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Sabja seeds or sweet basil seeds drink | How to use sabja seeds

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Sabja seeds or sweet basil seeds drink – how to use sabja seeds. Sabja seeds also called as tukumaria or sweet basil seeds are commonly used for Falooda, sherbet and in other Asian drinks. It is believed in India that they help to beat the summer heat, keeping the body cool.

Due to the gelatinous nature when soaked, they help in cleaning the walls of the stomach, help to regulate the bowel movements and flush the toxins from the stomach.

Some folks get dehydrated fast in summer and get constipated especially kids, for them a drink made of these seeds is very beneficial.

Sweet basil seeds can be used in sherbets and drinks made with any fruit like watermelon juice, lemonade, and cucumber juice or even with tender coconut water.

Use rock sugar, also called as kalkanda in telugu as it is considered to be a better sweetener for summer. I do not know the exact reason why rock sugar is favored in Ayurveda especially during summer.

In our families we consider rock sugar to have a cooling effect on the body and best to use in summer.

Though I prefer to eat my fruits as is, sometimes a fruit in the form of juice definitely makes sense on a hot day. It keeps us refreshed and hydrated.

Learn how to use sabja seeds in drinks and sherbet

Pick and clean debris and stones from the seeds.

Wash the seeds multiple times and drain them in a coffee filter.
Soak them in just enough water. This is how they look after soaked.

Blend the cardamom powder, water melon or any other juicy fruit like pineapple or pear to smooth.

Add lemon juice, soaked sabja seeds ,mix and serve.

sabja seeds are sweet basil seeds commonly used in India during summers. It is considered as a summer coolant and hence is made to use summer drinks

Seed Juice – Juice theraphy

Obstruction of Heart blood vessels (valvular disease of heart)

It is possible that neutral fat cholesterol and inert mineral deposit in the blood vessel wall, so they block the blood vessels which can cause various heart diseases. It’s already well known that various seed juices contain Se, Vitamin E tesityn; linolic acid and they can prevent such diseases. Apple acid, tartrate, citric acid and green juice’s alkaloid has abilities to melt the concretion and lots of sediments and exhaust from our body.
(Right) This picture has same cause that inert minerals, made by CO2 and CO, are concreted and deposited during the exhaust procession. It makes poison (urine rectification, predisposition, and the pelvis of the kidney) so kidney was blocked by that. This condition will cause various kidney diseases by uremia, and the body will suffer from it too.

The Inflammation of Finger Joint (Arthritis)

You can see a picture that shows badly developed finger arthritis by exceed deposit of uric acid or inorganic calcium. Joint of the fingers is crooked by the inflammation.

The movement of oxygen and C02 in the lung (And capillary vessels of alveolus)

As you can see the picture, thousands and thousands of alveolusli in the lung are the placed where oxygen and CO2 exchanged in our body. Let’s imagine that the entire spider web like blood vessel of each alveolus is blocked. You probably can realized that how dangerous inert mineral and neutral fat could be by looking at this picture.

Dangelhanssum in the pancreas (subalimentation of beta cell)

The product factory of insulin, Dangelhanssum in the pancreas, is the most important energy metabolism in our body.
This picture shows dead beta cells, which are insulin product cells, occurred due to lack of alimentation. We should know how important role of blood vessels are, because blood vessels are providing alimentations to the theses cells. So we should try not to harm or block our blood vessel.

Blood vessels in the Kidney

Millions of Nephrons are locating in the kidney. Nephron is saving type of cell, and plays important role in our body such as filtering and collecting all the nutrition, which our body and glomerulus in the papulosis require. Sewage filtration area of glomeruli is 1.56m2, so millions of glomerulus has huge area and they filter all the poison, which is made in our body. “Universal Level” is the only way to describe these detail, scrupulous and huge capacity. It’s obvious that extremely narrow and long blood vessels are easy to block, what is going to happen to our body is pretty negative. So we have to be aware of this universal organ and treat them well.

villus and pathway of nutrition absorption of small intestine

This picture expresses the partial shape of a small intestine, a digestive organ, which digests and absorbs the food that we ate. It is really amazing to say that length of inner side of small intestine is 6m long. Wrinkle on the surface, and finger shape villus on the wrinkle make digestive enzyme, which digest food. And then digested food absorbs and use to our body through this process. But if stercoral with full of decayed germ are located between all the villus, the food we ate have to be absorb the basic poison from the decayed germ.

The above picture shows the blood vessel that not only provides nutrition to our brain and brain cells, but also deals with garbage from our brain and brain cells. But we cannot represent more detail blood vessel. The brain is just like a one big ball of thread that formed of microscopic blood vessels that we can’t even see with our bare eyes. Our hands and feet’s movement, our inner organs and our thoughts are impossible to operate their jobs without brain’s operation. It is obvious to know what is going to happen to the brain cells and our body if any of these blood vessels of brain is blocked so oxygen and other substances are not capable to provide. So we suppose to be aware of that and try to prevent that.

There are Western Culture’s proverb ” You don’t need to see a doctor if you are eating an apple everyday” and Eastern Culture’s proverb “You don’t need any medicine if you are eating one beans.” It tells us that we have been used natural goods as a traditional regimen. I was suffered from angina, neurogenic heart disease, and liver disease and all the medicines could not cure my diseases. But after I started to take brown rice and green sap, somebody asked me to take, I could be able to have second new life. I also told to the patients who were suffered from various diseases, and they could be able to have second new life just like me. Since we have been experienced miracle among us, we finally decided to publish a book, with people who have same thoughts, based on our experiences and the knowledge from the book
“Let food be your medicine.” I could experience the speech of Hypocrites, who is a father of medicine. I realized that there are people who could see an effect it within a month, but there are also people who could not see an effect over several years. So I researched on them and finally found out that their way of drinking, making were totally different. Also there is another difference of knowing 8 health principles, symptom and effect of green sap.
This book shows about the pregnant women, growing children, student, youth, middle age, and old age, and also tells us that natural dietotherapy is the remedy to cure a disease. And I hope this book will give a hope to the patients who are suffering from various diseases.

New life natural health research
President Lee, Mun-Hyun

There is no disease, but there is a patient who is suffering from the disease
“Every disease has a reason.” Do you know that your cells are dieing, and you have no idea about it? Some people might think that “Why would my cells are dieing? I’m eating every thing that is good for my body.” But no matter how full we are, our cells are always starved. Our body is made of 60 trillions of cells so we need to take all kinds of nutrients to sustain a vitality. But television and newspaper advertise only about the meat-kinds, so people prefer to take lots of protein and meat-kinds, which can be the reason of adult diseases. We should have lots of acknowledge, but wrong knowledge could cause diseases.
Human’s blood vessels are about 100,000 km long if we place them in a straight line, which is about two and a half length of the earth. The thoughtless meal will make blood muddy and sticky and block the blood vessels. The constitution of body will change to acidic constitution and reduce the immune system due to a subalimentation, which will the cause of adult disease.

There is always a reason for an every single kinds of disease. But if you try to cure the disease rather than know the cause, it is same as try to eliminate smoke from chimney and not think of the fire from firehouse. We should try to eliminate the cause of disease rather than result.

