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Still, even with those issues, Dry-Ice Hash is incredibly easy to make and if you follow a few easy safety guidelines like wearing oven mitts, the dry-ice won’t cause any problems and ends up being easier to make overall. Yet none but an enthusiast or fanatic could condemn it as iniquitous. Shepherd’s purse is actually a Brassicacae and part of the Mustard family along with cabbage.

This flowering annual produces heart-shaped seedpods after flowering. It likes cool weather and its yellowish-brown seeds are long-lived in the ground. The tongue has nothing to do with making smoke rings. The first step that you need to consider doing is to get the tongue out of the way, especially if you want to blow perfect circles. Place it flat at the bottom of your mouth and forget that it exists. The tongue might break the smoke, and you will fail in creating rings out of the smoke. However, a carbon filter is only effective when it’s combined with a ventilation system. The ventilation system has to push all the air through the charcoal filter. A ventilation system in combination with a carbon filter often takes quite a lot of space.

This indica dominant hybrid (70%) is a cross of Crocket’s Banana Kush and Strawberry Bubblegum, and was developed by those crazy creative geniuses at Serious Seeds. It is a mainstay on the High Times ‘Strongest Strains on Earth’ list, selected three years in a row. On at least one phenotype of the strain (a specimen grown by Greenwolf LA & Green Country Rebellion), average THC levels of 31.62% were detected by the growers. Sevrin, the charismatic scientist turned cult leader in the Season 3 Star Trek: The Original Series episode, "The Way to Eden." Any alien species who can corral space hippies is right by us. As well as over 40 free seed promotions, Seedsman gives you up to 20% off your order depending on its size. You can also get free shipping to Europe plus double freebies with orders paid by Bitcoin. Do you know something more about Real Gorilla Seeds' Lemonade OG? Please help to make this database better and upload/connect your information here! If you don’t have a TDS meter to measure the levels of nutrients (and other extra stuff) in your water, I would normally start your plants with a fraction (perhaps 1/2) of the nutrients you were giving them before – and then work your way up to higher nutrient levels only if you notice the lower leaves are starting to yellow too quickly (nitrogen deficiency). Even then, try to move up nutrient levels as slowly as you can. If you lose leaves to a nitrogen deficiency from slightly too-low nutrient levels, you will lose a few of the least important lower leaves. But if you raise nutrient levels to fast and get nutrient burn, all the leaves on the whole plant will be affected and never recover fully. Mixing for fifteen minutes is all you need to procure the finest heads. Despite its disputed CBD content, Himalayan Gold has several medical benefits that come from its uplifting, energizing high. Your seedlings might need to be watered if: To alleviate these issues, decrease the intensity of your lighting and increase air circulation with fans to help your indoor plants recover. Hang a large cloth or sheet or build some other source of shade for your outdoor plants. They also can last long provided you take great care of them. But even with utmost care, the teeth used to grind the herb are prone to breakage compared to the metal grinders which feature stronger teeth. Solution: You can find many pre-mixed nutrients from the store which contain nitrogen or you could use nitrate of soda or organic fertilizer which are both good sources of nitrogen. In fact almost all plant nutrients of any kind will include nitrogen. If you haven’t been providing any nutrient to your plants, try supplementing your regular nutrients with a bit more nitrogen and see if the plant starts recovering. Before you get rolling, you’ll need: It is hard to quantify exactly how much THC is present in leftover resin.

But regardless of the specific amount, leftover resin does not contain very much THC. Instead, the sticky resin that builds up in your pipes, bowls, vaporizers, and bongs is mostly comprised of tar, ash, and carbon—all products of the combustion process. Ultimately, leftover resin does contain some THC, and you might even feel a little bit high after smoking resin, but compared to flower and concentrates, leftover resin is very low in THC.

Then I mounted my light fixtures to the board using L-brackets and some wood screws, and wired them up using 14-2 Romex wire. If you have been waiting for a pure power packing sativa powerhouse ride on a sour strawberry cloud of bliss that carries you through the day look no further.4 distinct phenos emerge with 2 being sativa dominant and the other 2 being a more hybrids.the sativa dom phenos have long thin and seriously serrated leaves and longer flowering times. the terpines are sour strawberry to a strawberry banana yogurt and black licorice terps.all phenotypes get absolutely covered in long stalked trichomes.have your filters ready because she stinks.she a fairly easy grower and loves to grow untopped.if you are looking for a great daytime smoke thats is so utterly uplifting this is it.


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