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3 ounces flavored gelatin (any flavor) Try changing the flavor of the gelatin! We’ve used: Orange, lemon, lime, strawberry, and “Berry Blue” 1/4 cup fruit juice (nothing that contains citrus) Changing the fruit juice also makes a difference. We’ve tried: Minute Maid fruit punch, Minute Maid watermelon juice, and Capri Sun 2.5 envelopes (of ¼ ounce each) unflavored gelatin Don’t alter this one…or, I guess you could try! 1 tablespoon of honey You can try different types/flavors of honey or even substitute honey for agave nectar. ½ teaspoon flavor extract You only use a little flavor extract but it goes a long way!

We’ve tried: Lemon extract, lime, vanilla, orange, maple, and butter! Gummy molds It won’t make a difference in taste or potency, but who doesn’t like variety? We’ve used: Weed gummy molds, cute animal gummy molds, and the Magical Butter Machine molds One of these two cannabis extracts Cannabis tincture: the shade of tincture you uses impacts the flavor! Try different darker/lighter tinctures to see how it tastes. Hash Oil: A golden-colored tincture is seen as perfect, but experimentation might prove otherwise… The high from the Blueberry Blast is up and soaring, slightly trippy but with a level of comfort from the blueberry end. The initial high will take you for a several hours and come down to a comfortable manageable high which induces munchies.

Love This Strain Makes Me Happy and Helps My Pain But doesn’t make me tired 👍❤️ The only thing that stinks is it’s hard to find once you find it ☹️ Buy it when You Find It. When it comes to Thai Sticks, strain is everything. Here are a few that will produce Thai Sticks of a quality that will hearken back to what made them so popular in the ‘70s. Thai Sticks of the past were likely a combination of multiple powerful strains, so feel free to mix and match to increase the authenticity of your Thai Sticks. This diagram shows the common structure of cannabis plants under screens which have not been properly scrogged. Green AK XL grows well indoors and outdoors, but thrives in the comfort of a grow room. Here, she maintains a short height of around 110cm and produces up to 750g/m². Outdoors, this strain grows to a greater height of up to 180cm and yields up to 650g/plant. In essence, this is what you get, 48.5 ac Lot Size Vacant Land. Strawberry Milkshake is an indica/sativa variety from Greenlife and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±63 days ) and outdoors . Greenlifes Strawberry Milkshake is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds. A scale (or, just a quarter-ounce bag of weed!) Scissors or an herb/cannabis grinder An oven-safe baking dish (We recommend using a glass dish; a 9×9 size will work perfectly for the amount in this recipe. You can step up to a 9×13 size if you’re doubling or tripling the recipe!) Aluminum foil A medium stovetop pan A spoon (Wooden spoons are preferred – but you can use whatever you have on hand!) Cheesecloth A storage container for the final product (Standard 16oz mason jars work great for this, but it’s not necessary – as long as your container is at least 6oz and resealable, you’ll be just fine!) It is desirable for the nodes to grow close together. Nodes are the places where branches come off of the main stem. Internodes is the term for the space between the branches. Of course, THC glands are best when they are found in massive clusters rather than sparsely distributed. When growing outdoors, the finishing time is especially important and should be suitable to the region. Whatever the desire, both aroma and effect will be enhanced. Water is arguably the most potent detox weapon at your disposal, which is why it will feature on this list more than once. Alternate hot and cold showers are uncomfortable (occasionally downright painful) at first, but once you get used to the process, you’ll wonder why you took so long to come around to the idea. Currently Credit Card is the only form of payment supported for pre-orders. Inhale while lighting the bowl to fill the steamroller with smoke. Take your mouth off and take a deep breath real quickly while the homemade steamroller is filled with smoke. This Texas Resin Company creation might be the most exquisitely complex smelling and tasting strain that we grow at Kind Love. The indica-dominant hybrid is a combination of 'Blackberry Apocalypse' and 'Alexis F2', and the blackberry is evident. This strain is quickly becoming famous all over Colorado, and is a -must try- for any visitor to Kind Love! LARGER INDOOR HOME GROW KIT – 6 to 9 Plants at a time to grow plants inside at home!

We have removed ALL the planning, thinking and shopping hassles to growing at home! We’ll deliver you a turn-key growing solution that is designed to deliver the highest possible yield with the lowest level of maintenance. The kit is perfect for a first-time grower and expert grower alike.

Reasons for growing your own product: - High Yield: Grow 12-16oz per growing cycle (14 to 18 weeks) with two plants. A dispensary will charge you around - $10,000 TO $15,000 for this type of quality yield.


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