Provide our vitality with mysterious green sap

People who are living in the modern society prefer to eat processed white rice, white flour, meat-kinds, and various instant food rather than natural raw food just because of better tastes and convenience to make. But these kinds of foods are lacked of mineral and vitamin, but sometimes hyperingestion of protein and fat, which can cause various adult diseases. Also preservative and harmful pigment in the processed food destroys liver and other excretory organ, and finally promotes senescence. It was proved though the clinical experience that incurable diseases even the cancer could be cured and prevented through the green sap.
Special nutrient such as Choline, Germanium, and Lutein from the green sap cleans blood vessels, and provides sufficient nutrition to reproduce cells. To reproduce cells that were died and destroyed, it is important to obtain huge amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes from the nature.
There is a problem when we eat raw vegetables, which is small amount of intake so there is not enough nutrients to supply for reproduction. We will realize that cells can be reviving after drink green sap everyday regularly.

1. Mysterious effects of green sap
2. Effect of juice’s mineral to our body
3. Vitamin (Vitamin)
4. The Way you drink green juice effectively
5. The way to help to drink green sap more effectively
6. The symptom when you drink green sap
7. The way to make effective green sap
8. Juice’s kinds and effects
9. Illness and effective combination of green sap
10. Alimentary abstinence and recovery
11. Coloclyster and recovery
12. Rotes of food and disease
13. Calcium deficiency and change of mineral
14. Adult disease by denaturation of mineral
15. Carbonate of soda and adult disease
16. Effects of seed sap

1. Mysterious effects of green sap
2. Effect of juice’s mineral to our body
3. Vitamin (Vitamin)
4. The Way you drink green juice effectively
5. The way to help to drink green sap more effectively
6. The symptom when you drink green sap
7. The way to make effective green sap
8. Juice’s kinds and effects
9. Illness and effective combination of green sap
10. Alimentary abstinence and recovery
11. Coloclyster and recovery
12. Rotes of food and disease
13. Calcium deficiency and change of mineral
14. Adult disease by denaturation of mineral
15. Carbonate of soda and adult disease
16. Effects of seed sap

Effect of seed sap

– Seed juice is the best food for strengthen the stamina and prevent their body from various adult diseases.

1) Effect of seed juice is already world widely admitted.
First: It is the nutrition of glands, which determines health, and reproductive ability of male prostate.
Second: Known as ferment of youth, because it’s really effective to the health and beauty of female ovary cell.
Third: It is the supporter of beauty hormone (food life and health from the bible/ Gil sang Lee, Pg 96)

Kinds of seeds and comprised alimentation

1) Kinds of seed sap
– Raw sunflower seed, raw pumpkin seed, raw sesame seed, raw green perilla seed, sundrops seed oil, rose seed, flax seed, pomegranate etc.

2) Kinds of buds
– Wheat bud, barley bud, asparagus bud, foxtail millet bud, wheat grass bud

3) How to extract the seed sap
– Wash the seeds cleanly
– Put the water and seeds with 5:1 ratio in the green sap machine and grind them.
– Add the water again to the separated remnant from previous step and grind them again.
– Pour the half-cup of water to the mouth of the machine
– Filter grinded juice to a strainer
– Mix half of seed sap with honey, and drink
– Sesame includes phenylalanine (amino acid), which is vital material to produce sperm.
– Been includes lysine and glutamine (amino acid), which help male to produce sperm and also is strong stamina food.
– Meray Rose, who have earned 3 gold medals, who like to eat his meal with sesame, been, grapes, almond, chestnut

– Soviet Union allocates 5 pounds sack of sunflower seed to all the soldiers.
– Sunflower brings positive effects on the eyesight, complexion, and fingernail. It also introduces as “the little sunlight of digestive organ” because sunflower seed is good for hypertension and oversensitiveness.
– Abebe, who is Marathon Gold-medallist in the Tokyo Olympic, grew his stamina and endurance.
– Chromium (Cr) and Zinc (Zn) is the mineral that use for synthesizing of insulin, so they can help to cure diabetes. The raw seeds of sunflower, pumpkin, malt, and asparagus are the substances that contain the minerals that I mentioned above.

Major nutrition in the seeds

Essential unsaturated fatty acid – linolic acid, linolenic acid, arachidonic acid
Tryptophan- raw material of serotonin
8 essential amino acids, 14 unessential amino acids.

1. Effect on each alimentation

1) Selenium (Se)

– Antioxidant effect: prevention of senescence by oxidation
– When you ingest enough Se (Selenium), the Glutathion Peroxidase enzyme (800

2000mbg in 100g bear yeast) will prevent aging. They also prevent peroxidation lipid and radical formation, so they can protect cellular tissue and cell membrane. That means they can protect DNA and furthermore they can prevent cancer.
– Se and female’s breast cancel: Incidence of cancer and Se in the patent’ blood is inverse ratio. So the incidence of cancer ratio will be higher when the crops contain less Se.
– It had announced that Se could prevent the attack rate of colon cancer, rectum cancer, esophagus cancer, tongue cancer, gastric cancer, and bladder cancer. It was the result of the experience of injecting 200mg Se daily.
– It helps to prevent and cure the dander.
– It is very helpful nutrition for stamina – known as sex mineral
– Good for climacteric
– Deep relationship with heart: It has power to adjust a production of coenzyme Q, which needs for heart activity. (Coenzyme Q is also known as ubiquinone that is mandatory vitamin for energy production)

– Stamina drops faster compare to the age

3) Food that contains selenium

– Brown rice, wheat, embryo bud of wheat, embryo bud of rice, oatmeal, mushroom, garlic, various seeds (sesame, green perilla, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, alfalfa seed, bud of alfalfa, sea tangle, beer yeast)

2) Vitamin E (v. E)

– The organs that use Vitamin E: Heart, muscle, testis, uterus, blood, adrenal gland, and pituitary gland

– Strong antioxidant effect: Oxidation causes all the destruction and senescence of cells
– It prevents senescence of cell by oxidation, and makes cells strong and healthy
– It makes easier to provide oxygen to the cell, and upgrade durability (Heart, muscle, joint, brain, etc)
– It protects lung from the air pollution
– Extending blood vessel, melting coagulum, preventing cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction and angina pectoris

Dr. W. Suit in Canada Montreal published a book (Heart of health person and patient about Vitamin E) in 1969. He described that various seeds that contain Vitamin E can prevent thrombus, and they are very good for curing heart disease by antioxidants. His patients were over 30000.
– Mitigating fatigue
– Fast cure of burn: prevention of the scar
– Diuresis activation: strengthening blood pressure
– Prevention of abortion
– Positive result gynecopathy
– Good for athlete’s foot
– Recover and protect pancreas cell
– Prevent peroxidation lipid production
– Prevent autoxidizability of unsaturated fatty acid (protecting cellular membrane)
– Make immune antibody (Virus disease such as hepatitis, liver consolidation)
– Upgrade a opsonize activity of white blood cell
– Good for climacteric female
– Protect blood vessel cell membrane, liver cell membrane
– Positive effect on the diabetes (produce beta cell that creates insulin)
– Promote Vitamin A activity: Ingesting with Vitamin A will protect diarrhea and help absorption of Vitamin E. Vitamin E + Se (Ubiquinone, Co-enzyme Q) formulate coenzyme Q
– Prevent side effect of anticancer drug (alopecia, reduction of white blood cell)
– Protect from disability of heart function
– Slow down a senescence and wrinkle
– It makes skin smooth
– Prevention of presbyopia

3) Person who needs and appropriate period

– Drinker who drinks germicidal chlorine water requires ingesting Vitamin E
– Climacteric female requires ingesting Vitamin E
– Sulfuric acid destroys Vitamin E (Limatura ferri drinker)
– Person who eats unsaturated fatty acid requires ingesting Vitamin E
– Gynecopathy: Good for blood circulation by extending peripheral vascular of skin

– Destruction of red blood cell: Shorten the life span
– Denaturation of muscle
– Anemia
– Disability of the genitalia

5) Food that contains Vitamin E
– Wheat embryo bud, an embryo bud of rice, sesame, green perilla, seed of pumpkin and various seeds and nut-kinds.

