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Strawberry Alien Kush Hybrid Strain Review

Strawberry Alien Kush is a hybrid strain that stems from two main parents: Strawberry Cough and Alien Kush.

The dispensary had this labeled as Strawberry Kush, but clearly it is not just Strawberry Kush. After just one quick look at the buds, it was clear to us that this strain was mislabeled (name-dropped!). For starters, for this to be true “Strawberry Kush,” it would need to have looks, taste, and aroma similar to OG Kush and be nearly 90% Indica with undertones of strawberry. This batch does not match those features. In fact, it looks like this batch has a lot of Sativa in its genetics, judging the long skinny buds with relatively no fat/thick calyxes typical of OG Kush or other Indica strains. The medicating session confirms this, and leads us to believe that this is most definitely a phenotype of Strawberry Alien Kush.

Where Did Strawberry Alien Kush Strain Come From?

Strawberry Alien Kush was developed by growers from Dank House Seeds when they decided to mix three of the following different phenotypes together:

  • (Strawberry Cough x Alien Kush) female
  • (Las Vegas Purple Kush x Alien Kush) female
  • (Strawberry Cough x Alien Kush) male

How Can I Expect Strawberry Alien Kush To Affect Me?

Each hit brings a wave of calming full-bodied relief. Considered to be slightly more Indica-dominant (60%) from the amount of Alien Kush that has been mixed into its lineage. This makes Strawberry Alien Kush a popular choice of medicine among patients suffering from body aches and pains, stomach issues, eating disorders, depression, chronic stress, and more. A decent choice for waking up in the morning or prolonging day-time medicating sessions without getting tired. Overall more energy from this hybrid than many others with similar heavy Indica genetics.

The smell from this batch of Strawberry Alien Kush is reminiscent of cherries, incense, strawberries, and a bit of woodsiness. The taste is similar. Not the smoothest smoke from our batch of medicine, but that most likely has to deal with it being cured and dried correctly. Can’t wait to re-up and give this marijuana strain another try. What did you think of Strawberry Alien Kush?

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Strawberry Alien Kush is a hybrid strain that stems from two main parents: Strawberry Cough and Alien Kush.The dispensary had this labeled as Strawberry … ]]>