pot plant cakes

Spring Flower Pot Cakes

Little flower pot cakes are a fun and tasty dessert idea for spring or Easter. Made with your favourite chocolate cake, then topped with frosting, crumbs, fresh berries, mint and flowers. So adorable!

Hello friends. I hope you’re holding up well given the circumstances. Thankfully, I’ve made several changes to my daily routine over the past year that continue to help through this challenging time. Perhaps I’ll get around to sharing my personal list in an upcoming post. For now, I thought I’d focus on what I consider to be one of the most important. Do you do something every day that sparks joy?

I have many interests, but over time I’ve come to realize that being creative is essential to my well-being. One of my favourite ways to fulfill this need lately is baking. Apparently there are many people stress-baking. Do you find it therapeutic too?

With Easter coming up, I thought it would be fun to share my latest baking project, Spring Flower Pot Cakes. And, thanks to my friend Krista from The Happy Housie and her Seasonal Simplicity series, I’m joining some of my blogging friends too. Whether you’re looking for Easter ideas to do with the kids or simply want to keep yourself distracted or feel some sense of normalcy, we’ve got you covered!

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I must note that I was inspired to make these spring desserts while writing my last post, Put Your Small Plant Pots to Use. Although the technique and recipe I used is different than these flower pot cupcakes, the overall look is similar. I encourage you to put your own spin on these treats using what you have on hand.

How to Make Individual Flower Pot Cakes

Supplies and Ingredients

  • 7 small untreated, unglazed terracotta pots (about 3″), thoroughly washed and dried
  • boxed chocolate cake mix (for 9×13 pan), or favourite chocolate cake recipe- I used this gluten-free mix
  • chocolate frosting (recipe below)
  • chocolate wafer or cookie crumbs
  • fresh mint, berries and flowers (edible or faux)

Note: See recipe card at bottom of post for full details.


  1. Prepare terracotta pots, cake and frosting according to recipe below.
  2. Using knife or back of spoon, evenly spread frosting over top of each cake.
  3. Sprinkle with chocolate crumbs.
  4. Decorate each pot with fresh berries, mint and edible or faux flowers.

Be creative with your decorating. As you can see, I added faux daffodils for an Easter look. You could also use edible flowers, such as pansies, cornflowers, daisies, marigolds or others. Check to make sure they’re a culinary variety.

For Easter or a spring celebration, serve these flower pot cakes grouped together in a tray. I used a little crinkle paper as filler. It’s also an easy way to transport them (once we’re able to have gatherings again).

And on that note, for a hostess gift or garden-lover, this wire tray basket is perfect. The pots can be used to plant seeds in once the desserts are eaten. Fun, right?

I think they’d be perfect for a spring shower or Mother’s Day. Hopefully we can get back to socializing before too long…

Individual flower pot cakes made with your favourite chocolate cake, then topped with frosting, crumbs, fresh berries and mint. A fun dessert for Spring!

Pot Plant Cake

My dad is an avid gardener, so I made him a pot plant cake. I used new terracotta pots from the garden center. I washed them well and then dried them out in the oven to kill off any nasties before using to bake. I bought a couple of sizes to get a better effect.

I made a basic fruit cake for dad, (but I have also made sponge cake ones). Let it cool in the pots. I found if you turned it out when still hot, the sponge cake collapsed a bit, but was fine when I left it to thoroughly cool in the pot.

I coloured Regalice with a mixture of red and orange to get the terracotta colour. I put warmed apricot jam around the sides of the “pots” (but you can choose your favorite flavour of course) and rolled the icing around the outside. I then put a thicker layer at the top to form a ridge.

I then stood them up and put in the ‘fridge for a while. I cut circles of icing for the inside top of the large cake after colouring the offcuts of the terracotta icing with a bit of black to darken it to look like earth. I have also used chocolate buttercream when I made the sponge cakes.

The time consuming bit was making the flowers, but I roped a friend in to help here! We each made a few roses and put them on baking paper into the fridge to keep their shape. ( I live in Cyprus which is very hot), while we made different coloured leaves… (and before anyone points it out to me, I KNOW they are not rose leaves and that roses don’t usually grow in pot plants).

For added effect I made a tiny ladybug out of icing and found some lovely flower shaped candles. The spilled “earth” is a crumbled up flake bar. Chocolate strands work just as well for effect.

Dad was really pleased with this one. The next time I made him a vegetable garden with tiny cabbages, carrots and cauliflowers which he also loved.

My dad is an avid gardener, so I made him a pot plant cake. I used new terracotta pots from the garden center. I washed them well and then dried them out i