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Autumn in the box.
Harvest of 3 Red Dragon plants on 60 days of 12/12 light period.
I lowered temperatures for the last week (around 15C night/ 20C day) and they all turned very dark, almost black.
All three plants came from clones that was behind my window for more than 1 month (I had no space to put them) and they all were looking like zombies when I was putting them in the box for few weeks of grow period 18/6.
Because of no more space in the box for LST, all three plants had weaker stems and branches. In spite of all this, they survived and, in addition, they made beautiful buds and coloring leaves.

Plant#3 was supercropped, but because of no more space in the box, branches were weak. So lots of branches, but with smaller buds. And also this plant was overfed.

Red Dragon is very strong strain. I already know him from my last growing. Happy high day smoke, made you creative, energetic, like good old days:)
Red Dragon is drying now, then curing in jars. and let the fun begin:)

Tangerine Dream is still i the box. Critical also.

Two plants of Red Dragon harvested on day 60 of 12/12 light period.

I had two phenotypes of this strain- one very sativa, with smaller buds, not so hard.
Another pheno was way more to indica with bigger and harder buds.
Both have strong smell after some decent curing, taste is very woody, like forest, herbal:) smell is like cheese with herbs.
Looking forward to taste it.

:grin:I sure Learned who ever said its a weed . throw it in the ground it will grow . Ya it willl but . To learn about all the aspects of DOING IT RIGHT . Holy Moly there sure is alot of ways to skin a cat ! I thought id list A few things I learned on my first Hydro grow please keep in mind i knew very little before starting this if my points i make seem simplistic . But so am I !

– Air flow is very important . buy a good fan

-Light distance is extremely important leaves can get sunburned and even the intensity of the light can do damage

-stressing out a plant . over bending a branch. can turn the female into a male
-1 Plant in 1 square meter can grow the same as 4 in the same space
-600 watts was too much for my space 400 watts was more temperature and light intensity wise better
-had Foxtailing do to hight temps 80 F

-i should only add nutrients once a week top up with water only during the week not more nutrients . change water once a week
-i man handle my ladies too much . was hard not too lol
-I can gender seeds and plants now

-PH is Huge in a Hydro grow. I had to remove one plant as it hermied and because I had 4 plants in one bucket i could not remove the roots . the PH went crazy dro pping everyday i checked and i ph d up once a day . it was a battle . but I was able to keep it between 5 and 7 /// it would drop t0 under 5 at times . I thought i was gonna get beat on the grow . but we made it through

-if light and temperature arent consistant . your buds wont be as well
-I learned how to read and understand trichomes. important for potency and couchlock which i perfer
-I learned how ompotant defoliating is
-I stay in veg stage to long for the space I had available caused alot of issue . stretch is an understatement with this grow .. trained them sideways best i could or they would have fried

-Start out simple dont complicate things and make it stressful . add extra equipment and Nutrients when you start getting the hang of it . try different ways . because The biggest thing I learned was . there is so many ways to skin a cat especially when it comes to Marijuana . pay attention to the things that work .
-Most importantly Live , Love and Laugh . Lifes too short . Happy Growing Everyone . PEACE !

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