thc bomb auto review

THC Bomb Auto

Strain Details

THC Bomb Auto is the all female autoflowering version of our world renowned signature strain THC Bomb. Celebrated as the ultimate all rounder (super high THC, massive yields and explosive growth) THC Bomb has been carefully crossed with our very own Auto Bomb to produce one of the most powerful and high yielding autoflowering strains available.

Maintaining the most desirable characteristics from its mother, THC Bomb Auto is a fast finishing white strain offering significantly bigger yields than rival autoflowering varieties.

Ideal for SOG and SCROG setups, the plant grows between 60 -120cm, and finishes flowering in only 65 days from seed indoors. Thanks to its branchy nature and multiple bud sites the plant packs on some serious size later in flowering. The nugs become dense and hard and produce remarkable amounts of resin. Growers can yield up to 450g/m², making it a viable option for commercial and domestic growers.

THC Bomb Auto is a classic in the making; a fast finishing, super potent, autoflowering white strain.

The autoflowering version of our highly potent and massive yielding signature, easy to grow THC Bomb Auto delivers huge yields and a knockout stone.

THC Bomb Auto


THC Bomb Auto is the autoflowering version of the signature strain at top breeder, Bomb Seeds. Crossing the legendary THC Bomb with their own Auto Bomb has resulted in an exceptionally potent and high yielding auto strain that has inherited all the desirable characteristics of its illustrious parents.

The fragrance and taste of the THC Bomb Auto strain reflects its original mother, with a potent skunk smell and flavour that has earthy undertones and a hint of fruit. The hit is a powerful full body stone with a stimulating clear headed high that goes perfectly with listening to your favourite music. Medically, it can be used to treat insomnia, stress, and poor appetite.

THC Bomb Auto seeds grow to a height between 60 and 120 centimetres, making it tall for an autoflower. The plants have a branchy nature, producing plenty of budsites which put on a lot of weight as they mature, meaning they will need support. The buds are dense, hard, and covered in a thick and enticing layer of resin. THC levels have been measured to be extremely high at 18 to 22%

Indoors, it thrives in either a SOG or SCROG set up. Grown in hydroponics, plants can yield an incredible 450 grams per square meter in as little as 65 days from seed. Its vigorous growth and hardy nature also make this an ideal weed strain for beginners.

Outdoors, you can plant THC Bomb Auto seeds in cooler northern climates due to its high resistance to mould; just make sure you’ve waited until the final frosts have passed before you put it outside. You can expect to harvest an excellent yield of potent weed as early as May.

The THC Bomb Auto strain is a game changing autoflower, producing potency and yields that make even some of the best reputed photoperiod strains look average. Its hardy nature means even beginner growers can pull yields that would make a commercial grower happy. Experienced smokers will love it for its extremely potent stone and complex flavour, while only having to wait 65 days to get it.

Comprehensive review of THC Bomb Auto, an autoflowering weed strain that rivals the even the most potent and large yielding photoperiods on the market.