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These seeds can produce plants that are fantastic in both appearance, and effect. One of the most typically indica strains, White Russian is a stable cross of AK-47 and White Widow (a prize winning indica clone). Medium height, consistent plants and dense, very resinous flower tops (crystals appear after about 5 weeks of flowering). With such a strong indica background, the plants smell quite strong during both their growth and flowering period. Significantly sweeter though with plenty of dankness on the nose, Snow White has the kind of bag appeal that’s practically irresistible.

Not to mention, the fact that her relatively fast-growing plants can also deliver an unstoppable yield of more than 700g for every square meter. Created in 2012 working with Norstar Genetics cut of Hell’s OG, Dioxide and I pollinated a small cutting with my JTR male and made a small run of seeds. I thought maybe some demonic name but I had a quick idea to name it after Jesus afterall he was a user of cana Bosium. The strain has gone on to win awards and be used by countless other breeders to start there breeding lines. These are the last of the originals as the father plant was lost and while we work with a new male this original cross is limited. Younger generation Young boys and girls Be careful of the seeds you show If you want fi see a strong tree grow You gotta prepare for the future Show respect don't neglect mother nature All the pollution in this world Me just can't stand it Global warming make the whole world panic Take care of mother earth cause'a she be the planet Youth man don't go astray Fresh trees, young seeds all tryin' to find the light Stretchin' out their limbs to the sun, acting right Help them keep their life on track Watch over like a satellite Tell them when to stop and go like a traffic light Many obstacles to overcome in the city life Making sure they stay pure, teach them what's wrong from right Seed brings forth new life.

How to Grow Seeds Indoors Without Lights or Heat Pads. A mixture of sandalwood and damp soil makes up the earthy profile of this strain, underlined by a pungent skunky undertone. Its flavors have a pronounced sourness that, with each inhale, its acrid smoke leaves users puckering up with its tangy aftertaste of lemons. Using yellow sticky traps greatly helps to control the population of adults (and also to detect their presence), since they’ll stick to these traps letting us know they’re threatening our plants. Also, our grow room should be clean and free from insects and dead plant matter and we should disinfect all growing tools and equipment (scissors, pots, etc.) between harvest and sowing. Removing other plants and/or weeds (especially outdoors) is also useful, since they could be used by thrips to propagate and infect our plants later on. As said, all cannabis plants smell, but it is possible to minimize the smell and in some cases even remove it. I know a lot of people say you're risking bud-rot and mold in the higher RH values, but my girls love it, and the only reason I have PM in either area right now is because it established during summer in a nearby veggie garden (which was also pretty badly infected with aphids). I've also suffered PM at lower RH values, and have seen it persist at values as low as 30%. I know that's not the only issue, just as I know that someday I probably *am* going to see bud-rot or some other problem with the higher RH (just like I'm having RA problems for the first time ever), but for now I watch 'em like a hawk and try to learn as best I can. Cookies & Cream is an indica/sativa variety from Exotic Genetix and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±60 days ) and outdoors . Exotic Genetix' Cookies & Cream is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds. A particular strain at one dispensary might be more enjoyable than the same strain at another dispensary. This marijuana thrives in a humidity range of not more than 55 percent. When the plants are vegetating, maintain the level of humidity between 50- 55 percent. Once they begin to flower, reduce this level up to 40 percent. If the humid levels are too high, your plants will end up suffering from bud rot. Regulate the humidity according to the stage they are in to ensure that you get higher yields. In a composted soil environment, the nutrients are being broken down at the roots gradually in the soil, making it difficult for a cannabis plant to take in more than it needs! Detox Drink Test #1: Rescue Detox Blueberry Ice Instant Cleansing Energy. From a self proclaimed recreational connoisseur of 14 years, from the cbd to the schwag, to the brick, to the kush, to the hash, to the edibles, to the wax.. I prefer Indica dominant strains over Sativas anytime of any day and 'BLUEBERRY' has remained in my Top 5 stash keepers. The looks of this bud never seems to ever impress me much. Bright green, dense, lightly misted in Trichomes, not many protruding hairs. The sweet, creamy, tangy taste keeps me coming back but hits me hard enough to make me put it down for a while. If you like heavy hitters that make you sing melodies unheard of..

I'de take the Original Blueberry over its offspring Blue Dream. All you have to do is sharpen the ends and soak it in water. Good to know: The first 1,000 customers on Saturday, opening day, will get a free chocolate chip cookie with purchase. The dessert bar will be open seven days a week from 10 a.m.

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