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Purple Dream Review


The Purple Dream strain was created by Californian growers who combined the Purple Kush and Blue Dream strains to produce this Indica dominant weed. Purple Kush has Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani as parents, while Blue Dream is a hybrid of Blueberry and Super Silver, both previous prize winners in the High Times Cannabis Cup.

The Purple Dream strain has a slightly sour, musky aroma while the flavour exhibits notes of grapes and blossom, with a hint of hash. The high is fairly gentle with a relaxing body hit and pleasant mental stimulation which can easily lead to fits of the giggles. This is not an overpowering stone, so Purple Dream weed is a good daytime smoke. Medically, this weed can be used to help with low appetite and stress.

Purple Dream weed grows as a bushy shrub of medium height with dark green leaves with long fingers. The buds are tight and both leaves and buds take on a purple hue as the plants mature. THC content has been measured in the lab at 12 percent.

Growers in northern Europe will find they can grow Purple Dream successfully outdoors as long as the plant is in a spot with shelter and plenty of sunshine. The plants will do best in a soil enriched with compost and flowering time is seven to eight weeks, with harvest in late September or early October. Indoors, the plants grow happily in either soil or hydro and thrive with the SOG growing method. Indoor yields are up to 400 grams per square metre.

In conclusion of this Purple Dream review, although, it’s not the most potent of strains, it offers a relaxing high, and some smokers prefer this to the couchlock that can come from the stronger strains. It’s easy to grow and therefore a good choice for the inexperienced gardener.

The Purple Dream strain is an easy to grow, well flavoured weed that doesn’t have the heaviest buzz, but is enjoyed by newcomers to growing and smoking. ]]>