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Quick One (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Quick One by Royal Queen Seeds is a crossing result between the autoflowering Ruderalis with a flash growing Indica. This feminized marijuana is a fusion of Sativa 10%, Indica 60% and Ruderalis 30% genes. During its first appearance it was one of the quickest growing breed on earth.

Quick One (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized
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Royal Queen Seeds – Quick One: A turbocharged, Indica dominant cannabis strain

The Royal Queen Seeds feminized Quick One Canadian ancestors came from the auto Lowryder. The latest version is a cross of Williams Wonder, Northern Lights and Ruderalis genes. The final feminized hybrid is a majestic autoflowering ultra fast growing breed, paying almost no importance to the light conditions. The plant will take only 9 weeks to be entirely mature. Quick One is certainly tiny for a cannabis plant, reaching just between 50 and 60 cm height in indoor farming. If grown properly she can provide up to 45 g per plant and some farmers have achieved even better result.

The smoke will spread an intense flavor with dominating lime odor. The taste is mild and nice, characterized by a pleasant stoned effect.

Quick One (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized data sheet
Brand Royal Queen Seeds
Genetics 30% ruderalis / 60% indica / 10% sativa
Parents Strong Indica x Ruderalis
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks from seed to harvest
THC 13%
CBD Medium
Yield (Indoor) 275-325 g/m2
Yield (Outdoor) 100-150 g/plant
Height (Indoor) 50-60 cm
Height (Outdoor) 60-100 cm
Available as Feminized seeds

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tre semi nessuno germogliato, una truffa

Really the Quickest One there is!
I grew in total about 10plants of this strain and every one was a success. I grew them in three distincs instances and compared to other strains that I grew next to the Quick one, like Blue Amnesia, White Chocolate and Pineapple express, the Quick One plants were always faster ready for harvest and gave me more yield (in total) considering the average yield per plant. Moreover, it is not only a really fast growing and resistent plant it also has a very smooth taste and the smoke is very light (as in the opposite of earthy, rough). Overall, my favourite strain!

Well done
100% succes of germination (2 seeds) I try for the first time “auto” in outdoor and I’m quite satisfied , using “lst” It seems I will have something like 25 dry grams per plant or more . From seed to harvest in a perfect 70 days .

Une reprise en douceur .
Reprise de culture après des années . 2 graines germées sans souci. Croissance un peu différente et décalée entre les 2 plants (pot 18l, terreau “à ma façon”, en extérieur). Elle supporte les approximations de ma “remise en selle”. Plants “discrets” tant par la taille (relativement petits) que par l’odeur (présente, mais pas trop abondante). Surement une erreur de ma part . feuilles jaunissantes en fin de vie des 2 plantes. Environ 25g par pieds. J’ai refait un second curage plus approfondi, une fois séchée pour affiner le goût. Bon goût, doux (mais je n’ai pas franchement retrouvé le gout citronné annoncé) effet sympa. Bonne graine pour une remise en selle. (je mets 4 et non 3 étoiles pour les feuilles jaunes et le “faible” rendement car je pense que cela vient en grande partie de moi)

Quick One by Royal Queen Seeds is a crossing of a fast indica with an already lightning quick auto. The result is one of the fastest cannabis strains on Earth. ]]>