3) Para-amino benzoic acid (PABA)

– It blocks the sunlight: It uses as an inunctum of sunlight blocking
– Promote an absorption and effect of pantothenic acid (V.B5).
– Play very important role in the protein metabolism
– Help to combine folate

– Turn white hair to black
– Health and smooth skin
– Slow down wrinkling
– Blocks sunlight
– Play very important role in the protein metabolism
– Help to combine folate
– Promote an absorption and effect of pantothenic acid

3) The substance that destroys PABA

– Water, sulfa drugs, alcohol, estrogen, processed food

4) Food that contains PABA

– Unrefined crops, rice bran, wheat embryo bud, theriac, various seeds

– Major component that connect separated organizations
– Collagen exists not only in the joint area of bones but also in the blood vessels and between the cells.
– Major component of human body: It makes bone strong, flexible and healthy
– Lack of collagen would bring disc (disc herniation): Collagen is major component of intervertebral disc

– Make skin smooth and beautiful
– It makes heart strong by strong flexibility of muscle cells
– Prevent a myasthenia

5) Vitamin B

v. B1 (thiamine) v. B2 (riboflavin) v. B3 (niacin, nicotinic
v. B5 (pantothenic acid) v. B6 (pyridoxine) v. B10 (growth factor)
v. B11 (growth factor) – v. B13 (orotic acid) v. B15 (pangamic acid)
v. B17 (laetrile) v. M v. H (biotin)
Folate Choline Amygdaline

– Promote growth, appetite
– Help to digest
– Sustain nerve system, muscle, and heart function to operate normally
– Good for seasickness and airsickness
– Reproduce cell, skin, fingernail, toenail, and make hair healthy
– Upgrade eyesight
– Help Carbohydrate, fat, protein metabolism
– Mandatory for combining Cotition, thyroxin, insulin, sex hormone (male, female)
– Need for nerve system and brain
– Make skin elastic
– Strengthen blood pressure by promoting blood circulation
– Cure inflammation of oral cavity, lips. Prevent bad breath
– Help to develop central nervous system
– Muscle cramp of leg and hands. Mitigate hand and feet neuritis
– Promote diuresis activity
– Produce red blood cell and prevent anemia
– Increase memory and concentrating capacity, settle down the nerve
– Extend the life span of cell
– Mitigate alcohol withdrawal
– Quick recovery of fatigue
– Lower the cholesterol of blood concentration
– Prevent hepatic cirrhosis
– Cure an angina, asthma
– Protect from radiation
– Reduce body weigh by melting saturated fatty acid
– Reduce body heat of climacteric female
– Make strong a bone and joint

A) Vitamin B1 (thiamine)

– Promote growth
– Help to digest (especially carbohydrate)
– Operate nerve system, muscle, and heart function normally
– Good for seasickness and airsickness
– Mitigate the pain after tooth related surgery

2) Person who needs and appropriate period

– Person who drinks alcohol
– Person who ingest lots of sugar
– Period of pregnancy, lactiferous phase
– Person who takes anticonceptive pill
– Person who gets lots of stress
– Person who gets diseases
– Anxiety, shock
– After surgery, one has to take immense Vitamin B1

3) Substance that destroys Vitamin B1

– Heat, Caffeine, alcohol, processed food, air, water, estrogen hormone, sulfa drug

5) Food that contains Vitamin B1

– Various nut-kinds and seeds, peanuts, beer yeast

B) Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)

– Not deposit in the body
– Hydrosoluble
– Strong at heat, oxidation, acid
– Required for person who is pregnant, lactiferous phase
– The quantity is increasing when one got lot of stresses

– Growth and reproduction of cell: make healthy skin, fingernail, and hair. Settle down inflammation of lips and tongue.
– Promote eyesight: prevent eye fatigue
– Help metabolisms of carbohydrate, fat, and protein

3) Person who need and appropriate period

– Person who takes anticonceptive pill and is in the period of pregnancy, lactiferous phase

– Radiation and alkali destroy Vitamin B2
– One must follows doctor’s direction when one gets prescription from a doctor

– Oral cavity, lips, skin, inflammation of genitalis

6) Food that contains Vitamin B2

– Unrefined crops, almond, lettuce, various seeds

C. Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

– Hydrosoluble
– When there is enough tryptophan, it is possible to combine in the body
– When B1, B2, B6 are lacked, it is impossible to produce niacin from tryptophan.
– Definitely needed to combine all sex hormone (estrogen, luteal hormone, testosterone) such as thyroxin, insulin, and cotison.
– Need to operate normal nerve system and brain function

– Promote health of digestive organ
– Make skin elastic
– Prevent strong headache and settle down the pain
– Promote blood circulation to decrease blood pressure
– Stop diarrhea
– Relief from painful syndrome
– Increase energy by helping the body to use ingested food
– Cure inflammation of oral cavity and lip. Prevent bad breath
– Reduce cholesterol density

3) Substance that destroys niacin

– Water, alcohol, processed food, estrogen, sulfa drugs, somnifacient

– Person who has high cholesterol needs to take more niacin than normal person
– It might be an initial symptom of niacin deficiency when skin becomes very sensitive to the sunlight

5) Food that contains Vitamin B3

– Beer yeast, unrefined crops, green vegetables, various seeds

D) Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)

– Hydrosoluble
– Normal growth, formulate cells
– Help to develop central nerve system
– Mandatory to operate adrenal gland
– Exchange fat and glucolysis to the energy
– Combine antibody
– It makes PABA and Choline use in the body

– Cure the scar quicker
– Formulate antibody and make them fight with infective virus
– Prevent fatigue
– Alleviate from side effect of various antibiosis substance

3) Substance that destroys pantothenic aid

– Heat, processed food, caffeine, sulfa drugs, estrogen, alcohol, canned food

– Glycopenia, duodenal ulcer, blood and skin ulcer

5) Food that contains Vitamin B5

– Various seeds, unrefined crops

E) Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)

– Hydrosoluble
– Vitamin B6 is made of pyridoxine, pyridoxamine, and pyridoxar
– Help to make antibody and red blood cell
– Required during the period of pregnancy, lactiferous phase
– Help to absorb vitamin
– Help to make hydrochloric acid and magnesium
– Does not contain toxic

– Help to absorb protein and fat and to exchange to niacin from essential amino acid
– Prevent various nerves, skin disease
– Relief from retching
– Promote a combination of nucleic acid
– Mitigate from neuritis of hands and feet
– Promote diuresis activity

3) Substance that destroys Vitamin B6

– Alcohol, estrogen, canned food, long storage

4) Person who needs and appropriate period

– Person who takes contraceptive pill
– Person who takes lots of protein
– Person who can’t remember dream

