snowbud strain


Canuk Seeds Snow Bud cannabis strain were specially developed by Canuk Seeds for everyone who likes energizing sativa high, best used after or during a stressful day.

Snow Bud marijuana remains one of the most popular for nearly a decade and fully justifies her name by producing huge amounts of white pistils on female flowers.

It’s recommended to cultivate Snow Bud outdoors.

Expect heavy colas by harvest time with a very powerful skunky smell and taste.

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Snow Bud high altitude

Dutch Passion presents its second range of high mountains. After Pamir Gold we discovered the Snow Bud, a hybrid of Afghani and South African plant.

As with Pamir Gold , the great work of selection has been made ​​in the Swiss Alps and Dutch Passion took it to Holland to work on it, improve it and stabilize it indoors.

Unlike Pamir Gold, this strain is mainly Sativa. It presents a spicy flavor and odor (cinnamon) and Skunky. The smoke is very smooth and the effect is immediate. The well maintained plants can reach 1.80 m – 2.20 m outdoors. This strain is very resistant to mold and mildew.

Snow Bud produces more than the average of the cannabis plants in the market. Dutch Passion recommends grow it outdoors but it fits very well indoors except in too small spaces.

Snow Bud’s name has been given in reference to the numerous pistils located in the buds.

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