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Old-School Treats Reinvented as Colorado Cannabis Edibles

Old school candies bring to mind carefree, childhood days—and who doesn’t love a bout of wistful nostalgia? Fortunately, you can now indulge those memories with a touch of elevation.

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(Courtesy of CWD Meds)

Look for Pot-Rox at these dispensaries:

  • AMCH Recreational in Denver
  • Magnolia Road Cannabis Co. in Trinidad
  • Euflora in Longmont

Pop Rocks® were the ultimate kid’s treat in the 1970s. Small pieces of buzzy candy were “gasified” with carbon dioxide to create a popping sensation once they hit your mouth. Pot-Rox captures this popping sensation perfectly—with the added bonus of 10mg of CO2 cannabis extract in every pouch. The flavors include Pop Rocks classics like Sour Apple and Sour Grape at around $5 a pack.


(Courtesy of Cannapunch)

Look for CannaPunch at these dispensaries:

  • Doc’s Apothecary in Northglenn / North Denver
  • Ballpark Holistic Dispensary in Denver
  • Infinite Wellness Center in Ft. Collins

Hey Kool-Aid! Remember when your mom mixed up a huge batch of Kool-Aid and you downed it in less than a day? There was something about those bright colors and sweet sugar that kept you coming back for more. CannaPunch makes a cannabis-infused drink that tastes just like Kool-Aid. The 100mg THC drinks come in favorite flavors like red (Black Cherry Fusion), blue (Blue Raspberry Sour), and purple (Granddaddy Grape). Even better? CannaPunch is 100% organic and free of gluten, soy, and corn syrup, making it a guilt-free remix of this childhood favorite at $24 a bottle.

Strawberry Shortcake Bar

(Courtesy of Nectar Bee)

Look for Strawberry Shortcake Bars at these dispensaries:

  • The Green Solution in Malley Dr. at Northglenn
  • The Green Solution in Wewatta St. at Union Station in Denver
  • The Green Solution in Commercial St. at Trinidad

If you were born in America, you probably remember the siren song of Good Humor Ice Cream trucks. As soon as you heard it, you’d beg some change from your mom, run outside, and line up to buy your favorite treat. NectarBee has recreated my personal ice-cream-truck favorite (and did it so well it’s almost uncanny). The Strawberry Shortcake Bar tastes exactly like the Good Humor version—without the ice cream. And at only $6.95 for four 10mg treats, the price will remind you of the good old days, too.

Pop Star Caramel Corn

(Courtesy of Pop Star)

Look for Pop Star Caramel Corn at these dispensaries:

  • Rocky Road Remedies in Eagle/Vail
  • Herbs4You in Denver
  • Ajoya in Louisville

Remember Cracker Jacks? Pop Star Caramel Corn is like Cracker Jacks, but re-invented for the discerning adult. The only thing missing from this crunchy, sweet, candied popcorn is the toy surprise. Pop Star Caramel Corn is available in single-serving, 10mg THC packages that range between $5—$7. Medical patients may buy a 150mg version.

Lemon Drops

(Courtesy of Edipure)

Look for EdiPure Lemon Drops in these dispensaries:

  • 3D Cannabis Center in Salida
  • Altitude East Colfax in Aurora
  • Altitude in West Denver

Did your grandfather keep a supply of lemon drops in his pocket? Did he slip you a few before dinner when your parents weren’t looking? Grandfathers can be pretty cool like that. EdiPure Lemon Drops taste just like your grandpa’s did, with the addition of 10mg of THC each. These tart candies cost around $15 for a pack of ten.

Sweet Grass Kitchen Buttermelts

(Courtesy of Sweet Grass Kitchen)

Look for Sweet Grass Kitchen Buttermelts at these dispensaries:

  • Emerald Fields in Manitou Springs
  • San Juan Strains in Pagosa Springs
  • Herban Underground in Denver

If your grandfather kept lemon drops in his pocket, it’s likely that your grandmother kept a dish of buttermints on the coffee table. Maybe you even stole a couple of these sweet, melt-in-your-mouth mints for an in-between-meals snack. Sweet Grass Kitchen recreates these treats using full-flower cannabutter. Each mint contains a 2.5mg of active THC. The Buttermelts come in flavors like Mojito Mint and Moscow Mule.

