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The Sample Seed Shop

Being May 1st, I figured it’s time for an update:
First, I would like to say THANK YOU to all the customers who sent words of encouragement and thanks. That really means so much to me as I’ve been working day … Ещё and night 7 days a week since mid March and doing it all alone. I didn’t make too many mistakes thankfully!
I am still behind like a half a month on the orders so I decided to shut off the sales pages on the site except for beans and squash. There’s no seed shortage, I just have to get caught up on what I have, and I have to start things here like separate seedlings, get the field ready, all that fun stuff. So I just can’t keep up right now the way things are going. I’ll turn everything back on as soon as I can.
Thanks again! I appreciate all of you, and I hope you all have bountiful gardens!

The Sample Seed Shop

This is going to be run different this year because of the coronavirus. You have to sign up for a time. Details are in the discussion posts.

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