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Royal Purple Kush (Indica)

Royal Purple Kush is a pure indica strain that emerged from the Oakland area of California as the result of a Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani cross. Its aroma is subtle and earthy with sweet overtones typical of Kush varieties. Blissful, long-lasting euphoria blankets the mind while physical relaxation rids the body of pain, sleeplessness, and stress. Purple Kush will grow wide rather than tall, and will be ready for harvest following an 8 week flowering time.

Purple Kush is a pure indica strain that emerged from the Oakland area of California as the result of a Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani cross.

Royal Purple Kush – Marijuana Review

Royal Purple Kush – Indica Dominant Hybrid

The Royal Purple Kush is one of those strains of marijuana that was bred for taste. It combines the sweetness of the Black Afghani with the peppery accents and fruity taste of the Bubba Kush. But don’t think your missing out on anything to get the better taste. This bud packs quite the punch.

The Royal Purple Kush has beautiful large buds teaming with orange hairs. The deep purples and greens in the bud are heavily coated in crystals. The bud is spongey, and very sticky with a pine aroma and a hint of something else I can’t quite put my finger on… maybe cheerios?

Lighting up the Royal Purple Kush

So the taste is amazing, we covered that. The Royal Purple Kush has a sweet, pepper taste that really has to be enjoyed to be appreciated. The smoke is rich, and full. The exhale is thick and musky.

The Effects

The Royal Purple Kush doesn’t mess around. Its effects hit pretty quickly, and pretty hard. That is not to say that this is a couch lock. Although the Indica dominance in the Royal Purple Kush will quickly clear your mind and make your eyelids a bit heavier, the frosted (…errr Sativa) side gives a hearty body buzz.


The Royal Purple Kush is a great bud for everything from chores to playing video games. The body buzz will keep you moving, while the head high will focus you in on your goal. All of that in a delightfully flavored package. If your local weed store starts stocking Royal Purple Kush, you should give it a try.

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  • a bit split personality.

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I picked up some Royal Purple Kush today, and holy cow! this marijauna tastes great, and is less filling! Check out our review of Royal Purple Kush