F) Vitamin B12 (cobalamin)

– Hydrosoluble
– Effective with small amount
– Calcium is required with Vitamin B12 to make positive effect with body
– Person who is in the period of pregnancy and lactiferous phase needed to take more Vitamin B12
– When thyroid gland is operating normally, B12 can absorb easier
– B12 deficiency appears 5 years later since B12 was totally consumed

– Produce red blood cell and prevent anemia
– Help to promote growth, appetite, and visual acuity of child
– Sustain healthy nerve system
– Increase effect of fat, protein, and carbohydrate
– Eliminate dysthesia
– Promote concentration and memory ability, and settle down a nerve

3) Substance that destroys Vitamin B12

– Acid, alkali, water, sunlight, alcohol, estrogen, somnifacient

– Malignancy anemia, dysfunction of brain

5) Person who needs and appropriate period

– Very effective with folate
– Person who takes lots of protein
– Very effective with other Vitamin B for a person who is in the period of menstruation

6) Food that contains Vitamin B12

– Immortal grass, comfrey, sea tangle, liquid of animal gallbladder

G) Vitamin B15 (pangamic acid)

– Extend life span of cells
– Mitigate from alcoholic withdrawal symptom
– Quick regain of fatigue
– Reduce cholesterol density of body: good for hypertension and arteriosclerosis
– Reduce the damage from air pollution
– Help to combine proteins
– Mitigate angina pectoris and asthma
– Prevent hepatic cirrhosis
– Stimulate immune reaction

2) Food that contains Vitamin B15

– Beer yeast, brown rice, unrefined wheat, seed of pumpkin, sesame

H) Vitamin H (biotin)

– Prevent gray hair
– Prevent baldhead
– Prevent eczema and dermatitis

2) Substance that destroys Vitamin H

– Water, sulfa drugs, estrogen, processed food, alcohol

3) Deficiency

– Eczema of face or body, extreme fatigue, problem with fatty metabolism

6) Vitamin F

– Fat-soluble
– Become an unsaturated fatty acid
– Help combustion of saturated fatty acid
– More Vitamin F will need, when a person ingests lots of carbohydrate

– Prevent from blocking artery by cholesterol
– Make healthy skin, hair
– Protect from harmful X-line
– Make cell accept Calcium (Growth of bones)
– Cure a heart disease
– Help to reduce weigh by combust saturated fatty acid

7) Vitamin P

– Hydrosoluble
– Help Vitamin C to ingested and operate its function
– Strengthen capillary and control the ability of absorption
– Help Vitamin C to make healthy body system

– Prevent bruise from contusion
– Increase immune system from infection
– Prevent bleed from gum
– Help to cure ear disease
– Mitigate body heat from climacteric female

3) Food that contains Vitamin P

– Seed of rose, wheat, cherry, mountain berry

8) Vitamin T (Vitamin T.V.T)

– Help to formulate thrombocyte and blood coagulation

– Prevent anemia, hemophilia

3) Food that contains Vitamin T

9) Calcium (Ca)

– Sesame contains much more Calcium that cheese and milk have
– Calcium and Iron is the most deficient mineral among the American female

– Make strong bones and tooth
– Sustain regular heartbeat
– Relief from insomnia and settle down nerves
– Help Iron metabolism in the body (prevent anemia)
– Promote transporting function of stimulation
– Relief the pain from menstruation by taking Calcium
– Relief the pain from nerve system problem by taking Calcium
– Person who has low blood glucose should take more calcium

3) Food that contains Calcium

– Various seeds, alfalfa, leaf of pepper, spinach, carrot, parsley, etc

– Control internal secretion, external secretion cell
– Related to muscle activity
– Help to formulate insulin
– Use for sustaining a balance of acid and alkali, settling blood condition
– Operate a prostate normally
– Very important for every genitalia
– Very important for brain function, and help to cure schizophrenia
– Most of Zinc is consumed during the process of food
– Combine DNA
– Combine protein

– Make quick recovery of body
– Eliminate a white spot from the fingernail
– Promote appetite
– Prevent dysfunction of genitalia
– Prevent dysfunction of prostate
– Promote growth
– Help to clear a mind
– Reduce deposit of cholesterol

3) Food that contains Zinc

– Seed of pumpkin, sunflower, unrefined crops, sea tangle, sedum, seaweed, wheat bran, and embryo bud of wheat

– Prostate dysfunction, arteriosclerosis

2. Mysterious effects of green sap

Green sap contains special nutrition such as Lutein, Choline, Germanium, which cleans and makes clear blood vessel and provide enough nutrition to reproduce cells. It protects body from various sources of diseases.

1) Sustain a balance of various nutrition of body

– The source of health life is from daily meal, but the source of unhealthy life is from inappropriate meal. That is why balanced nutrition is so important. We should balance our nutrition with appropriate meal. Vitamin and mineral deficiency slows down absorption of carbohydrate, protein and fat. Also imperfect eating habit makes body to waste stamina. Green sap is foundation of balanced nutrition, and it provides vitamin and mineral from natural vegetable and fruit sap.
Marrow green sap contains various vitamins, mineral, enzyme and most perfect water on the earth that our body need.
– Reproduce cells
– Increase ability of resistance
– Antidote
– Cardiotonic
– Settle down nerves
– Hemostasis process
– Clean blood vessels
– Skin care
– Cure all the origin of adult disease by cleaning bowel
– Normalization of physiological system
– Promote metabolism of body
– Sterilization
– Diuresis process
– Promote growth of infants
– Sleeping process
– Extend capillary vessel
– Clean blood vessel, emulsification
– Strengthen bones
– Upgrade body system
– Make people think positive way

2) Reproducing cells

– Human body is build of 60 kinds of cells, and each cell has their own life span. (Life span of blood cell is 120 days.) While dead cells are decomposed, new cells are created. We call senescence when dead cells are overwhelmed new created cells, and we call growth when new created cells are overwhelmed dead cells. Adolescences are having good stamina by balancing these two things. A million of normal person’s cells are dieing and creating everyday.
There are 3 important factors that become a foundation of dieing and creating cells. One is a weak alkali diathesis and the other one is positive and hopeful environment. Last one is the most crucial factor that is vitamin, mineral, and enzymes. Green sap and fruit sap satisfy all these factors almost perfectly.

3) Green sap’s detoxification

A) Toxin prevents reproduction of cells
– Normal metabolism can sustain healthy body. But the toxins that injected into the body mutate or destroy cells directly. Toxin intervene a reproduction of cell and normal metabolism
B) Green sap and detoxification
– Enzyme, vitamin, mineral and alkaloid in the green sap and fruit sap detoxicate the toxin (uric acid, lactate, carbon monoxide) in the system of body. If one drinks green and fruits sap continuously, one can see murky urine getting clear. This means blood is getting clear too, and it is possible to reproduce cells in this situation.

4) Purification of blood by green sap

– As we can say blood is a source of life, blood can show condition of body. Healthy and abundance blood means healthy body, but if blood has a dark-red color for a long time or stick blood that has a yellow color means that disease is existing in the body. So making a lucid blood also means making a healthy body. Lots of vitamin, mineral, enzyme and alkaloid in the green sap detoxicate toxin in the blood and help body to contain lucid blood.

