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How to Remoisten Dry Weed

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If you’re like many other weed users, then at some point you did see that your weed became very dry and it was hard to handle. And while dry weed can be a good idea if you use blunts and joints, it won’t really work that well if you want to some it via your glass. That’s why you need to find a way that will help you remoisten the dry weed as fast as possible.

Orange peel

Maybe the most important technique when it comes to moistening dry weed is to add in an orange peel to the storage container. You need to have a glass or Tupperware container if you want to get the best results here. You can choose the size of the orange peel based on how much weed you try to re-moisten in the first place. You just have to leave it there for a few hours as it will offer some great results in the end. One thing to note is that you add orange peel you will maintain the weed flavor and that can be very helpful to begin with. Of course, try to avoid leaving the peels in there for too long as this will lead to the appearance of mold.

Moisture bombs

This particular method is inventive and tricky as well. You can take sheets of paper towels and then you soak them in water. You will have to place the wet towels in the plastic bags and then you poke a few small holes. The thing to note here is that these moisture bombs need to be placed in the weed containers and you need to leave them for a few hours. This particular method might seem unorthodox at first but it can do wonders. Plus, it’s really easy to use and it can help you quite a bit. You should totally check it out if you want to re-moisture large quantities of weed.

Fresh herb

Another great method is to just add in some new marijuana buds to the containers. These will help share the moisture with the dry weed. It’s maybe one of the simplest techniques that you can find here and it is efficient. It’s not the most efficient however and there are better ways you can achieve those goals. Yet, it will be very well worth it if you want to get the best results.


If flavor is not your concern but you do want to re-moisten weed this can be a good idea. Iceberg lettuce added to your weed stash is a good idea. Try to add the lettuce in paper towels as this will eliminate the stickiness that would come from the lack of paper towels.

All of these are great re-moisten techniques for weed and we do recommend you to give them a shot as fast as possible. Sure, it can be tricky to make the most out of them at first but you should totally try and give them a shot because they will be very well worth it in the end.

All of these are great re-moisten techniques for weed and we do recommend you to give them a shot as fast as possible. ]]>