purple punch weed

Purple punch weed

Just say the name: Purple Punch. It’s fun. It feels good. The words conjure thoughts of grape drink mix, freezer pops, fruit-infused cocktails, and other colorful cascades of mouth-watering excitement. Right away, you can almost taste it as “Purple Punch” rolls off the tongue.

If a weed strain takes on the moniker Purple Punch, it’s automatically got some sense-tingling standards to meet. It should smell like fresh-picked citrus, taste like a combination of Kool-Aid and blueberry muffins, and put smokers in the joyful, no-worries mindset inherent in such elemental pleasures.

It’s MERRY JANE’s pleasure to report that the Purple Punch indica strain does just that and more. It’s sweet, relaxing, and ideal for blazing up specifically to mellow out — to the point that sleepiness can definitely result. That factor is what makes Purple Punch weed increasingly popular as a late-night go-to for getting lit. So if you’ve been searching for Purple Punch weed facts, we’re here to enlighten.

Is Purple Punch Actually Purple?

Purple Punch is a hybrid derived by unknown breeders who crossed two indica-leaning strains, Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. Given that rich reefer legacy, Purple Punch definitely lives up to its name and legendary potential.

With fluffy, sugary nugs, and lush, dense purple and green highlights, Purple Punch has rightfully taken its place among beloved bud varieties of the same hues such as Purple Haze, Purple Trainwreck, Purple Skunk, Purple Dream, Sour Grape, and Grape Ape.

Purple Punch conveys all the strengths of other purple marijuana strains, bolstered by its own candy-scented merits. High among those is the aforementioned aroma and flavor. Purple ice-pop juice and robust berries absolutely dominate, with notes of vanilla and herbs enhancing each inhale. Earthy, pungent tones then turn up on exhale.

OK, That’s the “Purple” — What About the “Punch?”

Although containing a relatively restrained 20 percent THC factor, Purple Punch is a potent brew, and it delivers unmistakably mellow head and body results in short order. The strain’s 1 percent CBD quotient has much to do with that.

Intense waves of relaxation kick in, typically up under the scalp and behind the eyes. From there, Purple Punch’s pleasure factor rolls along down the spine and out to the limbs. The mind, meanwhile, happily follows along — releasing tension, clouding out distractions, and delightfully dipping ever deeper into cerebral bliss. Just un-focus and feel it.

Will Purple Punch Weed Put Me to Sleep?

Purple Punch’s ultimate impact feels like a light lift-off into carefree, airborne, everything-is-cool-everywhere sense of sedation. Just be prepared: Purple Punch can space you out so much that drowsiness can come easily and with irresistible power. Adjust your dosage accordingly.

What Else Can Purple Punch Do For Me?

Beyond getting high, Purple Punch smokers report the strain is first-rate for helping to address and alleviate mental and emotional stress, racing thoughts, body aches, migraines and, as indicated earlier, insomnia.

Given all these qualities, Purple Punch is perfect for firing up after a dope meal or at the end of the day. Plan to enjoy it while crashing on the couch to watch a fun flick or listen to chill music. You won’t be going anywhere and, believe us, Purple Punch will make you feel blissed AF to be exactly where you are.

Purple Punch is a heavy, relaxing indica strain that smells and tastes like dessert and is perfect for late-night unwinding. What’s inside this sweet, pungent weed type, and what kind of punch does it pack?

Purple Punch Premium

Indica-Dominant (80/20): 22-26% – Crossing Granddaddy Purple with Larry OG, Larry OG was a smart idea, as this indica-dominant strain brings forth the best in both of her parents. Individuals who are longing for equally strong mind and body effects should give this bud a go. Its THC levels vary in the mid-20’s, but both novice and veteran consumers alike explain that they enjoy this strain so long as the proper amount is used. Consumers of this strain say that when over-indulging in the sweet essence of Purple Punch, the body feels intense waves of relaxation and it may make you become drowsy or fall asleep too easily. They say it’s high begins to spread its relaxation through the head and scalp, working its way down the spine and into the limbs.

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If you enjoy grape candy or blueberry muffins, you’re sure to love the scent and taste of Purple Punch. This heavy indica strain has a distinct aroma coupled with a flavor that’s similar to sweet berries. It’s been dubbed a dessert strain, not only because of its scent and taste, but because it’s proponents say it is best used after dinner due to its relaxing and often sedating effects that offer them a great night’s rest.

2 reviews for Purple Punch Premium

A – September 1, 2020

This purple punch will punch you straight into the couch if you over indulge! Good flower and good deal! I appreciate it guys! Thank you.

Rico Suave – September 19, 2020

Puts the medicinal in medicinal marijuana. Will slam blast you. Can be used in small quantities and be effective – I recommend an after the party smoke, rather than before the party 🎉

Purple Punch Premium Indica-Dominant (80/20): 22-26% – Crossing Granddaddy Purple with Larry OG, Larry OG was a smart idea, as this indica-dominant strain brings forth the best in both of her