5) Cleaning bowel by green sap (alimentary system)

– “Patients don’t have healthy alimentary system.” As this proverb mentioned, alimentary system is import organs in a sense, because it plays crucial role to spend for activation of human body. The most important part of alimentary system is bowel. Stercoral and garbage produced by eating heated food will prevent all the process of digest and absorb through the bowel. When toxin, which produced by various kinds of garbage from a body, is absorbed to the bowel, blood will be murky and changed to acidic and allergic constitution. Liver, which plays most important role to metabolism, will be damaged badly.
At this time, mineral salt, alkaloid and acid in the green sap melt the garbage in the bowel and take it out from the body. It helps to recover liver, and eliminate a source of adult disease.

6) Continuous talking green sap can improve one’s physical constitution

– Immune system is increasing by changing an acidic constitution to an alkali constitution, so it is possible to prevent virus disease such as allergy, flu, and hepatitis. Bones outflows huge amount of calcium to improve acidic constitution. But bones’ outflow of calcium will cause various kinds of diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and weaken ligament and nerve system. Sap of vegetables and fruits can change constitution and clean blood. It can heal the diseases that I mentioned above by blocking outflow calcium from the bones and providing organic calcium.

7) Green sap makes better fluidity (flow) of blood

– Relieve congestion
– Destroy and clean the substance that deposited in the blood vessel such as oxalic acid
– Si makes better fluidity of blood directly

8) Hematosis process and green sap

A) Compose Hematosis environment
– Make weak-alkali constitution (Alkaloid in the green sap neutralize various acids)
– Make lucid blood and hematosis system that is not contains toxin (detoxification: esp. potato sap)
– Compose hematosis environment by harmonized exercise and breath

B) Provide sufficient appropriate nutrition for hematosis
– “Blood is flow of live.” As this proverb says, enough clean and healthy blood represents health as whole. Various nutrition such as an alkali saline-kinds, citric acid, pentolinium tartrate, and malic acid neutralize and detoxicate toxic substances (uric acid, basic toxin, lactate).

Decrease ratio of cells and amount of each ages

9) Prevention of senescence

– Reduce decrease ratio of cell by increase activation of cell. As a result, it prevents senescence
– Turn gray hair into black
– It brings physical vitality and psychological vitality at the same time

10) Prevention and healing a disease

9 are the prevention and healing from various disease. Eliminating toxin from the body, providing nutrition normally, and taking enough relax will make automatic healing ability operating. It is very natural way that automatic healing system of body is curing disease by themselves.

3. Effect of mineral in the green sap

– Ca (calcium) + P (phosphorus) = Healthy bones and teeth
– Ca (calcium) + Mg (magnesium) = Healthy heart and blood vessel
– Ratio in the body is [Ca : P = 2 : 1], and ratio in the blood vessel is [Ca : P = 1 : 1]

– Healthy bones and teeth
– Regular heart beat
– Mitigate insomnia
– Help Fe metabolism in the body
– Promote nerve transmitting
– Settling nerve

– Rickets, halisteresis, osteoporosis

– Pain from the back
– Stomachache during menstruation
– Neuralgia during a growth period
– Good for hypoglycemia

– Major component of bone, joint, ligament, nerve, teeth and endoenteritis. Magnesium also makes these system stronger, processes oxidation and neutralization, promotes recovery ability, makes better systole diastole, settles down nerves and prevents arthritis

Food that contains Calcium

– Alfalfa, spinach, leaf of pepper, kale, parsley, black sesame, and raw crops that are not get any heat.

– Need for metabolism of CA, V, C P, Na, and K
– Upgrade a function of nerve and heart
– Exchange sugar to energy (energy metabolism)
– Famous for an anti-stress mineral
– Most of alcoholics are lack of Mg
– Overcome manic-depression
– Recommended dietary allowance: 300

400 mg/day
– Make healthy heart and blood vessel
– Make strong teeth, joint, ligament, and nerve lines
– Protect from adhering inorganic Ca to the blood vessel wall and organs
– Prevent from block of kidney blood vessel, kidney calculus, and biliary stone
– Mitigate apepsia
– Diuretic and alcohol is enemy of Mg
– Female who takes contraceptive pill and estrogen needs to take lots of Mg

Food that contains Magnesium

– Peanut kinds, seeds, vegetables (lettuce, mulberry leaves, thistle. fig, dandelion), alfalfa, chard, spinach

– Mg is a partner with Ca because it makes stronger bone, nerve, teeth, joint, and ligament than the Mg or Ca acts alone. Mg is a major element of chlorophyll, and sometimes called “chlorophyll is green blood” because Mg is same as hemoglobin which is major component of blood. Mg makes stronger nerve, lung cell, bone, joint, and ligament.

3) Manganese (Mn)

– Operate biotin, vB1, vC processes in the body
– Normal frame, strong bone
– Help to produce thyroxin, which is hormone of thyroid gland
– Help to ingest and absorb food
– Ability to reproduce cells
– Normal function of central nerve system
– Mitigate fatigue
– Promote reflex action
– Promote memory capacity
– Mitigate dysthesia, oversensitiveness by settling down a nerve

Food that contains Manganese
– Nut kinds, vegetable which has green leaf, pea, lettuce, mulberry leaves, thistle, fig, dandelion beets, unrefined crops,
Person who needs and appropriate period
– Person who has halo symptom often
– Person who has bad memory capacity
– Person who takes lots of milk and meat
– Control nerve system and promote memory capacity. It also makes to think and act smartly, and makes strong bones
Food that contains Manganese
– Parsley, raw vegetables

4) Potassium (K)

– Sustain a balance of water in the body by acting with Na
– Sustain regular heartbeat rhythm
– Potassium is acting inside of the cell, but sodium is acting outside of the cell
– There will be harmful effect to function of nerve and muscle if a balance of Na and K is broken
– Low blood glucose, long-term alimentary abstinence and diarrhea will destroy K in the body
– Make clear thought by sending O2 to the brain
– Help to excrete of garbage from the body
– Lower blood pressure and help to cure allergy
– Person who drinks coffee often will get tired easily and lack of K
– Person who drinks alcohol and likes sugar will be lack of K
– Person who has low blood glucose will lose K
– Person who takes diuretics lose more K
– Person who is on a diet by lowering carbohydrate will lose not only weigh but also K in the body
– One of the most import remedy of our body. Help to reproduce cells and operate diuresis with strong alkali. Needed to a metabolism and activity of cells and also give a flexibility to a system
– Potassium blocks abundant bleeding, and help to clotting
Food that contains Potassium
– Crude food such as fruits or dandelion, parsley, leaf mustard, beet, kale, sweet potato, radish, Beans-Lima, potato, alfalfa, Beans-Kidney

5) Silicon (Si)

– Make better fluid of blood and audition. It is major element of skin, fingernail, toenail, hair, teeth, joint, bone and ligament. It also called beauty art.
– Horseradish, Muskmelon, beet, leek, coconut, spinach, dandelion, etc

6) Chlorine (Cl)

– Balance of acid and alkali in the blood
– Clean a liver and kidney
– Help to digest
– Sustain a flexible body
– Odontectomy, depilation
Food that contains Chlorine
– Crude food such as olive, beets, dropwort, sea tangle, see weed, alfalfa, spinach, Horseradish, Dates, and leaf mustard
– Cleaning liver, kidney, gallbladder, lymphoepithelial, blood, various organs and cells. Upgrade function of lymphatic.

