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The best way to start with an all-female crop is to buy the feminized seeds from an established source. If you consume a lot of cannabis, growing your own is definitely a consideration. A single adult can grow up to 6 plants in Washington DC, only 3 of which can be mature at once (which I presume to mean ‘flowering’). If you do choose to grow, the local head shops and hydroponic shops are a great place to find seeds, sometimes even clones. Check out DC Seed Exchange to find packs from the hottest new micro-breeders!

Making your own homemade pesticides not only reduces the cost of them, but it reduces the impact on the environment too. Skull Smoking Joint unique art dedicated to the Legalize Cannabis community. What makes it so great?: This is the perfect strain for people who want low THC, big flavours, rich CBD counts and a strain that can enjoyed from day until night time. A boldly earthy flavour that has a pine and citrus twang that becomes more pronounced as buds cure. Other common depressants include alcohol and tranquilizers. Some of the drugs found in the internet may have dangerous effects. It's very important to take your dog's owner's advice and don't give your dog a drug if that's something that you know is a dangerous drug. A small plastic clip, usually of varying lengths, is inserted into the end or side of a hollow cylinder.

How do I get help if I suspect I or someone I know is having an accident or crisis. Next, the cannabis plant will start making 5-finger leaves. Block Reason: Access from your area has been temporarily limited for security reasons. Too much and you risk root rot, too little and your plant will dry out. Use these tips to fix any issues with overwatering and underwatering. THC levels for the particular product you select will depend on the strain and grower. You can find lab analysis results on the packaging of products sold in most adult-use and medical markets. In general, top-shelf flower in recreational markets will have high THC levels — anywhere from 25% to 35%. But THC potency isn’t necessary for consideration as top-shelf. On the medical market, for instance, high-CBD strains such as Charlotte’s Web are also seen as top-shelf selections. Many factors will affect the total time, but the average grow takes 3-4 months. Instead of just plain sockets, you may decide to get some heavy duty clamp light sockets which you can use to power your light bulbs. These light sockets have a reflector built in and are able to clamp to most anything. Remove the bread from the oven and allow it to cool. It’s pretty easy from here: Akubra’s fine felt hats have protected literally generations of Australians. They are a family owned company that has become part of Australia’s identity. Akubra has made hats for Soldiers, Olympians and Politicians, as well as millions of everyday Australians. Smell comes in in two factors: the smell of your bong, and the smell of the smoke it creates. When it comes to the bong, leaving dirty water in it puts you at risk of the dreaded bong spill - with all the nasty, smelly water spilling out and potentially staining carpets with its rancid smell and colour. So simply changing the water on a regular basis cuts back drastically on the smell and possible stains. “Finally, we get to the Zen phase.” You have grown Silver Skunk together with another variety? CFL’s will run cooler than most forms of grow lighting. Because of this, you can place them as close as 2-3cm from the top of the plants. Also, because they do not burn so hot, they require far less extraction to keep the room cool. You will still need extraction to remove stale air from the grow room.

But you have the option of using smaller extraction, or a dimmer switch to slow the fans speed down. Like Elysian, Next Gen Nurseries is a wholesale plant provider that’s in the business of stocking dispensaries with living genetics. Also sold under the name Heart of the Valley, Next Gen offers a wide selection of cannabis clones that retail for a fair price—usually about $20 per plant. Cannabis detox has become such a topic of interest for smokers looking to remove THC and its metabolites from their bodies that an entire market of detox products has emerged. Many different brands offer potions and formulations containing substances that are reported to assist the body in the removal of cannabinoids. Products ranging from pills and capsules to drinks and teas are all advertised to fulfil this purpose with active ingredients that work to minimise fat metabolism for a short period of time. Or, they work as diuretics to increase the amount of water expelled from the body. These products are certainly an option worth considering if you have a drug test on the horizon. However, it is advised that you do your research and find out just how effective the ingredients are when it comes to your situation.

A great plant to make hashish from two great hashish lines, both 100% indica: the mother, an indica from the Chitral Kush region coupled with an exceptional male clone from Arabene, Morroco.


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