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Massachewsetts Cannabis Caramels: Local. Elegant. Sticky-icky Good.


Massachewsetts caramels are hand-crafted following Sira’s new and improved recipe. These sweet treats come in 4 delectable flavors, perfectly paired by our team of chefs to complement our full-spectrum cannabis oil. Expect a delightfully higher-quality experience. Available in:

  • Sea Salt – Micro THC
  • New England Maple – Micro 1:1
  • Coconut-Almond – Macro THC
  • Chai Spice – Macro CBD


Small-batch, hand-crafted in Massachusetts & inspired by regional flavors


Savor the treat- not just the effects

Sticky-icky Good

Chef-paired flavors to compliment full-spectrum cannabis extract

This velvety caramel possesses notes of rich vanilla, finished with a sprinkling of crunchy sea salt, and infused with a blend of full-spectrum cannabis oil.
-Sea Salt
Unwrap the flavor of New England with the traditional taste of maple. This delightful 1:1 morsel boasts bold New England pride in just one bite.
-New England Maple
Escape the ordinary with this pairing of blissful coconut and toasty almonds. This decadent caramel matches its robust flavor with a blend of high THC, full-spectrum cannabis oil.
Unwind with the cozy aromas of chai spice in this comforting caramel. Rich in full-spectrum CBD oil, this soothing morsel is bursting with notes of cinnamon, cardamom, gingers and nutmeg.
-Chai Spice

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MASSACHewSETTS Availability

Beginning August 3rd:

Sira Cambridge

Medical Only

Sira Somerville

Medical Only


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Frequently Asked Questions

The voters of Massachusetts have spoken. Medical marijuana has been legal in the state since 2012. While some doctors may have reservations about marijuana, many patients have found it useful for treating a variety of conditions.

  • Synthetic THC (the active compound in marijuana) is much less effective
  • Medical marijuana does not have to be smoked to be administered
  • There have been thousands of studies about medical marijuana. Read more here.
  • Medical cannabis has been found to be a valuable, safe treatment option

Before it was legalized, the only place to obtain marijuana was as a street drug, which meant it could be laced with pesticides or dangerous drugs including fentanyl, never mind any idea of quality control over the marijuana itself. There are doctors in Massachusetts who understand how useful marijuana can be for patients. Use our drop-down menu to find a registered physician who may be able to qualify you. The physician will explain the proper use of marijuana, its side effects, appropriate dosing, and possible interactions with other medications.

No. Doctors determine whether medical marijuana is an appropriate treatment for your condition(s), but dosing is up to you, within the bounds of state law.


SIRANATURALS cultivates and manufactures all of the cannabis and infused products for sale at the dispensary. We begin with the best cannabis seeds from the top worldwide vendors. From seed to sale, we fully control every plant’s lifecycle.

Sativa Cannabis strains have been described as producing an uplifting and energetic state, suitable for daytime use. Sativa strains are often used to stimulate appetite, relieve fatigue, and induce a general sense of well-being.

Indica Cannabis strains are most often described as producing a relaxed state. Varieties of this strain tend to relax the body and induce sleep. Indica strains may be helpful for relaxation and reduction of anxiety and stress.

Hybrid Cannabis strains contain a combination of both Sativa and Indica properties. Hybrid strains blend the best qualities of each strain allowing patients to treat a variety of symptoms.

High CBD Cannabis strains contain a high amount of Cannabidiol (CBD). High CBD strains produce no psychoactive affects and have been shown to have promising results in reducing seizure activity, muscle spasticity, and inflammation.

THC is the chemical compound responsible for most of the of marijuana’s psychological effects. Tests have shown that THC provides mild to moderate pain relief (analgesic effects), and can be used for treatment of a wide variety of conditions. The amount of THC required to have a therapeutic effect varies by patient.

CBD, unlike THC, does not have psychoactive properties. Studies have shown that CBD appears to have wide-ranging medical benefits, with promising results in reducing seizure activity, muscle spasticity, and inflammation.