– Hemoglobin of red blood cell
– Myoglobin and other elements, which are pigment of muscle
– Fe (ferritin) that combined with protein stored in the body
– Exist in the myoglobin
– 10

18mg/day is required. Greatest at period of pregnancy and lactiferous phase
– Cupper, cobalt, manganese and Vitamin C are required to absorb Fe
– Fe is needed to Vitamin B’s metabolism
– Female requires 2 twice of Fe compare to male
– Develop immune system
– Cure diabetes, good quality of blood (Coffee of green tea will disturb to absorb Fe)
-> Blood is life and health. Fe helps to compose red blood cell that is major component of blood
Food that contains Fe
– Crude food such as peach, nuts-kind, Beans-kind, asparagus, oatmeal, molasses, alfalfa, lettuce, avocado, spinach, sea tangle, radish, cherries, potato, Bell Peppers, coconut, sesame, melon, brown seaweed, laver

– Sodium contributes to normal growth with Potassium
– K will be lacked when Na has been taken a lot
– Cause a hypertension by taking too much Sodium
– Sodium makes melt Calcium and other minerals
– Natural Sodium (active) melts inactive Sodium and protects from scale
– Protect extreme fatigue and sunstroke by the heat
– Help to operate normal function of nerve and muscle
– Activation of cells
– There should be side-effect if a person takes over 14g of Nacl daily
– Sometimes occurs neuralgia. Not good for digesting carbohydrate
Food that contains Sodium
– Celery, spinach, beet, carrot, Lettuce Romaine
-> Good for obesity, and cooled off a summer heat. Mitigate an oxypathy. (Occurred from problems of liver and kidney) It melts inorganic and inactivated calcium and takes out from a body.
When Na is lacked
– Rheumatoid
– Tingling legs
– Cold feet
– Swelled leg
– Furuncle
– Alopecia
– Rift tongue
– Headache
– Gaster ulcer
– Blister in the mouth, furuncle, and dysfunction of blood circulation

9) Phosphorus (P)

– Phosphorus needs VD and Ca to use
– The ratio between Ca and P should be a 2 : 1 (weak alkali constitution)
– Make general teeth, bones, joints, ligaments and nerve system
– Absorb niacin
– Help to operate normal function of heart
– Help to operate normal function of kidney
– Transmit stimulus to nerves
– Recommended dietary allowance: 800

– Female who is a period of lactiferous phase and pregnancy needs to take P
– Promote growth
– Help to reproduce cells
– Give energy to operate metabolism of fat and starch
– Mitigate a pain from arthritis
– Make strong teeth and gum
– Major component of teeth, bones, high energy ATP and fat so formulate cell membrane, blood vessel wall and phosphatide
– Pyorrhea alveolaris, rickets
Enemy of Phosphorus
– Excessive Fe, Al, Mg will reduce an effect of P, and Excessive P will break a balance of mineral and lack of C
Food that contains Phosphorus
– Unrefined crops, nuts kinds, lettuce, radish, alfalfa, garlic, spinach

10) Cupper (Cu)

– Produce hemoglobin by using Fe
– Take about 15 minutes to reach to blood
– Make thyroxin to color of hair and skin
– Utilize Vitamin C
– Help to absorb Fe
– Anemia, edema
Food that contains Cupper
– Beans kinds, wheat
-> Lacking Cupper will mutate bones and make them strong

11) Germanium (Ge)

-> Anticancer drug, antioxidants, good for liver and pancreas
– Immortal grass, comfrey, garlic, green onion

12) Chromium (Cr)

– Applied to metabolism of glucose with insulin
– Transport protein
– Promote a growth
– Prevent hypertension; increase blood pressure
– Prevent diabetes

– Arteriosclerosis, diabetes

Food that contains Chromium
– Embryo bud of wheat, potato, egg, corn oil, yeast of beer, provide of Zn can protect lacking Cr

13) Cobalt (CO)

– Composition factor of B12
– Help to compose red blood cell
– Have to take them by food
– Prevent anemia
– Anemia

14) Fluorine

– Formulate sodium fluoride or calcium fluoride (natural substance), make strong teeth and prevent tooth decay
– Make bones strong

– 2/3 of Iodine in the body is in the thyroid gland
– Every gland contains Iodine
– Lacking Iodine
– Burn some fat and balance a weigh
– Promote growth (with at the thymus gland)
– Provide stamina of body
– Increase activities of mentality
– Make healthy hair, fingernail, skin, and teeth
– Person who eats lots of raw lettuce can lack of Iodine
– Goiter, malfunction of thyroid gland

16) Molybdenum (Mo)

– Help metabolism of carbohydrate and fat
– Major substance to use Fe in the body
– Prevent anemia
– Promote healthy body
Food that contains Molybdenum
– Green vegetables, unrefined crops, bean kinds

17) Selenium (Se)

– Anti-oxidation substance with VE
– Prevent stiffen of system and senescence
– Male requires more Se than woman
– Because Se is coming out with semen, men have to provide lots of Se
– Flexibility of system
– Helpful to cure climacteric and body heat
– Prevent and cure a dander
– Mitigate or detoxification of carcinogenic substance

– Lose stamina faster compare to aging
– Producing over 5ppm may produce toxicity with them
Food that contains Selenium
– Embryo bud of wheat, onion, tomato, brokery

– Make healthy hair, skin, fingernail and toenail
– Sustain balance O2 to operate function of brain well
– Help to operate fundamental body metabolism with Vitamin B (v. B) (digestion, energy)
– Part of amino acid, which is system protein
– Accelerate bilious fluor in the liver
– Make strong skin and glossy hair
– Prevent infection from bacteria
– Possibility of side effect by using huge amount of inorganic sulfur
Food that contains Sulfur
– Lettuce, leaf of radish, bean kinds, leaf of mustard

– Control enzyme system, and preserve cells
– Help to combine protein
– Relate to the muscle contraction (elasticity of muscle)
– Help to formulate insulin
– Stable blood condition, balance between acid and alkali
– Make prostate function well
– Play important role to develop genitalia
– Zinc is very useful to operate brain function
– Help to cure schizophrenia
– Zn is needed to synthesize DNA
– 3mg of Zn will be lost if body sweat excessively
– Most of Zn will be eliminated in the process of manufacturing food
– Heal wound from inside or outside of our body
– Eliminate white spot on the fingernail
– Make body keep having a good appetite
– Helpful to the dysfunction of genitalia
– Promote growth
– Make brain think distinctly
– Reduce a deposit of cholesterol
– There is a case the impotent was cured completely by providing Vitamin B6 and Zinc.
– There is a possibility of side effect when one takes food that was storage in the bowl, which covered with Zinc
Food that contains Zinc
– Embryo bud of wheat, yeast of bear, seed of pumpkin

1) Vitamin A (vA)

– Fat-soluble
– Mineral and fat is required to digest system
– It is possible to store vA in the body
– vA

1) Feature of vA

2) Pro vitamin A (carotene)

