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Due to its full-body effects and high CBD content , this strain is one of the most popular choices for patients with body pain . It is especially useful if you are suffering from a degenerative condition. Purple Cheese is also used by individuals with depression and it may provide you with some benefit if you suffer from an anxiety disorder .

Эта мера только для подтверждения Вашего возраста, мы не используем и не сохраняем Вашу личную информацию. Purple Diesel plants blend in when placed among other plants due to their medium stature and somewhat muted bud coloring. The plant’s densely packed purple leaves do, however, add a pleasing burst of color to the plant’s overall appearance. Possibly one of the best known commercially available detox drinks on the market, Rescue Detox drinks are pretty effective. They come in a range of flavors and work within just a few hours. To use, you have to avoid eating for five hours prior to drinking the concoction. An hour or two before testing, drink the full bottle and refill with water twice. Once you’ve drank the whopping 1.5 liters of liquid, pee three times and you should be good to go clean for the nest 3-5 hours.

The Cannabis Grow Bible is targeted at a wide range of skill levels, with detailed information of every aspect of growing from basic to very advanced. However, beginners may find it easy to get bogged down in the details, as the breadth and depth of the topics covered is staggering. I did not take pictures along the way but I think it is easy enough to figure this one out. Read the full article about male vs female cannabis plants (and learn how to use cloning to identify the sex of young plants while they’re still in the vegetative stage – advanced only!): Follow these steps and you will be harvesting your plants in a few months: Can I smoke weed after tooth extraction? I’m not a doctor and I can’t possibly be familiar with your individual case. But what I can tell you for sure is that weed helps decrease pain, which is common in this case scenario and you will get the ability to fight off inflammation using natural ingredients and natural help. The most common side effect that might occur is dry mouth, but if you consume a lot of water it won’t be the case. Compressed CO2 (available at local welding supply stores, as well as some hydroponic stores) 2. Pressure regulator, Flow Meter and Solenoid valve 3. Either a CO2 PPM monitor / controller or a regulator with timer 4. Connecting tubing, fittings and adapters (usually comes with your set) Also, when germinating the seeds, make sure the top layer of the soil stays moist but don’t overdo it. Once your plant sprouts, make sure the area near the stem remains dry. The main sign of a cannabis plant being overwatered are the droopy leaves, though other symptoms often appear around the same time! There are several marijuana dispensaries in Boston including Ermont, Garden Remedies, NETA, and Patriot Care. Patriot Care is a downtown Boston marijuana dispensary located on Milk Street. They have a large selection of marijuana strains starting at just $25 an eighth. NETA is a Brookline dispensary located to the southwest of downtown Boston. You’ll find them at 160 Washington Street in Brookline. Ermont is a Boston dispensary in West Quincy near the Quarry Hills district. They have some of the best weed deals in Boston with new patients receiving a $25 discount on their first two orders over $50. If you’re looking for a dispensary near Newton, Garden Remedies is the place to go. They’re located at 697 Washington Street in Newton.

If a clone produces pollen, you know its parent is a male. Conversely, if the clone begins to flower (look for those pistils), you know its parent is female. Now you can remove all male parents leaving only the females behind to flower.

No pollen, no seeds, only happy girls and bountiful buds. When it comes to smoking marijuana or consuming cannabis products, it's against the law to light up in any public place. This means that you can't smoke a joint on the sidewalk, in a state or federal park, or in any other public place, including private property if it's close enough to a public space where people can smell the smoke. The best places for consumers to light up are in private homes, medical marijuana collective social clubs, or at marijuana friendly hotels. Red Dragon from Barneys Farm is available only as feminized seeds.


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