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A cross of The White and Glass Slipper, the aptly named strain takes its positively frost covered appearance from the former, with a microscope inspection revealing milky white trichomes. You will love the amazing scent of ripe pineapple, sweet citrus and a hint of earthiness like a tropical drink served in a fresh coconut that omits from this luscious bud. This is the absolute worst strain for a staring contest, though, as you’ll feel it mostly in your head and shoulders, providing light pain relief and no anxiety, but a bit of dry mouth and eyes. The yellow tips will eventually turn rusty brown and crispy.

If you do not correct the problem, you may also notice the burn slowly spreading from the tips to the whole leaf. At this point, if you haven’t done so already, you should immediately treat your plant (directions below) before there’s more damage. How To Tell If Your Female Cannabis Plant Has Been Pollinated. Everything you need to know when planting your seeds from Eden Brothers. Into our SeedShop-Radar you will find actual reduced strains or offers separately, we monitor only serious shops - a good place to grab a bargain! You also can use the search to find strains by commercial availibility and prices. Quote from a customer: “Super frosty plant and a good yielder. Produces lots of sugar leaf trim loaded with trics [trichomes].” - Glenn L.

Once the right conditions occur, the taproot starts burrowing through the shell of the seed. Purple Caper Seeds' Chocolate Hashberry is a cupwinning variety and won the 13th Place at the The Emerald Cup 2016 in the category Outdoor, submitted by Bon Vivant! While vape pens have become a wildly popular way to consume concentrates, primarily for their ease of use and discretion, many seasoned stoners prefer to vaporize their highly potent concentrates with a dab rig . With a similar design to the traditional bong, a dab rig is usually made of borosilicate glass and utilizes a nail or banger instead of a bowl. You need a tray to hold your untrimmed buds, one to hold your newly trimmed buds, and the last one to hold your ‘trim’ (the plant matter you cut off the buds). Make sure you have consistent airflow across your entire plot. Depending on the size of your grow room, you can achieve this easily. All you need is a portable fan on one side of the space, and an exhaust fan on the other side facing the ceiling. According to a poll released by the Society for Human Resource Management, about 57 percent of American companies subject employees to drug tests. That’s down significantly from 81 percent in 1996, possibly because employers are finding it increasingly difficult to find quality candidates who are able to pass. So yes detox drinks expire, and I would recommend you always have fresh detox drink at home, ready to use a moments notice. The best detox drinks for drug test success will always be stronger when they are fresh. Bonus pic: Closeup look at cannabis trichomes – some of these ones are touched with purple. Certain marijuana strains flourish indoors, while others provide spectacular yields outside. With OG Kush, you can expect it to provide more weed when grown outdoors , but it is certainly a great strain to keep in a specialized grow room in your home. If you’re concerned about the size of the buds, consider a SOG or SCROG method (or one of the various training techniques) to boost your yield. On average, OG Kush provides 17 ounces per square meter planted indoors, and its flowering time is eight weeks. As a bonus to doubling up, setting up more than one bulb per socket can often be cheaper than buying an individual light socket for each light, especially if you buy online. It also is really convenient for arranging CFL bulbs around your plant. Whether you’re interested in packing a pipe for a personal smoking session or preparing a bowl for a party, understanding these fundamental principles will help optimize your bowl-smoking experience. To be honest, this may not be the most practical method on our list as you can expect to get noticeably higher utility bills. Furthermore, the taste may not be the best, although potency will not be adversely affected. In today’s market, there are lots of products and tools related to cannabis use. Stamped receivers, on the other hand, are made by taking a thinner piece of steel and molding it into the shape of the receiver, then using rivets to add the additional parts. They are much lighter and a lot easier to mass produce – which is why most modern AKs will have stamped receivers.

Add a few drops of essential oil such as ylang ylang or jasmine.

Peppermint or black pepper essential oil can add a little heat if that's your flavour. Challenge: 1 (easy) With a shorter height and faster flowering period, Royal Jack Auto puts classic Jack Herer buds within reach of novice growers. This version stays true to the original strain, with medical-grade head highs and Jack's signature spicy aroma. Pair this one with White Widow and your first few grows will feature a Dutch duo that's hard to beat. Drill or cut a ½ inch (1.5 cm) hole on the opposite end and use the remaining pieces of the bamboo stick to carve a small bowl for your pipe which you will then fit in the hole you just made.


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