– Recommended dietary allowance is 10.000 IU (vary for weigh)
– Protect of visual acuity, prevent night blindness and eye disease
– Increase the resistance of respiratory systema infection
– Recover disease more quickly
– Maintain health of stratum externum of organs
– Promoting growth; making strong bones and healthy skin, hair teeth and gum
– Help to cure emphysema and hyperthyroidism
– External use helps to cure pimple, impetigo, glandula cutis, and skin ulcer

Food that contains Vitamin A
– Alfalfa, carrot, spinach, kale, parsley, dropwort, dandelion, sweet potato, and greenish yellow vegetables

2) Vitamin B1 (Thiamin)

– Hydrosoluble
– People have to provide Vitamin B1 because it cannot store in the body
– Interdependence activity with Vitamin B (balance B1, B2, B6)
– Vitamin B1 is related to the mental condition and nerve system
– Promoting growth
– Help to digest, especially digestion of carbohydrate
– Promoting mental condition
– Maintain health of Nerve system, joint, ligament, bone, teeth, and gum
– Effective for seasickness, airsickness
– Relief pain after teeth-related surgery
Food that contains Vitamin B1
– Wheat, oatmeal, peanut, greenish yellow vegetables
Enemy of Vitamin B
– Easily destroy by heat
– Weak for caffeine, alcohol, process food, air, water, sugar, cigarette, estrogen, and sulfa drug
– Person who is in the lactiferous phase, takes contraceptive pill, and gets lot of stress needs lots of thiamin
Food that contains Vitamin B
– Wheat, oatmeal, peanut, greenish yellow vegetables, various seeds

3) Vitamin B2 riboflavin (Vitamin G)

– Hydrosoluble
– It not store in the body
– Strong resistance of heat and acid
– Help to grow and reproduce cell
– Skin, fingernail, hair
– Mitigate the inflammation of lips, tongue, and oral cavity
– Prevent fatigue of eye; improve visual acuity
– Help carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism
– Very effective when one takes with other Vitamin B
– When one takes contraceptive pill chronically, or one is in the lactiferous phase of pregnancy definitely need lots of Vitamin B2
– One who tried server diet therapy for ulcer and diabetes for a long time might lack of Vitamin B2

4) Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)

– Hydrosoluble
– It should be provided every day because it is incapable of store in the body
– Vitamin B6 is made of pyridoxine, pyridoxic acid, and pyridoxamine
– Recommended dietary allowance of Vitamin B6 of person, who takes high protein, increases.
– Help to make antibody and red blood cell
– Require lots of Vitamin B6 to person who is in the lactiferous phase
– Digest and absorb magnesium with other vitamins
– Help to makes hydrochloric acid
– Convert essential amino acid tryptophan to niacin
– Prevent various nerve and skin diseases
– Alleviate retching
– Promoting synthesis of nucleic acid that prevents senescence
– Mitigate a leg cramp, tingling of hand, and hand-foot neuritis
– Promoting diuresis activity
– Person who can’t remember a dream needs to ingest Vitamin B
– Anemia, dermatitis seborrhoica, glossitis
Food that contains Vitamin B6
– Embryo bud of wheat, lettuce, milk, egg, yeast of beer, melon, wheat bran,

5) Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin)

– Hydrosoluble
– Known as cyanocobalamin
– Unique vitamin that contains essential minerals
– Calcium is required to take an action in the body
– Person who is in the lactiferous phase or pregnancy definitely needs lots of Vitamin B12
– B12 can absorb smoothly when thyroid gland functions well
– Deficiency of Vitamin B12 will appear after 5 years since the stored Vitamin B12 consumed
– Promote and reproduce red blood cell; prevent anemia
– Promoting growth, appetite, and physical stamina of child
– Maintaining health of nerve system
– Promote efficiency of fat, carbohydrate, and protein
– Settle down nerves and eliminate dysthesia
– Advance concentration and memory capability
– Vitamin B12 works effectively with folate
– Person who takes lots of protein needs to ingest Vitamin B12
– Vitamin B12 functions with other vitamin B or vitamin A, B, C for a definite term
– Vitamin B12 with other vitamin B is very good for a person who is in the menstruation
Food that contains Vitamin B12
– Immortal grass, comfrey, grape fruit
– Dysfunction brain, pernicious anemia

6) Vitamin B15 (pangamic acid)

– Hydrosoluble
– Antioxidant effect as vitamin E
– Increase the effect by ingesting with vitamin A, E
– Extend life span of cells
– Mitigate withdrawal symptom from alcohol
– Recover from fatigue more quickly
– Reduce cholesterol density in the blood
– Reduce damage from polluted substances
– Help a protein synthesis
– Mitigate asthma and angina
– Protect from hepatic cirrhosis
– Stimulate immune system and prevent katzenjammer
– Weak to the water and sunlight
Food that contains Vitamin B15
– Yeast of bear, brown rice, wheat, seed of pumpkin, sesame

7) Vitamin B17 Laetrile (amygdaline)

– 23 states in the U.S approve as an anticancer therapy
– Vitamin B17 is compound of cyanide and benzaldehyde
– Vitamin B17 uses as an anticancer therapy
– Laetrile should ingest as small amount as 0.25

Food that contains Vitamin B17
– Seed of cherry, apple, peach, apricot

– Hydrosoluble
– Required for Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)’s synthesis
– Help fat and protein metabolism
– Egg white prevents absorption of biotin
– Organic relationship with Vitamin B2, B6, B3, A
– Maintain health of skin
– Prevent black hair turns into gray-hair
– Prevent alopecia; mitigate myalgesia
– Mitigate eczema and dermatitis
– Eczema of face or body, extreme fatigue, worsen fat metabolism
Food that contains VH
– Nuts-kind, fruit, yeast of beer, brown rice, bean-kinds, yolk
– Weak to water, sulfa drug, estrogen, food processing, and alcohol

9) Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

– Hydrosoluble
– Plays important role in the system, cell, gum, blood vessel, bone and teeth’s growth and reproduce
– Plays important role to make collagen
– Help to ingest and absorb Fe
– Person who is in the lactiferous phase definitely needs lots of Vitamin C
– Prevent pia mater disease of infant
– One cigarette destroys 25mg of Vitamin C
– Cure a scar, burn, and bleeding of gum
– Quicker recover after surgery
– Reduce a cholesterol density; prevent arteriosclerosis and drops hypertension
– Prevent virus infection by making healthy Lymphocyte (white blood cells)
– Treat constipation
– Prevent thrombus in the vein
– Prevent and cure a cough effectively
– Antioxidation ability will turns oxidative substance into reducible substance
– Weakening a cause substance of allergy
– Prevent (vitamin deficiency) scurvy
Food that contains Vitamin C
– Lemon juice, parsley, all kinds of fruits, lettuce, flower of vegetables, strawberry, green pepper, radish, leafs, fresh vegetables

– Weak to water, heat, sunlight, oxygen, cigarette, cook
– Carbon monoxide destroys Vitamin C
– Person who uses contraceptive pill needs more Vitamin C than others

10) Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)

– Hydrosoluble
– Help to formulate cells, to promote normal growth, and to develop central nervous system
– Essential to operate a function of adrenal gland
– Essential to the fat and glucose metabolism
– Help to synthesis with antibody and use of PABA
– Promote healing ability
– Make white blood cell fight with infection virus
– Mitigate the shock after surgery
– Prevent an extreme fatigue
– Mitigate various side effects of antibody
– One who has pricking hand and foot needs to increase pantothenic acid
– Mitigate the stress
– Mitigate the pain from the arthritis
Food that contains vitamin B5
– Unrefined crops, embryo bud of wheat, green vegetables, beer yeast, Nut-kinds,
– Glycopenia, duodenal ulcer,

