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Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon Feminized

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Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon Feminized

Tutankhamon Feminized by Pyramid Seeds is the perfect strain to grow as your own mother-plant. It is small, only 80-110cm, and branches nicely, so you can have many clones. Tutankhamon requires 60-65 days of flowering to produce its very compact buds with an intense Skunk flavor – 500 grams, of which 22% is pure THC.

Tutankhamon Feminized by Pyramid Seeds is a high yielding variety with extremely potent weed. This very special AK-47 is the perfect strain to grow your own mother-plant because is compact, small and branches nicely, so you will have plenty of clones to work with.

The plants stay at an average height of 80-110cm and produce their impressively fat buds within only 60-65 days of flowering – outdoors the Pharaoh will be ready for an audience by mid October. Be careful not to choose a too humid spot for it as Tutankhamon Feminized from Pyramid Seeds is prone to fungal attacks due to his very compact buds.

The cured end-product of Tutankhamon has an intense Skunk flavor and you will have 500 grams of it, of which 22% is pure THC. Enjoy the Pharaoh’s green medicine provided by Pyramid Seeds.

Growth Behavior: Like a christmas tree; Strong; Squat; Sturdy; Fast; Bushy.

Side Branchesaverage to many; slightly above average length as well as strong and vigorous.

The plants of this Cannabis-Straincan be placed close together are well suited for very low growrooms do not need much care are tolerant of temperature fluctuations have no problems with low temperatures. (. ) have no problems with high temperatures looks and grow more like a Indica are well suited for a SoG (See of Green) are a good choice for beginners are a good choice for commercial cultivation build many, thick buds on the side branches. (. ) do not respond well to the pruning of the main stem are tolerant to over- or under-fertilization. (. ) are not vulnerable to fungal diseases should not be heavily pruned should get 24 hours light into the growth period are well suited to Supercropping from feminized seeds tend to hermaphrodites.

Genetic Origin :AK

Flowering / Harvest time :Medium – 60 days flower/Harvest October

Yield :600gm2indoor/500-1500g p/plantoutdoor

Height :75-150cm indoor/100-200cm outdoor

So strong – 33% THC – 1.8% CBD – 0.6% CBN. Tutankhamon strain is on of the highest THC strains on the market. It‘s a TOP 1 of all marijuana THC level.

Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon Feminized Tutankhamon Feminized by Pyramid Seeds is the perfect strain to grow as your own mother-plant. It is small, only…

Tutankhamon – Pyramid Seeds

In spite of the Egyptian name, Tutankhamon, by Pyramid Seeds, is based on AK47, which does have fairly exotic-sounding genetics since it is a four-way cross between landrace Sativas from Mexico, South America and Thailand together with classic Indica Afghani, but still does not have any African connections whatsoever.

Tutankhamon has 23% THC which is enough to send pain packing and to provide meaningful relief for conditions such as stress, depression and anxiety as well as boosting your energy levels if you are suffering from fatigue. Although this strain is Sativa dominant (60%) there is enough in the way of Indica genetics to give you a very relaxing and soothing body buzz without leaving you couch locked. While this all points to daytime use, for medication which won’t put a brake on your day, Tutankhamon can be used at night without destroying your chances of getting any sleep.

Although the name Tutankhamon may suggest exotic African spiciness, in actual fact the flavour of this strain is light and sweet, full of fruit and florals, there’s a citrus edge to it and a base of skunk pungency. The fragrance is definitely fruity fresh leaning towards citrus with very little skunk.

Yields are very impressive for the short growing time. Indoors Tutankhamon needs just 8 weeks of flowering time to deliver up to 600g/m2 of bud and outdoors it will be ready about the end of September or start of October.

Tutankhamon is fairly short for a Sativa dominant strain. Left to its own devices it typically grows up to 1.5M (indoors) to 2M (outdoors) but it’s so responsive to plant training that you can easily keep its height down to half of that without it impacting noticeably on your crop. You can also grow Tutankhamon in a greenhouse, which could be useful if you’re in a climate which gets plenty of light but a lot of rain.

Since Tutankhamon is essentially based on landrace genetics, it’s about as robust and hardy as you can possibly get and so could feasibly be grown by totally beginners. It would certainly be a reasonable choice as a first photoperiod grow. From a beginner’s perspective, the only potential issue with this strain would be the fact that it is substantially taller than the average autoflowering strains or indeed photoperiod Indicas (or Indica dominants), which means you either need plenty of space or to be prepared to tackle plant training.

Tutankhamon by Pyramid Seeds is a light and fruity flavoured strain and great for those wanting their harvest fast, with buds ready in just 8 weeks! With up to 23% THC this strain will leave you relaxed with its soothing body buzz. –