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Cannabis comes in a variety of colors. Most of them are just different shades of green. Both the pistils and the resin help give cannabis its distinct look. However, there are a few strains that exceed in the color department.

Purple strains are some of the most loved and prized strains on the planet. Until recently, however, the only purple cannabis came from stressing the plant. Plants grown outdoors and exposed to cold temperatures tend to develop a purple pigment.

The reason? Anthocyanins are a group of pigment molecules that give plants their color. This is true of the cannabis plant too. That said, cannabis has a great deal of anthocyanins. Further, they also can turn the entire plant a deep hue of purple. This includes the leaves, buds and stems.

Today selective breeding and genetics allow growers to produce purple plants without stressing the plant. Here is a list of our top choices.

Purple strains are popular for their unique colors. Breeders have also now created plants which create beautiful foliage and buds with a powerful punch.

Purple cannabis strains

Purple or reddish colored marihuana

Some cannabis strains are especially known for acquiring beautiful colours, normally at the end of the bloom stage.

Unlike others, which develop yellow-brown colours when chlorophyll degrades, some genetics acquire purple, bluish, reddish and even black hues.

Despite colour is a genetic trait, it can also be subject to environmental factors like cold temperatures at the end of the flowering period. Low temperatures promote the production of anthocyanins, the family of vegetable pigments responsible for the colour of blueberries, blackberries, cherries, black grapes, eggplants, etc.

Proper flushing of nutrients at the end of bloom also allows the plant to show its most beautiful colours while improving the quality of the harvest.

Purple marijuana strains

Except in specific cases, these beautiful colors are only shown at the end of bloom, so plants remain green during growth and early stages of the flowering period.

Each seed produces a unique individual – phenotype – so it should be noted that it is possible to find purple plants and green plants among seeds from the same strain.

Sometimes, only leafs turn purple, while other times perhaps we only find purple pistils or buds. Of course, we can also find completely purple phenotypes, both leafs and buds.

In this category you’ll find all the purple strains of our catalog, so you can enjoy beautiful and coloured crops in your garden.

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