Conveniently, you can get it all from us at SIRANATURALS. Our Cambridge, Somerville and Needham dispensaries currently sell vaporizers, grinders, and rolling papers.

The consumption of marijuana-infused foods or edibles produces a much different effect than smoking or vaporizing. Edibles can be slow to produce any noticeable relief because the body must break down and absorb the active ingredients in the GI system before they can enter the bloodstream. This process can take as much as two hours, and the results can last for four to six hours. Edibles have been described as giving more of a “body” high compared to a “head” high, and they can be particularly helpful to relieve pain, muscle spasms, and sleep disorders. Our edible products are for adult use in a responsible manner, much the same way alcohol consumption is restricted to people 21 years old or older. If you have more questions, talk to a SIRANATURALS Patient Advocate for more advice about edibles. A good rule of thumb is to start low and go slow. That way, you’ll avoid any dosing mishaps while you and your body get used to the method.

Massachewsetts Caramels are delicious MA edibles. Local. Elegant. Sticky-icky Good. Available in Chai Spice, Coocnut-Almond, Sea Salt and New England Maple

Cannabis Caramels Recipe

This Cannabis Caramel recipe came from one of our readers, Kat.


  • 1 cup cannabis butter
  • 2 ¼ cup brown sugar
  • dash of salt
  • 1 cup light corn syrup
  • 1 (14 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 tsp. vanilla


Melt butter; add brown sugar and salt. Stir until combined. Stir in light corn syrup. Gradually add milk; stir constantly. Cook and stir over med heat, until candy reaches firm ball stage (245F), about 12 to 15 min. Remove from heat; stir in vanilla, pour into 9″ by 13″ pan. Cool, cut and wrap.

We really enjoy these caramels every time we make them. We rarely make anything else with our butter. I often add coarse salt to the caramel after it cools, or even dip them in chocolate and then add coarse salt to half. You can also add dried fruit to them, Craisins being our favorite. Hope you enjoy them as much as we have!


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106 Responses to Cannabis Caramels Recipe

Instead of using regular table salt on them i bet Fleur De Sel would be amazing! 😀

I just made these and they are FANTASTIC!! I’m trying very hard to let them firm up without eating them right out of the pan..just delicious..will know in about 30 min if my butter was good. D

What is your recipe for making the butter? Thank you.

i good recipe i’ve been using for years.

1LB of Butter
1oz of decarb bud

I start off by clarifying the butter and straining any milk fat out with cheese cloth. I then use a double boiler to combine the cannabis and butter to simmer for about an hour. Make sure to keep enough water so it doesn’t run dry on the bottom. After the hour (or longer) is up then you strain it with cheese cloth. I pour them into measurement cups and put in the freezer for storage. Hope this helps.

Ghee works a lot better than butter!

thumbs up sir! for sharing this easy to follow recipe 🙂

This is a great recipe but I’ve also just put decarbonized cannabis and a pound of butter in the crock pot on low and let it go for 3 hours. Stir occasionally. And strain through cheese cloth. I’ve also kept the pulp and made tie dyes.

If your the type to not use it all right away I’d suggest not using water as it can mold. I personally use straight butter in a slow cooker turns out fantastic and if you put Soy lec as well you could leave it out on counter for months

For a longer shelf life do it without the water and 1/3 of extra butter and may I suggest simmering for 4-6hrs at °220 works bets for me really potent

I have been making butter on the stove for years. This last time though I put 3 pounds of butter with 7 ounces of trim and some water in my crock pot. I let it go on warm for 14 hours and it is the most potent butter I have ever made. I will be making it in my crock pot from now on.

Did you pour it straight into a nonstick pan or wax paper?

Pink Himalayan sea salt is best I’ve found.


My dispensary carries caramels – they are chocolate covered and have a little sea salt on top. O…. M….. C (for cannabis)

They are delicious!

I’d recommend a little chocolate for variety!

Otherwise, YES! I’ll enjoy some of those 🙂

Who knew medicine could taste soooo good. Great recipe.

