organic whole hemp seeds

Organic whole hemp seeds


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Why Choose Hempiness Whole Hemp Seeds?

Hempiness whole hemp seeds are grown at certified organic farms in France and packaged with love in the UK. Hempiness hemp seeds have the highest nutritional profile of any commercially available strain of hemp seed. These nutritious hemp seeds come to you RAW and untreated to preserve their health-giving nutrients.

Raw, Organic and Vegan

These whole hemp seeds are naturally rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9. They’re high in fibre, protein and include a long list of vitamins and minerals. They’re a great choice for those with vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and keto dietary requirements.

Healthy You, Happy Planet!

Hemp is one of the most eco-friendly crops on the planet. It’s a carbon sink, it cleans the air and soil, it requires no pesticides or herbicides, and it requires less water than many other crops. The Hempiness whole hempseed eco-friendly packaging is 100% plastic free. From the farms to the packaging and the supply chain, everything about Hempiness hemp seeds are happy for the planet, and healthy for you!

Buy Whole Hemp Seeds in a Range of Sizes

We stock many sizes of organic hemp seeds: 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 500g and 250g. We’ve been around for a long time, and we’re confident in saying that Hempiness hemp seeds are the very best quality hemp seeds with the highest nutritional profile available on the market today.

Buy whole hemp seeds here! We only stock the very best premium organic hemp seeds. Grown in Europe and packaged with love in the UK. The Hemp Shop Est. 1995. Visit our website today!

Hulled hemp seeds vs Whole hemp seeds

seeds come from the female hemp plant are one of the highly nutritious seeds.
They are extremely rich in protein, fiber, minerals, fatty acids, and
antioxidants. They contain a whopping 30% fat, including PUFAs like omega-6 and
omega-3. These PUFAs are in the most perfect ration of 3:1, respectively.

the outer shell of the whole hemp seed is removed, they are known as hulled hemp seeds. They are also famously known as shelled hemp seeds, or hemp hearts,
or hemp nuts. De-hulling the hemp seeds is a purely mechanical process, and the
raw material is sized and cleaned before de-hulling. There is no water or heat
involved in this process, making the hemp seeds retain their original
nutritional properties. While hemp seeds are de-hulled to make them more
appealing and convenient in consumption. Although the whole hemp seeds have
more dietary features than their de-hulled counterparts.

the overall amount of protein, and the total EFAs, are increased in addition to
the reduction in the carbs content occurs when whole hemp seeds are de-hulled.
But, clearly, the material you remove also makes you lose other nutritional
properties. The hull contains a rare insoluble fiber, which is very much absent
in our diets because of all the over-processed foods it contains.

Although the hemp seed is small, crunch, and might even get
stuck in between your teeth, it provides you with extra nutrition like fiber,
etc., which is not present in the hulled hemp seeds.


Z-Company provides its valued customers the most exceptional
quality hemp seeds across Europe via Rotterdam Harbor with the fastest shipping
possible. We supply both sized and cleaned hemp seeds for de-hulling, and as
well as in oil-pressing quality. For a better human consumption standard, we
apply the autoclave (high pressure) treatment. It is a cold process in which CO2
is added under 20 bar pressure. Our hemp seeds are clear from THC and re as low


We offer both organic and non-organic hemp seeds in bulk
quantities with keeping in mind competitive pricing. Hulled hemp seeds are produced
at our main facility in the Netherlands while the raw material is obtained from
Ukraine, Estonia, China, Canada, Estonia, Romania, and France. These products
are available across the year with a minimum order quantity of 20 kgs per bag.

You can use hemp seeds in smoothies, cakes, salads, yogurts,
and even eat them as snacks. They taste like nuts. We have several other hemp
products like seeds whole, seeds hulled, animal seeds, seeds toasted, fibers,
flour, and protein.


We at Z-Company believe that customer satisfaction is the key
to business. Our team is available round the clock to assist you in any way
possible, ranging from clearing your queries, providing you the necessary
information about our products and the overall working of our company.

Hulled hemp seeds vs Whole hemp seeds Hemp seeds come from the female hemp plant are one of the highly nutritious seeds. They are extremely rich in protein, fiber, minerals, fatty acids, and