regular marijuana seeds

Regular seeds

The beginning of the breeding

Twenty-five years ago, regular seeds were the only option in gardening marijuana strains. In the 90s, feminized seeds were introduced and ever since they conquered the marijuana industry. Of course, it’s a significant advantage to only female plant seeds. This way, you can make the most out of your growing space. But if you’re a breeder who loves to grow his own seed stock, regular seeds are vital. One should not in any way look down upon regular cannabis seeds as they are as vital as any other marijuana seeds out there. The fact that they don’t offer decent chances when it comes to giving rise to more than 90% of female cannabis plants should prompt you to focus more on why they are still valuable today.

Cross your own strain

When growing regular strains, you separate male plants from the females and collect pollen. Apply the pollen later to female plants, to breed your own unique strain. After being fertilized, the female strains produce seeds that can be collected. It’s fun, but challenging too, to select the best female and male strains to cross. And be careful not to fertilize your entire crop. We can’t emphasize enough great care is vital when it comes to crossing your own regular strains. Unfortunately, failure to be watchful may make you hate regular cannabis plants, especially when you end up pollinating the entire crop. You may undoubtedly expect awful results from the obtained seeds and the strains that come after growing them.

Regular vs feminized seeds

You may have heard the term feminized seeds, not once or twice but many times. However, you may not be on the know-how what exactly sets it apart from regular cannabis seeds. As opposed to the regular seeds that rely heavily on the male pollens fertilizing the female flowers, stressful conditions are used to make the plants pollinate earlier than expected. In the long run, the grower ends up getting feminized cannabis plants. The feminized cannabis plants then end up giving feminized seeds.

Ultimate favorite regular seeds

Big Bud seeds, Cheese or White Widow: they are all names of some of our most popular regular seeds. AMS has about 50 different regular seeds, and we offer over 120 various species in marijuana seed. Amongst them are many Cannabis Cup Winners, old-time favorites, and some remarkable newcomers too. Use our seeds table to make a choice of what you like to breed this time. If for any reason you find it an uphill task to come up with regular marijuana seeds that you can term as favorite, we always strive to be your caring partner. Be sure to ask any needful queries, be they from germinating the seeds, taking care of the strains, and any other sort of clarification.

Regular seeds: male and female

Once a regular strain is in the flowering stage, it is easy to tell the difference between the male and female plant. Male marijuana seeds have teardrop-shaped pods, and they will be bigger than the females. The female plants grow white hairs. Amongst growers who don’t mind producing male plants, regular marijuana seeds are still popular. Now, to have a regular seed from a regular cannabis plant incorporates the movement of male pollen to a female flower to cause fertilization. At the end of it all, the obtained cannabis plants end up bearing seeds, which in this case take the regular tag.

Excellent quality of AMS seeds

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS) offers the most excellent quality in regular seeds. Since decades we work with the best and most experienced breeders. They know how to develop the best marijuana seeds. Regular seeds are essential for our breeders: they need them to cross and develop new high-quality strains. AMS is innovative, and we work with only the best seeds. We want you to have the same excellent quality because we are aware quality seeds are among the factors to consider before settling for planting any cannabis strain.

We deliver guaranteed worldwide

All of our products are shipped worldwide. Once you ordered your regular seeds, we send them with registered mail. That way we can ensure your beloved seeds will be delivered to you within 14 office days. No matter where you live. And don’t worry: we deliver discreetly, so the curious granny next door doesn’t have a clue of what kind of hobby you have.

Need help? Ask AMS

Once you received your seeds, you are ready to start growing your own strain. Whether you are experienced or not at all: if you need help, just reach out to us and we will help you right away. Our service isn’t done when you have the seeds. Our goal is to help you grow stable and profitable regular strains. Email us or fill out our contact form, and we’ll help you out.

Excellent service

Good service, or even better: service of high quality is our priority. Find it out yourself or read the reviews on the independent review website Kiyoh. Please let us know your own experience with AMS too. We’d appreciate it.

Order regular seeds now online

Regular marijuana seeds are still a significant part of the cannabis culture. Order your seeds now online at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds and profit from our discount. Free seeds are offered with every purchase. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you can benefit from special discounts up to 50% on selected weed seeds every week.

Popular at AMS

We have got more than 120 different kinds of marijuana seeds at AMS. Our White Widow is very popular, just like our range of cheap seeds.

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Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are totally natural marijuana seeds that have not been chemically altered or genetically modified in any way. They are pure genetics, bred from male and female parents and produce approximately 50% male and 50% female offspring.

Despite the popularity of feminized marijuana seeds, regular seeds are still offered by many breeders. Regular cannabis seeds offer the same genetics at a lower price than their feminized versions and often do a better job of retaining the best features of each parent plant.

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