raspberry diesel strain

Raspberry Diesel (Humboldt Seeds) feminized

Raspberry Diesel is the mix of Cherry Afghan x Sour Diesel, and the result is unlikely to disappoint. Bred for a sweet tasting, sativa dominant high, Raspberry Diesel has everything you need to launch your mind and body into a dank, berry flavoured bliss. She has a flowering time of roughly 63 days.

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Humboldt Seeds – Raspberry Diesel: A unique and mouth watering addition to the Diesel family of cannabis seeds.

Raspberry Diesel combines the sweet flavours of Humboldt Seeds’ Cherry Afghan with the dank tang of Sour Diesel. The resulting strain of cannabis seeds is one that will be an instant hit with any sweet-toothed sativa lover. To top it all off, Humboldt breeders have poured their heart and soul into its creation, ensuring it has the trademark high-quality genetics of a top-shelf strain.

The taste and aroma of Raspberry Diesel, as the name suggests, is a predominantly sweet berry like flavour, followed through with the sour undertones famous of diesel strains. Being sativa dominant, the high Raspberry Diesel induces is mainly cerebral, uplifting the mind and easing it into euphoria. However, the high is quite functional, and will leave you feeling active and motivated – making it an excellent choice for daytime use.

In the grow room, Raspberry Diesel grows with incredible speed. In fact, it is so fast that she only needs to remain in her vegetative phase for a short period of time – as her size more than doubles during flowering. As a result, some form of manipulation is usually advised, such as trellising. This will offer all of the huge, resinous buds that grow up the entire length of the plant the support they need. Raspberry Diesel has a flowering time of roughly 63-68 days and produces a generous yield.

The great genetics, awesome flavour and potent bud makes Raspberry Diesel a great all-rounder. The more unique and unusual aspects of this strain of cannabis seeds also make it a perfect addition to any collectors library/stash – there are few other phenotypes out there like it!

Raspberry Diesel by Humboldt Seeds is a must have for any collector of unusual or exotic tasting strains. There are few other diesels like it! ]]>