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Mordenkainen / Regrowth

Picking A Place For Your First Base:

  • Near an Ocean is a must. The ocean is an easy source of food and usually has clay and red sand deposits around the shore. These easy to get early resources can speed progression quite a bit.
  • Try to be near a Witchery Wicker Man. The wheat you can get from the hay bales that make it up will provide enough bread to meet all of your food needs until you have been able to breed the plants needed for magical food. Also, these have a spawner under them. If it is a zombie spawner, it makes for a good source of zombie flesh for leather until you can breed cows, and if it is a skelly spawner the early bonemeal is a godsend.
  • Near a surface lava pool. This is actually a pretty important one. Fairly early on you will need a good amount of lava, and being able to get it without a lot of mining is nice.
  • Near a Witchery Henge (the stone rings) can also be helpful as they often have witch spawners and witches drop all sorts of items that can help progress faster (they also contain treasure in the center of the ring. – Thanks Yobur!)
  • If you can find one of the very rare naturally spawning grass blocks this can also be helpful, as it can greatly speed up your collection of the initial seeds and such you get from breaking grass. After getting a few blocks of dirt from digging and a bonemeal, you can expand that grass patch and use the bonemeal to make lots of grass to break. Rinse and repeat until you have what you need.
  • Make sure there are plenty of dead trees and slate deposits nearby. Having to travel to collect these vital early resources is a real killer

The Very Early Game:

  • Don’t use your hatchet for anything other than making crafting tables. It’s a pain to have to repair it every time you need a crafting table.
  • Mining for cobble is no problem, just dig your standard 2-3 wide staircase down. The dirt on the other hand can be a bit more challenging. I find that digging a “test hole” on either side of the staircase every few blocks down is a good way to find it. Just plant your face up against the wall and dig a straight hole as far as your pick will reach. If you hit dirt, go for it. If not, try again.
  • You need LOTS of dirt. Don’t stop at the 32 that the quest requires!
  • Make sure to get plenty of flint, and all the planks, sticks, and charcoal you can get from the trees. The trees also drop wood ash, which becomes an important resource a bit later.
  • Make a walled base. Living underground is ok, but presents some challenges when trying to breed your plants. The wall is good for keeping most enemies out, but you should also have an overhang at the top on the outside to keep spiders out. Make sure you remember to light up the top of the wall. You will need a fair amount of space to start.
  • Get a decent sized patch of grass going in your base as early as possible. You will want to bonemeal this to farm bonemeal, floral fertilizer, and seeds for compost.
  • Make sure you set up a conveniently located infinite water source in your base.
  • You can cook the dead wood planks to get singed wood planks. Placing these in the world and mining them will get you more wood planks and wood ash. – Thanks Shrapnel999

When you need more storage, work on the “What the World Embraces” questline. You get lots of storage as rewards.

Early Plant Breeding:

