smoking weed after gastric bypass

Stir/mix up again, and set aside in a safe place for another month. Repeat this same process, adding another tablespoon of fresh VG. Place back in a cool, safe place for one more month.

(On a side note, feel free to mix/stir up the jar as frequently as you want during the three month period, even on a daily basis if you want. After the last month is up, take the mixture out and stir it up nicely with your stirring wand. Then, place your small wire mesh strainer over a clean glass jar (this one doesn’t need a seal), and dump the cannabis/VG mixture into the strainer. Let all of the VG drip through the strainer, using the rubber spatula to squeeze out as much remaining liquid as you can. Discard the raw cannabis material, clean off your mesh strainer, and then cover the strainer with about four layers of cheesecloth (you can also use a cotton muslin bag). Pour the cannabis/VG liquid mixture onto the cheesecloth or muslin bag, letting it drip through into a clean glass jar (you can use the same one that you did for the first filter as long as you clean it out). Squeeze out any remaining liquid from the cheesecloth/muslin bag as you can, and then you’re done!

If everything went correctly, you should be left with a clean, debris-free VG liquid infused with THC extract, at which point you can use a syringe or dropper bottle to add to your vape cartridge. (For maximum effect and taste, allow about 15-20 minutes after you add the THC e-juice to the vape cartridge before you begin vaping. This allows the wick to fully absorb the e-liquid). With a pretty average growing time, this strain is pretty famous for its high yields. Of course, this isn’t going to be much use if you can’t even find any seeds. The best way to get hold of some Pineapple Kush is to try and get a clone from someone that already has a few Pineapple Kush plants on the go. Discover our wide collection of quality herb grinders here at Australian Vaporizers. Space Case Small Aluminium Grinder 50mm - 4 pc Rasta. Aluminum foil is no more than 55% reflective - if used, make sure that the dull side is the one that is used to reflect the light. When it becomes creased its reflectivity is even lower (around 35%.) It is also very dangerous to use because it creates hotspots easily, is electrically conductive, and is a fire hazard when it is in close contact with HID lighting. Attaching this to walls is a pain and usually using aluminum tape or glue is the best way. This should only be used as a last resort, and even then its usefulness is questionable. The pistil is the primary piece of the female flower’s reproductive system, comprising a single ovule with two protruding stigmas. The second life stage, “Flowering,” is the stage your plant will remain in until harvest.. If you live in a cold area, consider buying a heating mat to be placed under your growing tray. Seeds will refuse to sprout unless the ideal temperature requirements are met. Cut off the upper half of the smaller bottle and the lower half of the larger one. A bucket could also be used for as an alternative to the large plastic bottle. Fill the lower half of the large bottle (or the bucket) with water. Poke three small howls at the bottom to allow airflow. Make sure it could easily be removed before smoking. Submerge the small bottle into the water-filled larger one. This creates a vacuum that draws the smoke into the empty chamber. Once the small bottle is filled with smoke, remove the bowl and place the mouth over its opening.

Note: Your buds will naturally lose some of their overall vibrancy and color during the drying/curing process (but not any of their potency!). That’s why you will likely never run into neon purple buds that have already been dried and cured for 2+ weeks. Even green buds go from being bright green to a more muted green color by the time they’ve cured for a few weeks.

When you see very brightly colored buds, it almost always means the buds are still relatively fresh. Life cycle and reproduction strategies: Grows and seeds quickly often completing its growth cycle in three weeks. 20% Sativa, 80% Indica, 0% Ruderalis 650 - 700 g/per plant (dried) 175 - 210 cm Middle of October Relaxed and Euphoric. received a lot of green or tiny dried up hard seeds. 2nd place, 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup, best indica.


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