sour berry kush

Sour berry kush

I bought this shwag because it claims to be 24% THC and it’s only $200 an oz. I was like wow! That’s a great deal. First of all the guy was super late delivering the stuff. Like a old school dealer like I’ll be there in 5. 20 later he’s like Sorry I’m gonna be another 15-20 and he was there like 45 minutes later. The worst part though I can’t get high. It smells nice and is super sticky but I will smoke a fat joint to my head and feel nothing at all. I wish I could return it and get my money back and the time I wasted. Terrible. I can’t feel a thing from it. There is no high so don’t waste your Loot.

Makes for a relaxed but active mind with a nice, warm body high. In moderation, this could be good for watching movies. One of my favorites! Probably the best to take to just enjoy yourself.

Sour Berry is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through crossing the classic Purple Berry Kush X Sour Diesel strains. Although Sour Berry is famous for its flavor, its appearance isn't half bad either! Sour Berry buds have tight round teal nugs with vibran…

Super Sour Berry Feminized

They were beautiful and easy to put together.

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Super Sour Berry Feminized

Super Sour Berry Strain comes from the two legendary strains combine to create a strain with unrivalled flavour. Taking one of the most popular strains of all time in Blueberry and crossed it with the legendary Sour Diesel.

It’s a well-balanced strain and although slightly more sativa, the large single cola, and multiple bud sites mean the plants have more of an indica shape. The buds are dense and rock hard, shimmering with THC. Excellent yield potential above 450 g/m2 is to be expected. Given the right attention, buds can turn blue/purple thanks to the Blueberry genetics. Flavour is where Super Sour Berry triumphs; the sour candy zests are offset by the sweet, skunky blueberry notes. The stone is an intense body high that lasts a long time making it an ideal evening strain. It’s an excellent strain for pain relief and general medicinal requirements. Super Sour Berry ticks all the boxes: flavour, strength, and yield!

Super Sour Berry Strain is a well-balanced strain and although slightly more sativa, the large single cola, and multiple bud sites.