I make these all the time with my cannabis butter. Thank you for sharing this. Pink Himalayan salt is amazing on top of these!

Hi there – can you enlighten me on how to make the cannabis butter?

How strong will it be?

It’ll depend on how strong the pot is, and how much pot you use in making the butter, and how you make the butter. Not a question that can easily be answered.

Very interested in making some carmel’s using canabis oil, (I believe it is called a dab) I also like to know just how strong this recipe is going to be.

If you want to use oil heat your butter in the microwave for 40 seconds then melt your oil in your butter and you should be good.

A dab is concentrate that is burned and inhaled. The concentrate itself is not known as a “dab”.

Buy an,easy butter maker 35 dollars for the one stick pot. The name says it all , couldn’t be easier.

How many do you get out of one batch?

I got about 45. I put them in the mini cup cake papers

These were great! Heads up, straight out of the pot, bloody hot. But well worth the efforts 🙂

Just made my first batch of these with my first batch of home grown trim, waiting to see how potent the butter is but they sure taste great! Easy and inexpensive to make, and even if my butter is a bust, I can still eat them because they taste so good.

I made these caramels about a week ago. Sorta. I used 1 1/2 cups of cannabutter, it had 40 gms of real good pot. I melted in 4tablespoons of lechicin….took an hour to dissipate in the warm butter. Dumbly I just started dumping ingredients into what started as a pound of butter, not realizing until abit later that I had 50% more butter than the recipe called for, I had to add an extra cup of brown sugar, I didn’t have any corn syrup. It took over an hour to get the ingredients up to 245 and it was weird to cook, the lecthicin made the mass gelatious and hard to stir until it got up to 200 or so. Pored directly onto a greased glass pan… basically harden in the pan in less than 5 minutes. Weighed out each dose at 25-26 grams of caramel….46 pieces. Each would have a bout .9 gram of weed equivalent or 125-150 mg THC. I think…They are too much for most folks, the caramels taste great, way to easy to overindulge. And they come on in like 20 minutes…….wow. 5 bucks each to make.

If you pour then into the brownie bites pans made out of silicone rubber, you can easily pop them out and cut them in half or quarters.
And to make them stronger you can add hash:
5g per batch, take it the night before and mix it in some honey whiskey and 3tbs of non gmo lecithin. The lecithin helps with bioavailability of the cannabinoids, the alcohol melts the hash then cooks away and leaves a nice extra taste.
You can wrap them in parchment paper.
Dr. O’Shaughnessey’s Medical Marijuana Papers from the 1800’s gives a similar recipe as ‘majoon’ and up until the 1930’s, the Gunjah Wallah candy company sold this very candy in the Sears Roebuck catalog!

I’ve made these a few times now and the silicon form idea sounds great. The butter I use + 5g of hash (in my mind crumble bho) sounds like a good idea. I was cutting them at around 50 per pan. I would think the addition of the hash would allow 75 per pan if not more unless one needs a serious does.

Used wax paper the first time, now I use parchment every time.

YES. Parchment works much better I usually get 66 caramels approx 55 mgs each. They are very well received 🙂

I made my butter yesterday, I will be making these caramels today … But I am going to press a pecan halve onto the top of each caramel piece and cover in melted swiss milk chocolate. They will be taste tested tomorrow… And I will be back wih a review 😉
I sincerely hope they are as divine as I predict they will be 🙂

So I followed the directions perfect. The caramel wont harden as all. Its just a gooey paste. Tried the fridge, now its cold gooey paste. Any way to fix this or any ideas on how i can eat this gooey paste? lol

I have been making caramel for decades. I have ended up with goo a few times. I simply put the goo back on the stove, reheated it to the hard ball stage on a candy thermometer and walla….perfection.

Cannabis Caramels Recipe This Cannabis Caramel recipe came from one of our readers, Kat. Ingredients: 1 cup cannabis butter 2 ¼ cup brown sugar dash of salt 1 cup