Earth. So we need to stop buying Miracle-Gro.

Miracle-Gro provides an insane amount of nitrogen to plants so that they grow big, bushy, green, and really fast. The problem with MG is that the nitrogen is derived from synthetic ammonium and nitrates, producing off-chemicals that are harmful to soil microbes, worms, and all other forms of life in the soil. MG is so strong that if used incorrectly, the fertilizer will actually burn the leaves and roots of your plants. Imagine what it’s doing to the healthy bacteria, fungi and other soil microbes that are working so hard to provide the nutrients your plants need!

Soil life isn’t the only thing synthetic fertilizers destroy.

In heavy rains, fertilizers run off into streams, lakes and eventually make it to oceans. High nitrogen fertilizers are critically harmful to fish and other marine life, causing algae to grow in excess; large expanses of algae are known as “algae blooms.” Algae blooms grow so thick toward the ocean’s surface that they block sunlight required by other marine life to survive. The Gulf of Mexico literally has thousands of kilometers of “dead zone” caused by algae blooms, all caused by fertilizers used on conventional farms running off into streams that feed the Mississippi River.

If you’re thinking your garden doesn’t matter in all of this, you’re wrong! Your garden matters because of the dollars you spend. You can either choose to spend your money on companies that create products that are destroying our planet (such as Scotts, who make Miracle-Gro, among others), or companies that create products that nurture our environment and us, because they give a damn (such as Fox Farm, Neptunes Harvest, Plant Success Organics, and many others).

Do you give a damn?

If you do, then please, spend your money like you do! Feed your plants like you give a damn. Feed yourself and your family like you give a damn. You’re obviously reading this because you give a damn, right?

The greatest thing we can do is educate ourselves and share knowledge with others in a respectful way. I’ve written many other blog posts to help you garden healthfully – see some of the links below!

Also… blue crystals. How could something that looks so blatantly synthetic be healthy for a living, breathing, life-giving garden? It’s just not.


Why is Miracle Gro bad? Should I use Miracle Gro on my plants? Here is a rudimentary explanation why synthetic fertilizers are so bad for our gardens, by Heirloom Soul Florals, Flower Farmer – Florist in Buffalo, NY WNY. Fertilizers for your garden are sometimes not the best options, learn why.