ozonizador de aire para indoor

Cocina de ozono comida ozonerator comida ozonizador para alimentos/aire/agua

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Cantidad(es) 1 – 100 101 – 500 501 – 100000 >100000
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Lead Time :

Cantidad(Pieces) 1 – 100 101 – 500 501 – 100000 >100000
Hora del Est.(días) 3 25 28 Se negociará

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Kitchen ozone food ozonerator, food ozonator for food/water/air

Product feature

1. ozone water high concentration 0.6ppm

2. effectively sanitize water, air & fruits, vegetables

3. wall-mounted design, LED display

4. CE certification, lispan 5 years, warranty 1 year

Product specification

l N318 is a wall-mounted ozone tap water purifier with ozonized water 0.6ppm;

l The high concentration 0.6ppm is completely adequate for daily use, including vegetable, fruit sterilization, clothes & house ware washing, and hand & body washing;

l N318 can also work with water filters like active carbon filter, UF membrane filter, etc. The combination of ozone generator and water filters help to make clean and healthy water for daily use;

l N318 has two types, namely N318A and N318B. Their only difference is that N318A can purify air and water, while N318B is only to purify water.

Product function

1. Air sanitization & purification

People face many health risks from indoor pollution caused by: normal household activities such as cooking, washing laundry, cleaning, smoking, painting, etc. , and smoking odors, mold and mildew, and volatile organic compounds that slowly evaporate from modern plastics and glues used in building and furnituremaking materials.

These pollution causes anxiety, allergic reactions, dizziness, dry cough, eye nose throat irritation, fatigue, fever, headaches, nausea, sneezing, sinus problems. Being exposed to environmental pollution in our living environments has varying degrees of risk that are hazardous.

Ozone is both a strong oxidizing agent as well as a strong disinfectant. Because of this, both benefits (oxidation and disinfection) can be achieved during the single step of ozonation. Ozone is an effective and simple solution to achieve clean and healthy indoor air quality.

2. Water sterilization & treatment

Ozone is an unstable molecule which readily gives up one atom of oxygen providing a powerful oxidizing agent which is toxic to most waterborne organisms. It is a very strong, broad spectrum disinfectant that has already been widely used in Europe for many years, both to treat water and disease (in particular cancer). Ozone is the ONLY oxidizer that can meet drinking water standards by eliminating such contaminants as cryptosporidium. It is also an effective method to inactivate harmful protozoa that form cysts. It also works well against almost all other pathogens.

Some of the advantages of ozone include the production of fewer dangerous by-products and the absence of taste and odor problems. Another advantage of ozone is that it leaves no residual disinfectant in water. Ozone has been used in drinking water plants since 1906 where the first industrial ozonation plant was built in France. The FDA has accepted ozone as being safe; and it is applied as an anti-microbiological agent for the treatment, storage, and processing of foods and the sanitation of municipal drinking water.

3. Vegetable, fruits & meat washing & sterilization

Ozone can effectively kill most bacterial & viruses with more than 99% efficiency, and can also adequately eliminate residues of pesticides and chemical fertilizers on the surface of vegetables & fruits. Besides, ozone has advantages to decompose hormones & antibiotics in meat, poultry & fish, which can damage people’s health.

Washing fruits and vegetables in ozonated water helps to reduce the pesticides and herbicide used by growers. It extends their shelf life and they will taste fresher. Some users state it helps in keeping the grease ants away. Others have said drinking ozonated water helps bad breath and relieves acid indigestion.

Ozone Food Sanitation is FDA, USDA, EPA Approved:

Ozone for food sanitation is recognized by agencies responsible for public health. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the use of ozone as an antimicrobial in 1976. In 1982, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved ozone as an antimicrobial additive for bottled water. And in 2001, the FDA and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved the use of ozone as a non-thermal, antimicrobial direct food additive, including as part of a Certified Organic program.

4. Food storage & preservation

Ozone is the best way to stop or slow down food spoilage, loss of quality, edibility or nutritional value and thus allow for longer food storage. It’s used to control the growth of unwanted biological organisms because it effectively kills viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites, including those causing food spoilage or human diseases. Ozone destroys microorganisms effectively by reacting with oxidizable cellular components and without leaving harmful residues behind. This makes the use of ozone food preservation.

5. House ware, tools, clothes, trousers washing

6. Foot, hand and body spa & cleaning

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CE Certification

Our factory information

We Trume specializes in ozone sterilizers, home, car and mini air purifiers, vegetable washers, negative ion & plasma & ozone generators for 16 years. Our factory is located Guangming New area, Shenzhen, China and established in 1998. We have more than 6,000 square meter factory area, 1,000 square meter work center. We are a real manufacturer with R&D, Production, Sales and Service departments. And now, we’re developing many series of high quality environmental appliances. Our company owns the Quality Management System of ISO9001:2008, and we have such Certifications: UL, CE, CQC, TUV, FC and our products accord with the Environment System ROHS.

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-Servicio de remediación de hongos conforme al Estándar IICRC S-520 “Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation”. Propósito: El propósito de una remediación de hongos es remover o limpiar las superficies y materiales contaminados utilizando un (Más Info)

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