  • All plant growth/breeding is done using Agricraft.
  • At this point you should have Wheat, Carrot, Potato, and Belladonna seeds.
  • I dig 7 1x1x16 trenches, fill 6 with tilled dirt, and one with any sand
  • Cover all the dirt and sand with crossed cropsticks
  • Create water areas to keep everything hydrated
  • “Seed” one cropstick at the same end of each line with the following order: Wheat, Carrot, Potato, Belladonna
  • At that same end, place a block of sand in the ground between the Wheat and Carrots and place crossed cropsticks on it.
  • Do the same but with tilled dirt between the Carrot and Potato as well as the Potato and Belladonna
  • Once the plants reach maturity, don’t harvest them.
  • Watch for crossbreeds on the blocks between rows. Eventually you will get Pumpkin, Mandrake, and Sugarcane. Once this is done you can remove these blocks.
  • Plant the Sugarcane on the sand, others on dirt.
  • Build a Seed Analyzer and Compost Bin(s).
  • Allow the plants to grow, use bonemeal to grow them faster if possible. You may harvest all but the last plant in the line.
  • When a row gets full, replant the last seed in the row into the first position, keep doing this until seed is at 10/10/10
  • Toss waste seeds and resources in the Compost Bin. I turn everything except Mandrakes into compost. Pumpkins are great for this as each pumpkin can be crafted into 4 seeds for 4x the compost.
  • Use the compost to create Garden Soil, and replace dirt blocks in the trenches with it when they don’t have a plant on them. This causes the plants to grow faster.
  • While the plants are growing, create at least one 6×6 area of Garden Soil, and a small field for each plant. I usually do a 4×4 which is a stack per harvest. Remember that one of these fields must be sand for the sugarcane, Garden Soil for all the others.
  • As each seed hits 10/10/10 replant it in the center of an empty field. Cover the rest of the field with crossed cropsticks.
  • Once all 7 plants are 10/10/10 you can rip out most of the trenches. You will only need a couple until much later.
  • I usually completely harvest and replant each field a few times, plants and all. I try to keep about a stack of each seed in a chest.
  • Progress through the Botania quests in parallel to your initial plant farming and breeding.
  • Use the Floral Fertilizer on the grass to get Flowers. You should be able to get a bunch, but make sure you get several green, white, and light gray flowers.
  • Grind up the green petals into green floral powder.
  • As soon as you have a Mana Pool up, toss a Wheat seed into it to get Essence seeds. These seeds will need to be planted on an empty trench. You may want to make the field for Essence seeds larger than the others, as you will need a lot of Essence.
  • Immediately breed the Essence seeds with Sugarcane to get Nature seeds. You can then breed the Nature seeds with the Sugarcane to get them up to 10/10/10 quickly. The Nature essence produced by these plants is used to make Magical Fertilizer which can speed the growth of the Essence and other magical plants.
  • If you can get an Ender Pearl or two, You can get a runic altar up pretty quickly.
  • I try to choose a good balance between Daybloom and Nightshade for quest rewards, I also tend to choose Livingrock since it is needed for every altar recipe.
  • Once you have shears you can plant a petal, then bonemeal it to grow a tall mystical flower. Shear this to get 4 petals. This means 1 petal and 21 bonemeal = 1 stack of petals! – Thanks P1ddly!
  • In the course of completing quests you will get blaze rods as rewards. While it is tempting to use these rewards to complete some Botania quests that require them, DON’T! Holding on to these items allows you to create Blaze Seeds. Once you have the seeds you have an endless supply of Blaze Rods. If you use these items before making the seeds, you will have to go hunt for them in the nether when it’s time to make the seeds.
  • As soon as you have Mandrake and green floral powder, make Mutandis.
  • Use Mutandis on long grass until you get a sapling, grow that sapling to get more.
  • Cooking extra saplings in a furnace will get you more wood ash.
  • Keep using the mutandis. I usually shoot for trying to get 4 redwood saplings. Also watch for witchery saplings and mushrooms.
  • Expand your grass area to grow more trees (or build a tree farm)
  • Use the 6×6 area to breed further mutations. Just reconfigure the Soil, Dirt, or Sand on it into whatever is needed for the crossbreeds you are working on.
  • Plants bred from 10/10/10 parents will be 5/5/5.
  • If the new plant does not have a crossbreed with one of it’s parents, you can get it to 10/10/10 quickly by breeding it with that parent. Keep doing this until the seed is 10/10/10
  • If the seed can crossbreed with both parents, then put it in one of the trenches and let it grow to 10/10/10.
  • Some seeds are created using Botania. These seeds will be 1/1/1 and must be grown to 10/10/10 in the trenches. Use Magical Fertilizer to make this process quicker.
  • Do not use seeds less than 10/10/10 for breeding!
  • If you got mushrooms from the Mutandis, throw one into a Mana Pool to get Mycilium and get your mushrooms started.
  • Further breeding will get you the ingredients for Magical Food, Mystical flower petals, String, and many other items.
  • At this point you should have a couple of mariculture quests unlocked. So, craft up a snorkel and explore the ocean!
  • The darkness of the water is an issue, and unless you are very lucky you may have a tough time finding an Oyster. A rather cheaty trick to help with this is to bring a door or two wih you and place it next to one of the kelp strands on the ocean floor. This creates an air pocket you can stand in for as long as you need and if you look through the kelp you should easily be able to see any Oysters in the area. They are easily harvested by breaking the block under the Oyster, not the Oyster itself.
  • As soon as you have your Oysters, put them to work for you. Place them in a 2 deep hole and place water on top of them. You can then right click them with sand and they will slowly convert that sand into pearls. The important thing here is that they sometimes make Ender Pearls!
  • You can start on the fish and bee quests now, but you will rapidly hit a point where you can’t progress until you have iron and other materials you don’t have yet. I usually wait until then to start these.

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