seed church ventura

Seed church ventura

Seed is led by a plurality of Elders who are responsible for pastoring, teaching, leading and providing oversight of the church. Elders are qualified men according to 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9 who are called by God to serve the people of Seed. Our Directional Team is made up of men and women who shepherd and serve the needs of the church as Deacons according to 1 Timothy 3:8-13. In addition, several servant leaders coordinate and strengthen the ministry of the Elders and Deacons as Coordinators and Assistants in various roles , providing wisdom, perspective, energy, and effort to ensure the needs of the church are understood and met through the ministry of Seed. Collectively we are committed to being biblically faithful, Christ honoring servant leaders.

Our Leadership – Seed Is Led By A Plurality Of Elders Who Are Responsible For Pastoring, Teaching, Leading And Providing Oversight Of The Church.В Elders Are …

seed church ventura

Listen to this week’s sermon as we clarify why when it comes to true freedom, it’s not as much a question as to “who’s your daddy?” but “who’s your mother?”
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“Don’t let fear ruin the joyful freedom of living together in unity with brothers and sisters different than you.” Seed Is Moving October 14 – On Sunday August 26th We Announced That We’re Moving. Multiple Factors Have Led Us To This Decision But There Were 3 Compelling
A new church for Ventura County Mailing Address: 1746F S. Victoria Ave., #442 Ventura, Ca. 93003 In order to guard the gospel of grace, Christians must live in the gospel truth that justification by faith alone means that this faith, and nothing else, is.
New Sermon: Shaun Garman delivers the intro to our new sermon series.
Have you been attending Seed for a while and consider it your church home?
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Seed Communities Nearby places of worship Acts 29 Church gathering Sunday afternoons in Ventura. A new church for Ventura County Mailing

Listen to this week's sermon as we clarify why when it comes to true freedom, it's not as much a question as to "who's your daddy?" but "who's your