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We used Light Mix with a bit of Bio Super Mix to enrich the soil composition. The chosen cannabis strains to grow were: Autoflowering seeds come from indica or sativa plants which were crossed with the ruderalis plant. This cannabis plant is situated in areas with short summers.

Because of this, the ruderalis plant starts blooming automatically in a short period of time. The ruderalis cannabis plant is found mainly in Northern Europe, Russia and neighbouring countries such as China and Mongolia. This plant contains less THC than the indica and sativa types, which is the reason why they are crossed. The result of crossing the ruderalis plant with an indica or sativa plant is a fast blooming variant with a high THC production and good flower heads. If trusted friends in a comfortable place surround you, you should have the support you need to get you through a bad high, being too stoned, or simply feeling a little worse for wear! But you can avoid any of the above by taking your time, not being embarrassed to pass your turn once or twice until you feel better, and listening to your gut when you think enough is enough!

In the photo above, you'll see Jolene's first pre-drink test. The "C" on the test stands for "Control." The line next to it appears whether the test is negative or positive. The "T" stands for "Test." If a line appears in "T," the test is negative. As you can see above, Jolene was not able to produce a "T" line because she is high af. | For a proper yield, Banana Kush plants must be trimmed regularly to promote the development of the crop. It has been a beautiful season of our lives… our children are growing and thriving, as is my garden, my imagination, as am I! The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a secure seed bank built on the Arctic Svalbard Archipelago in Norway, the furthermost north location habitable and reachable by commercial airplanes. It was built in 1984 in a repurposed abandoned coal mine, which puts the major part of the vault deep in the side of one of the largest mountains on the island of Spitsbergen, “while the entrance might be visible, the Vault itself is over 100 meters into the mountain” [1] . The Vault itself was imagined and designed to contain and protect over 4.5 million seed samples from (more or less) any and all possible threats: war, natural disasters, ecological disaster, extinction… The location was not chosen solely for that reason, as Svalbard is described as “a working environment and perhaps more importantly represents the nexus of a global network of economic and political interests” [2] . The initiative came from a century-old failing movement to protect seeds of plants with a declining or endangered population. After the failure of multiple vaults around the world, this remote location was chosen to host a new type of vault. It is described as a global initiative to best all previous seed reserves through a complex network of international cooperation and funding. However this project introduces questions of technical efficiency, biology and ethics. These aspects shall be elaborated and assessed to examine the legitimacy and feasibility of such a herculean endeavor. Awards Info Best Overall Car/Truck sponsored by West Fenwick Car Wash: $100 People's Choice Award: $100. In states where recreational cannabis isn’t legal, understanding the different patterns of enforcement is key. Earlier this month, New York City stopped arresting people for smoking weed in public, opting instead for a court summons and a $100 fine. Statistics also show that cops treat cannabis possession very differently depending on race. The ACLU reports cannabis use is "roughly equal among Blacks and whites, yet blacks are 3.73 times as likely to be arrested" for possession. Bat guano is amongst the favourite organic phosphorus heavy food sources. It will also improve the flavour of your final product. Simply top dress your medium and water it into your plants. It will help the roots grow stronger, and buds grow fatter.

This high-yielding variety is the perennial favourite for gigantic colas of the kind which, back in the 1980s, were known as ‘donkey dicks’. Big Bud began its career as an Afghan x Skunk clone line which, thanks to the Sensi Seeds breeders, has been refined, back-crossed, reinforced and fine-tuned to result in one of the highest yielding strains on the planet. The buds of 5 Alive are compact and dense, with a bright yellow-green color and dark brown pistils that poke out over the frosty covered trichomes. How to identify female plants if starting out with regular bagseed? “I recently learned Kush cannabis comes from the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan.” I've been smoking weed for 2 years now, I started smoking regs and then moved on to some grade A if not B+ grade weed. People have told me they've smoked the same strain but not as strong as mine, so I know I'm smoking fire stuff.

At the "joint" where fan leaves meet the stem, you'll find two little green hairs (sometimes called "stipules").


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