skunkberry strain

The strain can be grown successfully indoors, but it really flourishes outside. For a successful outdoor harvest, you will need daytime temperatures consistently around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and a humid climate. All three options have their pros and cons; so, let’s look at them individually.

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So, take it from us, just buy it through the internet. "I just wanted to reach out and tell you how appreciative I am of your services. Yourself, and the entire Source team, has helped my business tremendously. Without you guys, I would have entered the wholesale market at a much lower price point and definitely wouldn't have generated as much revenue to date as I have. You guys are always upfront about what you are looking for, consistently plugging me in with repetitive purchasers, and working hard to get me top dollar for my product. You have saved me a tremendous amount of time, all while increasing my bottom line. Thank you, and keep up with good work." -Ryan McGowan, Roots Management LLC. Strain Characteristics: A tightly compact plant that will grow one main cola with thin side branches. She is a medium sized plant that will not grow too tall, meaning stretching is easy to control. Internodal space will be short meaning she is advised for growing closely together in a Sea of Green. Her structure will be more indica dominant and as she flowers, expect thick, calyxes develop and stack up in a pointy fashion. Here you can find external links to Buddha Purple Kush related conversations in the different grower forums: Buds are rather tiny overall and are light green and purple in color. Silver trichomes cover them which make it a very appealing sight. While they are tiny in size they are made up for in the fact that they are very dense. Once you see multiple pollen sacs and no white pistils, you can be confident it’s a male plant. Type: Sativa dominant Outdoor harvest: Mid october Outdoor yield: Very high Flowering: 9 weeks Indoor yield: High THC: 18% Switzerland, Norway, Romania, Hungary. Mangoes are known for being a rich source of vitamin A. Along with being able to intensify a cannabis high, mangoes also have the ability to do something equally important. Mangoes have a wonderful fragrance that is caused by a chemical called myrcene and the terpenes which are located inside. These can also be found in cannabis and various other exotic plants. When a person eats a mango, the terpenes will go straight into the bloodstream. It does not matter if the person smokes cannabis before or after they eat a mango, the psychoactive ingredient THC will interact with the terpenes. Once this interaction begins to take place, the potency of the high the person experiences will be dramatically increased. The amount of time the person experiences this high will also last longer.

However, the amount of time will vary from person to person.

The Blue Kush Berry is also a great performer outside. Its Kush heritage makes this a sturdy no-nonsense plant that is suited to most gardens. Naturally it will respond to lots of sunshine but it will also do well in more northern regions of America and Europe.


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