sour grape kush

Sour Grape Kush

The plant produces multiple bud sites that more than double in size when switched to a 12:12 cycle. This is when the glistening THC crystals start to form covering the buds with highly potent and resinous THC. The smoke is one of the many highlights of this strain producing a lovely sweet grape taste with a pleasant sour twang aftertaste. The high starts with a typical sativa buzz followed by a classic indica body stone. Suitable both indoors and out, Sour Grape Kush is definitely one for the connoisseur.


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Sour Grape Kush

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She Hermied so I pulled her I dint want her pollinating my girls that are in veg I needed my tent any hows Been using it to dry I’m gutted but we move on have stressed her so got my self to blame

right quick update this girl im upping her rating i have smoked a single joint since i harvested 5 weeks ago put in my draw not touched since well the smell very grapey smooth with a hint of sour and berries the taste out of this world sour grape they were spot on can taste a hint off you bog standerd kush buzz last about a hour bud density 7/10

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Sour Grape Kush Cannabis Seeds

Sour Grape Kush Cannabis Seeds from Ultra Genetics

This cross is made from two of our favourite tasting strains. The Sour Kush mother was selected for her fantastic sweet and sour taste and strong long lasting high while our selected Grapefruit male has added a sweet fruit twist to the taste and possibly added to the yield. Both parents have been individually praised for their medicinal qualities in the past and we hope our combination of the two will be praised equally as much if not more. Plants grow big and bushy and will need support towards the end of flower to hold up the heavy dense buds. Resin production starts early and leaves the plants covered with a heavy frosty trichome coating. The high is 50/50 with an uplifting Sativa effect accompanied by a nice Indica hit which makes it good for pain relief whilst you go about your daily business. The taste is of sweet and sour fruits which you can taste pleasantly on your lips and tongue for a long time after sampling. Finding a good mother or two from a single pack should be easy so you can keep a bag of our fruity headband in your medicine cabinet forever.

  • Genetics – Sour Kush (Headband) x Grapefruit
  • Flowering time – 60-70 days
  • Indica/Sativa 70/30%
  • Yield – Better than average

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