– One kinds of vitamin among the Vitamin B series
– Choline is an anti-fatty vitamin, which prevents solidification of fat
– Related to the fat and cholesterol metabolism
– Choline makes a chemical substance that helps memory capability
– Cholesterol contains an ability that clears artery and gallbladder
– Control a cholesterol density
– Promoting memory capability
– Increasing detoxificating ability by promoting liver function
– Help to make people calm
– Person who stimulated easily needs to increase the Choline ingestion
Food that contains Choline
– Green and yellow vegetables, embryo bud of wheat, beer yeast, lecithin, yolk
– Water, sulfa acid, estrogen, processed food, alcohol

12) Vitamin E (tocopherol)

– Fat-soluble
– Stored in the organs that contains lots of fat such as heart, muscle, testis, uterus, adrenal gland and pituitary gland
– There are four kinds of tocopherol () and four kinds of tocotrienol in the food, and the most common and most active element is alpha-tocopherol, which also known as pronoun of vitamin E
– Vitamin E is operating antioxidation, but prevent an oxidation of vitamin A, Se, sulfa, amino acid, vitamin C
– Prevent an oxidation of fat compound
– Promote vitamin A activation
– Use as vasodilator, anticoagulation
– Sustain young and healthy body by prevent senescence of cells
– Increase durability, and provide oxygen to the various organs
– Protect lungs from the pollution by activating vitamin A
– Prevent blood coagulation
– Mitigate fatigue
– Prevent scar on the skin
– Quicker recover from burn
– Decrease blood pressure by acting as an uragogue
– Help to prevent an abortion
– Inorganic iron destroys vitamin E
– Person who takes lots of vegetable oil, animal fat needs to take more vitamin E
– Person who drinks taps Choline sterilized water needs to take more VB
– Woman who takes contraceptive, hormonagogue, and who is in the lactiferous phase, pregnancy needs to take more vitamin E
– Climacteric woman needs to increase vitamin E intake
– Disturb an destroy of vessel wall

– Heat, oxygen, temperature under 0 degree, processing period of food, Fe, chlorine, minerals

Foot that contains Vitamin E
– Embryo bud of wheat oil, bean-oil, corn-oil, cottonseed oil, vegetables, unrefined crops, egg, sesame, green perilla, pumpkin seed, walnut, pin nuts, bean-kinds, liver of cow and pig

13) Vitamin F (essential unsaturated fatty acid= linolic acid, linoleic acid and arachidonic acid)

– Fat-soluble
– Help to combust saturated fatty acid
– Disturb a cholesterol deposit in the artery
– Sustain healthy skin and hair
– Protect from the X-ray’s harmful effect
– Assist a gland operation
– Promote growth and sustain healthy body by making cells to receive Ca
– Aid to cure a heat disease
– Reduce weight (combust saturated fatty acid)
Foot that contains Vitamin F
– Embryo bud of wheat, seed of flax, seed of sunflower, seed of red flower, beans, peanuts, walnut, almond, avocado, pecan
– Eczema, pimple, arteriosclerosis, heart disease, senescence

14) Vitamin M (folate)

– Hydrosoluble
– Vitamin M is one of the vitamin B series, which helps to produce red blood cell
– Aid a protein metabolism
– Woman who is in the pregnancy lactiferous phase needs to take twice amount of Vitamin E
– Suggested intake: 400mg
– Plays important role to produce nucleic acid
– Aid to reproduce cells that compose a human body
– Help to operate normal glucose and amino acid metabolism
– Vitamin M would be destroyed in the temperature over the 20 degree
– Promote milk secretion
– Prevent parasite and food poison in the intestines
– Make stronger skin
– Sometimes used as an anodyne
– Prevent gray hair if one takes vitamin M with VB6 and PABA
– Promoting appetite
– Protect body from the ulcer of mucous coat in the mouth
– Prevent anemia
– Protect against melasma

– Water, sulfa acid, sunlight, estrogen, alcohol and heat

Food that contains Vitamin M
– Deep green vegetables, carrot, melon, pumpkin, avocado, beans-kind, wheat, bean, tuna, nuts-kind, liver, etc

– Erythrocyte anemia, weakening receptivity

15) Vitamin B3 Niacin (nicotin acid)

– Hydrosoluble
– Can be synthesis in the body by the tryptophan
– Tryptophan cannot synthesize niacin if vitamins B1, B2, B6 are deficient
– A person’s characteristic can be bad if niacin is lacked
– Help to synthesize sex hormone such as a coition, thyroxin, and insulin
– Sustain healthy nerve system and normal brain function
– Promote health of digestive system, and mitigate the pain from disturbance gastrointestinal
– Relief a pain and prevent a migraine headache
– Make elastic skin
– Reduce a blood pressure by promoting blood circulation
– Stops diarrhea
– Mitigate the very discomfort feeling from the buckwheat seed symptom
– Increase energy by nutrition metabolism of ingested food
– Eliminate bad breathe from the mouth, and cure an inflammation of the oral cavity
– Prevent cholesterol
– One should take more niacin if one has cholesterol problem
– Skin will be sensitive to the sunlight when niacin is lacked

– Water, sulfa drug, alcohol, processed food, estrogen, somnifacient
Foot that contains Vitamin B3
– Unrefined food, wheat, beer yeast, embryo bud of wheat, peanut, avocado, jujube, fig

16) Vitamin P (Bioflavonoid)

– Hydrosoluble
– Made of flavones, flavonol, Lutein, hesperidins
– Help vitamin P to ingest and operate their function well
– Flavonoid is an object that makes orange color
– Substance that sustain permeability (P is abbreviate form of permeability)
– Make strong blood capillary, and control a absorption ability
– Help vitamin C to sustain health of body
– Prevent from destruction and oxidation of vitamin C
– Reinforce the blood capillary wall, and prevent bruise on the body
– Increase resistance of hepatitis
– Help to cure bleeding of gum
– Help to cure the disease from inside of the ear and dizziness
– Women who are in the critical age can mitigate body heat by increasing amount of vitamin C and vitamin P
Food that contains vitamin P
– Tangerine-kinds, lemon, orange, white rind part grapefruit, thin skin that covers grapefruit, apricot, cherry, seed of rose, mountain strawberry, buckwheat powder
– Weakening blood capillary. Easily bruise

17) Vitamin PA, Vitamin BA (Para-amino guaiacol benzoate)

– Hydrosoluble
– Synthesis in the body
– Help a synthesis of hydrochloric acid
– Play important role at protein metabolism
– Blocks and protect skin from sunlight
– Help absorption of pantothenic acid
– Make gray hair to black
– Protect skin from the sunburn
– Mitigate the pain from the burn
– Sustain healthy and smooth skin
– Prevent wrinkling
– Water, sulfa drug, processed food, alcohol, estrogen

18) Vitamin C (v. C)
– Acerola, grape fruit, kale, alfalfa, broccoli, apple, lemon, orange, pineapple,

19) Niacin
– Kale, corn, potato, mugwort, dried yeast, radish tops, peas, ramaria flava

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