Sugary treats of your childhood, like Pop Rocks & Kool-Aid, now come in a form with cannabis. Here’s where you can find them.

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How To Make Cannabis-Infused Chocolate

You don’t need my life story, I have a YouTube channel for that if you care – right now, I’m going to straight-up teach you how to make edibles cause that’s why you clicked! Let’s get started!

(if this is your first time consuming edibles, please be aware that it may take between 45 minutes and 2 hours for your treats to take effect. So for your own health and safety, please do not assume that it “didn’t work” until at least a couple hours after consuming)


Candy mold of your choice (I used a silicone tray with fancy-looking hearts to fill with chocolate, but an ice cube tray would probably work too!)

Baking sheet lined with parchment paper

Piping bag, or a plastic freezer bag with one corner cut off

Scissors to cut off the corner of the bag if you chose the latter, cheaper method above

A toothpick

2 silicone spatulas (one for mixing/emptying the bowl, one to lift the cannabis off the parchment paper)

Medium metal mixing bowl (for double-boiling, it must be metal)

Medium saucepan/pot of water (for double-boiling, bowl must be able to sit on top over the water)

Cannabis, finely ground (I used a big pile of kief from the tray in my grinder and didn’t bother to measure it – you may want to use 3-5 grams of cannabis flower if you’re less of a wildcard but still wild)

Dark chocolate (100 grams ish, 2 parts dark chocolate/1 part semi-sweet)

Semi-sweet chocolate (50 grams ish, 2 parts dark chocolate/1 part semi-sweet)

Nerds, Pop Rocks, srpinkles, any very small candy you want!

You can use whatever chocolate/ratio you want to, this is just my own take on a dark chocolate recipe I found somewhere on the internet. Recipes are only a guideline, so have fun with your own experimentation if you’re feeling creative!


Decarboxylate Your Cannabis

Preheat your oven to 220°F

Lay out your finely-ground cannabis on your lined baking sheet in one thing layer

Place in the oven for 40 minutes or until the cannabis is dried out (this releases THCA, the thing that makes the magic happen when you ingest the treat!)

if you choose to make your treats with kief, it will likely melt down into a gooey layer on the parchment paper – this is normal and good.


Melt Your Chocolate

Place your pot of water on the stove with your metal bowl on top of it

Pour your chocolate into the metal bowl and stir as the water comes to a boil

Once chocolate is melted, check on your water level as it completely evaporated the first time I did this

Keep melted chocolate over heat until you’re ready to transfer it – the fact that it is heated by steam will keep it from burning


Add Cannabis to Chocolate

Once your cannabis is all done in the oven, add it to your bowl of melted chocolate

Stir until you’re confident that all ingredients have been thoroughly mixed together, and your mixture is as smooth as possible


Transfer Chocolate to Candy Mold

Being VERY CAREFUL not to burn yourself, pour the scalding liquid that we’re calling “chocolate” into your piping bag/freezer bag (If you’re alone and have nobody to help hold the bag, I used a measuring cup to put mine in and poured it that way)

Wait a minute or two for the chocolate to cool slightly, unless you want to use oven mitts to shield your idiot hands like I did when I was too impatient and regretted it.

Now is the time to cut the corner off your bag, very carefully

Fill each space in your candy mold with as much or as little chocolate mixture as you’d like (depending on treat size preference/dose preference)

Add your small candy of choice (I used Nerds) to each chocolate and stir with a toothpick – we’re mixing in extra candy to distract from any cannabis that may not have completely mixed into the chocolate


Transfer to Freezer

Let your tray of goodies cool either on a safe surface away from children and pets, or in the freezer if you’re impatient like I am

Once solid, your treats are ready to be enjoyed medically or recreationally!

You don’t need my life story, I have a YouTube channel for that if you care – right now, I’m going to straight-up teach you how to make edibles cause that’s why you clicked! Let’s get started!